Monday, December 31, 2007

C'est nouveau !

Happy new year , Bonne et heureuse année, frohes neuen Jahr, feliz 2008, to you all. May this new year help you to realize what you need.


Hymne à la joie

9th symphonie, as seen by Klimt


As well as it is tradition to go to the concert at the Dom before Christmas (Berliner Weihnachtskonzert, remember ?) it is also tradition to go before New Year's Eve listening the Beethoven's 9th symphonie at the Concert Hall in Gendarmenmarkt (we are so glamourous, Darling !). And because it is a beautiful place, you're sure to meet some friends so you can decide what you'll do after the concert, and listening this symphonie is a good time. So this year, again, back to the rainy center of the city (we still haven't snow for Christmas : even if Berlin becomes warmer, it's no fun !). The hall is full, everybody's there, all dressed up for the occasion though for A. (who's there for the holidays) it does not look at aaaall this way, the musicians and the choir (on the balcony) take place and we wait for the conductor. I don't know, from the start I could feel something was wrong : the conductor looked bored or tired or hurt but he went to fast. Even if this piece is energetic, please let us breathe. Even the drums were too late, the tenor was not in the rythm, he made too much, the other two female voices were not synchronised and the choir was very busy looking down for the little show playing one floor below when every musician tried to play his part the best he could trying to follow the rythm. You could even see the violins turning the page of their book too late because they didn't have the time and then the one who turned the page indicating where the mesure was. Fortunatly all those people are professionals and they know their part very well so it went molto allegro. There was a critic-journalist one rank before us who tried to follow the partition with his book and I could sense that after a while ... he got lost turning and returning the pages. So it went quick, very quick and all and everyone arrived in a good shape at the end. The conductor left (poor girls who waited to distribute their flowers bouquets, they didn't know what to do with his) and we noticed the tuxedos were not that clean anymore, shirts were not in trousers, black dresses not so neat, hairs a bit undone and the choir just stood up and left. Although we were very happy I never knew if it was because we wanted to thank you the artists to have achieved this master piece as best as they could or because we were happy it fisnished. I'd be happy to read next week the critics in the paper. I guess everyone did his duty and wanted to join his family to eat turkey. Back home we had a simple dinner with friends who were at the concert as well and they have more experience in the classical domain than I have but they felt the same. And it made us laughed. For you the Beethoven 9th symphonie but the Claudio Abado 's version.

Sunday, December 30, 2007


Together against vandalism ...


Good food gives you good mood. Whenever I feel bad/in a bad mood/miserable/sober/stucked in an elevator with crap music/in the train stopped in the middle of the landscape for hours/whatever ... I need good food. This sounds easy to realize but unfortunatly knowing the culinary habits of the German it becomes a quest to find 1) good fresh products (a market ? anywhere ? fish ? what is it ?) 2) a restaurant where you have pleasure to go because the food/wine/service/price/people is what you expect. So because I am a wanderer, everytime I notice an interesting place I keep it for a while and when the need comes I put my coat on and go. There is a free table ? good, it's a good sign, you were expecting me anytime. Yesterday was the occasion to put on the test Poulette . Of course it sounds french (what did you expect ?) because I needed fresh bloody meat and good wine, because you have to know that in the city, outside of heavy Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon (at the most), don't expect to drink anything else in a bar. It's a place I wanted to try because it looks like my parisian brasseries which are my fav and you don't need to wear a tuxedo to enter the place. Also it's near my place and in winter you don't want to spend your evening in a journey. So all ingredients were there to make a good time. And I had. I feel the urge sometimes to have bloody cooked meat in my plate and I could sense it on my lips entering the restaurant. Everything went well, even the waiter speaks french ! We had a little "mise en bouche" to test the wine then french speciality duck livers and then my entrecôte was just delicious (this time not with fries but crispy vegetables). No place left unfortunatly for the dessert though the crème brûlée smelled so good especially when the waiter burns the cassonade under your noise (whaaaaaaaa it's like home !) and the wine bottle (my good Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil) was empty so a good strong express and bring the addition. Ok I admit it's a bit expensive compared with the prices of the city but in this holidays winter Christmas New Year's eve time, it's allowed. And because it was a french night I had to try some other places and a little walk will help the digestion. Poulette is near Kollwitz Platz. We stayed in Prenzlauer Berg and went on the other side of Schönhauser Allee. Near Zionskirche there is a place called Visite ma tente (please come in my refuge, Christinenstraße 24). It's a wine bar but of course you can ask whatever you wish to drink. If you're still hungry you can ask some small plates of ham/cheese. After a while it became very crowdy so it's a good sign, noisy, smoky, french music but soon after a couple of glasses it became obvious that I needed to sleep. Je tombe

Friday, December 28, 2007

Good time

It's been a while since I tried a new place. I must say that after a while you easily take your habits but because visiting an area I hardly go to, I chose to have dinner at Good time . I know their other restaurant near my place because thanks to friends I was simply at the opening. But I never ate. This time it's done. The owner has already 3 places all decorated a different way. But the food stays the same and the menu as well. And this is no disapointment. It's called a cooking with discoveries and I must say I was pleased. Although I thought the price was a bit too high, as soon as I saw the plate on the table I understood it is justified. First because of the quantity (I never thought I could eat that much !) and second because of the quality. A little plus for the presentation with those animals made of food (forget). No particular mention of the service. Again it's Christmas holidays and family groups are going out so yes full that evening. But the table is free quickly because when the plate is gone, the bill is on.


I just went to see the Golden Compass . It's perfect for the season. You already know the story (you saw this a million times) and from the middle of the movie you know there will be at least a second part (in this case I bet even a third) because you're given too much informations at a time. Nevertheless it's always a good surprise to see how far the imagination can go. I let myself watching the images eating my ice cream without really paying interest at the story (I'm confused with this deamons ...) but I don't care. It's nice and I was happy in the end and that's what counts.

Thursday, December 27, 2007


So it's done with Christmas now. Closed the Christmas markets, destroyed the nice papers with rubans and boxes full of toys and presents, to the trash the Christmas tree, back to the wardrobe with the tacky decorations (don't make it last, please), cleaned the floor, packed the bags of family and friends ... until next week. We haven't finished the first orgy that we have to think about the second one, my stomach never follows the rythm. Lucky us there is some sport to do thanks to the sales that started now. So no time to waste, make the credit card burned and go !
It's like jealousy. It comes always back. Try to hide it but it is stronger than us. It shows on your face. Last time in a bar I was talking to a guy because he was trying to take a picture a strange way so it poped up. His girlfriend apparently had fears with her husband because she promptly came around him (litteraly) and wrapped him with her arms kissing him in front of me. Poor dear, you have nothing to teach me and you don't impress me. Let me just say to you that on the contrary you make me want your husband which is wrong but the hunt now is becoming interesting, thank you. And yes be careful with your husband because he is really yummy... and I am very hungry. Jealousy is a matter of no trust. If you're confident with your half there is no trouble. It must work both ways of course. It happened that only one trusted because he never thought about anything else and the other half was a nightmare imagining things that would have had never happened only if ... he never had the stupidity of sharing his feelings and put the ideas in the other one's head : too bad. Now he's on his own. Oh, baby, you cry now ? too late. Told you before to be happy and to put no pressure on your man's shoulders. Man is a trustfull when he's feeling free but don't forget to attract him as often as you can. We had this conversation before. I'm quite flattered if my man is approached by someone else. At this very moment there is this very special look between us saying "hey Baby look at me now, I'm all yours but ... ain't you get excited ?" Oh yeah I am Love, and you will understand very soon how much : either we leave right now for the next available room/toilets/bathroom/whatever or if the threat is a bit too "approaching" then I see my man walking back because he knows that my claws are very sensitive. Of course I am jealous but if you manage it the right way it can put in your sex life a bit of pimiento. But no abuse. Jealousy can destroy the relation faster than you think because the first thing you try to do (you're scared of everyone) you isolate your half from the friends. Very wrong. Let it go. You hate shopping anyway. And that gives you a holiday as well when he's not there. Maybe you'll get a little present ? so enjoy ! and stop pretending you can't trust him. First you gave him the idea, secondly you looooove being miserable and that is desperately boring (get drunk now and smoke something) and third if you act like that it means that you're not confident with yourself so the work should come from you. In the meantime do your nails again, you just scrached the table.
Who is he and what is he to you ?

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Pictures inside Bode Museum

Bode Museum

For the design of the Kaiser Friedrich-Museum (renamed Bode Museum in 1956), the emperor Wilhelm II commissioned the head government building officer Ernst von Ihne, one of the best-known exponents of "Wilhelminian Baroque". In order to achieve the appearance of a building rising from water the architect arranged the three-winged building around several interior courtyards so that the exterior facades immediately bordered the banks of the river Spree. A dominating dome and two opulent staircases lend the building a stately air which is underlined further by the decorative elements such as the monumental pilasters, demi-columns and window surrounds. The former general director of the museums Wilhelm von Bode himself made suggestions concerning the lighting of the rooms and their proportioning. The art works were shown within the context of original ceilings, fire places, door jambs, tapestries and furniture. Bodes presentation concept, aimed at a general effect of authenticity, was influential throughout the world. The museum was opened in 1904. During the Second World War much of the building, especially the dome, suffered great damages. Beginning in the 1950s, step by step the museum was reconstructed and put back into use. In the 1990s, general restoration began with the first parts of reconstruction work; in August 2000 construction works for the basic restoration followed. The Numismatic Collection has been open to visitors at the Bode Museum since 22 October 2004, opened on the occasion of its 100th anniversary. On 19 October 2006, the Bode Museum was re-opened in its entirety, displaying the Sculpture Collection, the Numismatic Colletion and works from the Gemäldegalerie - Old Master Paintings.

Street lights

window shopping


Monday, December 24, 2007

Joyeux Noël !

Merry Christmas ! Frohe Weihnachten ! Feliz Navidad !

Berliner Dom 22.12.2007

Berliner Weihnachtskonzert 2007

The "Encore"


It's a tradition : every year we go to the Berliner Weihnachtskonzert and this will be my present to you. It was played last Saturday 22nd, December 2007 and it was amazing. First because it takes place at the Berliner Dom, which is a very nice place, all with spirits and gold. Imagine you're under the coupole in this Christmas atmosphere with candle lights : it's not very warm but the people all together stay still in a religious way. Even if you're not religious, you feel those moments as anything special could happen, not only because of the time of the year but also with people's mood. Anyway, back to the place everyone is expecting the concert because no only the musicians is visible. The Rundfunkchor Berlin knows how to make an entrance and they did it again : The entire choir arrived sliently from the sides of the Cathedral and disposed themselves around us in circle. After clearing their voice they started to sing. It gave us the thrill. Can't explain. When all your senses are sollicited and they all react. Even the tears were ready to roll down the eyes. And it was only the first song. Maybe we were all surprised by the debut of the concert. A friend of mine was expecting only a concert version and not a choir. After the first two songs the choir took place behind the orchester and carried on the programm. The children choir (Staats- und Domchor Berlin) joined them and solists as well. Of course because it was standing ovation at the end there was an "Encore". This is the video part. It's the first one made with the camera-phone so please have indulgence but the sound is really good. The pictures were taken that night too and you can enjoy the download of the concert by clicking on the red link as usual. After the concert the Rundfunkchor had prepared glühwein that we drank outside in the cold watching city lights from Christmas Markets. This is the concert list :
Michael Praetorius / Jan Sandström :
Es ist ein Ros entsprungen
Arvo Pärt :
Sieben Magnificat-Antiphoren
Frank Martin :
Kantate für die Weihnachtszeit
(Advent + Besuch der Maria bei Elisabeth, Jesu Geburt + Die Hirten)
Erhard Mauersberger :
Vom Himmel hoch, o Englein kommt
Macht hoch die Tür
Anton Bruckner :
Ave Maria für gemischten Chor a cappella
Johann Sebastian Bach :
Ich steh an deiner Krippen hier
O Jesulein süss
Michael Praetorius :
In dulci jubilo
Johann Eccard :
Übers Gebirg Maria geht
Max Reger :
Schlaf, mein Kinderlein
Franz Gruber / Hanns Miessner
Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht
I wish you will enjoy as much as we did at the concert.
I wish you all a wonderful Christmas, wherever you are in the world.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I flew to Paris. I love airports. I spent so many hours in those and I still like it. Some are very nice and relaxing, some are ugly and stressfull. It’s a microcosm of the ideal world. All people together going in the same direction waiting for the same thing. I think I had all kind of adventures in airports. The delay of course, falling asleep, flight canceled, wrong terminal, no pilot, flat tyre (of the plane freezing cold in Göteborg) snow storm (Toronto), overbooked, trowley rolling alone on the alley and breaking itself next to me... It's one of this moments in life you just can't do anything but admit. Sometimes elements are against you and learning patience is all about it, which I don't. Or getting drunk, which I do but it's rare that the hostess comes with alcohol on the tray, although ... . It happened once on a flight to Miami : I spent a big time on the flight with the steward in the rear drinking the mini bottles of gin. He then invited me to Fort Lauderdale but I don't know why, I felt like trapped. I was expected anyway and it was too far from my place. The flight was empty, we had to wait 6 hours in Paris because there was no plane, those stories. Actually it was welcome. Another time the personnel wanted to have fun so after take off they just took some carbonic snow and ran from head to rear of the plane screaming. Of course that made an impression. I clapped my hands. But most of the time it's just enough to wait so the best thing is to put some good music in the ears : Kalimba

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

San Francisco

I’d like to go back to Union Square. It’s exactly this feeling : being arrived. I don’t think people borned there can understand what it takes. I remember eating strawberies on the pier watching sea lions : that was a bit surreal. And this ocean all around : that’s really something.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Water Cologne

There is on the slide show a picture where 4711 is to be noticed. The click on the red number will explain everything.



The Christmas market

It’s a tradition and it comes every year the same. But if you’re happy to go for a hamburger which has the same taste everywhere in the world it’s the same for the markets because you find every year the same colours and smells. And we enjoy it every year the same. All those tacky things to buy, the glühwein (hot wine with fruits), the cinamon cakes, the bratwurst (grilled sausage in bread) and the atmosphere. Everyone’s happy. You really feel Christmas is near and you’re finally in the mood to celebrate. On the contrary of Paris where you have to stay at work until the very last hour and then you have to hurry to the supermarket and prepare the whole thing (and it's always that evening at 8.00 p.m. before you at the cashier that Mr Retired decided to buy toilet paper...), here you feel the time to enjoy a few weeks before. Because I was at my friend’s home for a few days near Heidelberg we payed ourselves a visit to the Christmas market. It’s a very nice one and even Japanese on their journey in Europe make a stop in this city. It’s also a very nice city to visit and one of a kind for its Christmas shops opened all year long. If you’re courageous enough you can walk to the castle to enjoy the view on the city but frankly said, once you’ve done it, you wait until next summer because you prefer to enjoy another glühwein in the cold. Happy Christmas to you all.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Speed train

The french speed train TGV has become a big adventure. When it started it wasn’t speed the whole way (still not for some portions of the journey). It had this orange colour, I guess to make it noticeable when it travels, and mostly to go to south of France. Now it’s blue/grey and travels everywhere. The first time I took it, it was to go in the Alps and it looked small compared to the other trains. I let you imagine how it was with the luggage, the skis and the friends all together in the small space. But from Paris after 2 hours you were in Lyon and then normal speed until the mountains. At least we avoided the car traffic in the snow. I kept on taking it once in a while and because I had to travel a lot and far I couldn’t travel with it anymore. I moved abroad and heard that it improved a lot and the net was growing in France but also in some other countries. From Paris you easily travel to Germany, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland and soon to Spain at a 300 km/h speed at the least. Today I’m in it on my way to Germany. I go to Karlsruhe to meet a friend I didn’t see since a year and I agree it’s better than ever. The space is big, the seats are comfortable, thanks to my favourite french fashion designer Christian Lacroix , you can find a free space for yourself to work calmly on your computer with all the technology you expect nowadays. Plugs, high speed connection (it goes with the train, I let you imagine) isolated seats if you want to be private and all this so fast that you don’t even have the time to look at the landscape. There is of course a restaurant but as far as I remember it was quite expensive and because of the moves of the train you’d be lucky if you don’t throw you cup of coffee at the head of your neighbour (you can use this formula to make new contacts but make a right selection before …). The french train company SNCF takes care as well of the travelers and I guess wants to improve all the time its service. That’s why you have to fill in a questionnaire of 5 pages to indicate what you enjoyed and why you did not. The personnel is polite enough to not disturb you while you’re sleeping on the contrary of the flight intendant in a plane who’s screaming at you because your bag is not under the seat. Of course the big issue stays the moment you wish to go to the toilets. The minute you can’t stand it anymore unless you pee in your trousers means that you have to go now. The thing is only the idea to stand up in front of the crowd, disturb the neightbour who’s sleeping or have his table full of food, beverage and papers and then reach the area and face the look of the people looking at you while waiting at the door and when it opens going inside and then saying to yourself : « I won’t make it ». Most of the time it’s too small. And because you can’t leave your hand bag unattended at your seat you I took it with me. Where’s the space for it ? Where’s the space for my jacket ? It’s not that it is dirty but I never trust the one who was there before and the one before and … . As a man you pee standing up on your legs. And it’s always (always) while I (try to) pee that the train changes the road that I lost my balance, the stream of the liquid going outside the toilet and starting to flow on the floor. This is what I call « a big moment of solitude ». What do I do now ? Take some tissue and clean the floor ? Wash my hands and leave (where’s the soap ?, why is there no water ? so what do I do now with the soap on my hands ? but why there is no tissue in the basket ? …) don’ t forget I have to put my jacket back on and take my bag. And then open the door and smile to the next one who was waiting long enough and then watch some liquid on the floor escaping from the place.
I’ll wait until next station, whatever it takes.

Monday, December 10, 2007

There must be an angel ...

There was a woman in the train almost empty this early morning. She sat alone and I was facing her two ranks before. This man came from behind and sat in front of her and started to talk to her. He said that it was divine intervention and it was absolutly normal and she had nothing to fear. He said everything comes from above and what she was experiencing at the time might look a bit cruel but it was only rational.
She felt suddenly in tears and answered that she was traveling at this very moment to the burrying of her best friend. The man stood up and again repeated that her friend is happy where he is now and she can't be sad because he is not. She can be sad of course because he's not with her anymore but she should not worry for his future. Then the man left for another wagon. The woman then started to talk to God rising hands asking how such a thing could possibbly happen. I looked at the sky expecting for a sign but I was at destination.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

wednesday's child

It's a matter of time

I think that with the time we've become typing machines. You will notice how we work today. most of the hard workers disapeared. Of course they are always people pushing wagons deep in the mine but in our "civilized" rich countries you have more chances to see someone with polished nails than with rough hands (and I'm not speaking of women)... even a friend of mine makes his toe nails done ! (and it's a girl who told me that). And studies done say that the human body is changing as well. Of course human race keeps on evoluating, meaning that our genre is becoming more and more androgynous : men and women all together tall and slim wearing interchangeable Jil Sander suits. We're not that far from the science fiction series we watched on TV at a younger age while not going to school. When the generation of my parents look like typical macho father who takes care of the garage and submissive mother who cooks and clean the house I would say we are the generation who had to try everything to find its own way and be emancipated. Of course we paid the price (no real situation because do not know where we are, feeling cruicified and rebuilt, lost in your own life with no guidance or landmark, with difficulties of getting older and old, no stability ...) but our children are more than independent, it's a success. I don't know if it's for their own good to be lost in la pampa without education because my generation is too busy trying to make its own but at least they're not afraid in/of the dark.
Coming back to my typing machine type, look at the way we spend our days. Most of the time seating in a comfy chair at our desk waiting for our secretary (sorry personal assistant now) to bring the morning expresso (no darling, black and no sugar I had a rough night and I'm on a diet yeah leave the file there I'll have a look later and don't forget to shut the door when you leave thank you) and to organize meetings at your desk it's more convenient. You type all day reports, mails, sms on your mobile, you don't communicate with words or body language anymore and the strongest parts of your body are your fingers.
It's a bit of the same in private. How many sms per day do you send or receive (not including week-ends) ? I had two recent experiences that made me think about it. This guy smiling at me in the bar I thought "oh a Human !" so I started to have conversation and his first words were to ask me if I had a profile on internet ! Do I have to understand he wants to check my details before asking me my first name ? Last saturday at the Moebel Olfe party (by the way top of the list) while having my (biiiiiiippppp !!!) glass of wine this guy (gorgeous I admit) stood next to me without saying a word for a (long) time. Please people talk to me, I don't bite (well not straight away), or smile at least !
So because you typed all day at work what is the first thing you do back home ? switch on the computer of course because you need to check your mails, it makes you feel wanted. I understand the success of all those Myspace and Facebook or why you find so many voyeurs and exhibitionists on the net. Then you type again to friends, family and a little time surfing on internet to cruise. We stay alone in our room thinking that making the market helped by megabites it will simplify communication. And even if you'd find someone matching your criterias I'm sure you'd be too afraid to even make a start. And how do you it want today, Sir ?
And what am doing right now ?....

We r glitter

and now the oh la la version ready to go... shopping !

Ooh La La

Monday, December 3, 2007

and It's Monday again

Everytime I start a week I say to myself "Again ???" because it's soon too early. What I have done with the week-end ? Every mOnday morning in the bathroom while shaving I can't help thinking of this Bob Fosse's movie All that Jazz when the choreographer takes his pills and repeats himself the same words on the same music. And soon it's Friday. At work I sometimes stop working watching at my colleagues and the movements around me. Most of the time I'm too busy to notice or anywhere in a meeting but today I just took the time. You can do this exercise: look how the people move or stay stand while talking to other colleagues, how they occupy the space near them, of what they're talking. With men I can recognise a gay one even if he says he's not or just don't accept it. The right leg usually straighten up and the left delicately bended : that gived you a movement of the butt quite interesting. Or a leg crossed to the other one. Related to this I will not advise you to go out partying the night if you have to go to work early morning after. You might still be drunk and it's no fun.


Sunday, December 2, 2007

BlackJoy Untitled

Send your Bear out

Because you're not the only one who should travel. Why do you always go away and leave your loving teddies at home ? For a change send them on vacation and thanks to Teddy tour this is now reality.


This afternoon concert was not at the Philarmonie. It was in Gendarmenmarkt near the busy street Friedrichstrasse. It's a beautiful place and a big spot for the city. You're in the new center. It's also the place where you find a very nice Christmas market. During the break at the concert we could go out on the terrace and feel the mood of it. It's a very special moment of course.
Strauss, Reinecke and Strawinsky made the program and thanks to Andris Nelsons we could feel everyone was happy to play his part. This man is very lyrical when he leads the music. I understand his job is very physical. Because of the scene position we could see all his efforts. Not disapointed and it's a good opportunity to enter in December.

Christmas Market from concert hall's terrace

Saturday, December 1, 2007

World Aids Day

Tonight's party is organised by one of my best spot Moebel Olfe. It celebrates the first 5 years and for that occasion they organize a free party. I expect a crowd so that explains the early opening. But I'm sure good mood in perspective. I asked friends to join me and because entrance is free it was not difficult to decide them. ANd I appreciate donating while having fun. So just follow the signs ...


It's always when I listen spanish music in a bar drinking my glass of wine that I start thinking of Barcelona. Funny how just a music theme can make you remember of what you had before without noticing at the very moment that you had a good time. It's like a sad song that reveals you feelings you thought lost deep in your heart. Listen to a sad song and the thing you want most of all is cuddle up with your man in the warmth of the bed. But in the end nothing happens the way you want to.
Last night was discovery. Because I always drive myself in the same direction of the city yesterday I turned the other way to Prenzlauer Berg. It's kind of hype and a lot of tourists stay there. On my way to the trendy places I stopped to a bar I liked the name : Schneeweisschen und Rosenrot. It sounds difficult to say (and it is for me) but the place is for everyone. No special public inside but you feel at ease inside. It is also very big and talking with the owner who's also behind the bar he told me that it is also a restaurant. Looking at the menu I told myself this a place I coild enjoy dinner. Apparently we also should come for lunch time Sundays when the chef is cooking specialties. As well as for Christmas : you'll get food of Berlin, meaning sausages and potatoes salad. The best part of the bar is certainly the strawberry mojito that I never saw before and of course the wine. Lars the owner made a good choice with the Merlot which is very rare. This one is light and fruty. A place to come back to enjoy the red leather sofas. But the ambiance makes it all and it was time to close the bar and I heard some weeks before that for the time in the area a gay disco had opened lately. A chance I told the barman because the opening was last night and he was invited so I went with him at BT club . This is a good idea to place a gay disco there because though gays are everywhere there was no entertainment round the corner. Now it's done. I can't make any critics because again it was the opening so the owner shows you the big picture adn when you come back to the bar the second owner you knew nothing about wants to bring you to the same tour but reverse ! sorry mate, already done this one ... But if it stays like this I might go once in a while. Public is mostly gay but I'm sure ladies will not feel themselves alone with the charmant waitress. It's not dark and it's not big. It's like many rooms all joined together so it creates a movement in the disco with a meeting bar which is the bar. And again it was late and the party was soon over. So time to come back under the rain.

Friday, November 30, 2007

and don't forget ...

Please : 1st of december is World Aids Day.
I know everyone is very sollicited, me the first from the first hour in the metro, but thinking of Aids we all have a friend, maybe a family member, someone we know from near or far, well anyway we heard about it and we all have our opinion.
But one of these days ... we might be very happy that someone gave money for you the 1st of december.
So don't just give money for giving money. Do something special. Invite people for dinner, go out, go to a party where there are some Sisters of the great "whatever" who will ask you a little something in exchange for lube and condoms. That can be fun.
Thank you.

Lemon 8 Sounds of downunder Episode 27



I never was a big fan of their style. A bit too much for me. But for next summer, I might be tempted. One for the day work, one for the party.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

les Rita Mitsouko Y'a d'la haine

Rita Mitsouko - Marcia Baila

les Rita Mitsouko

We just learned with sadness that Fred Chichin, half of the french group "Les Rita Mitsouko" passed away today after a 2 months fight against cancer. They should have played tonight at the Olympia in Paris. Catherine Ringer and Fred Chichin met in the late 70's and decided in 1979 to create the group. Rita was chosen because of its south american sound and Mitsouko because it means mystery in japanese. The group had to add the article "les" before "Rita Mitsouko" because everybody thought it was the name of the singer. Fred Chichin composed music and played guitars, bass, drums and keyboards. The first album, out in 1984, has the hit single "Marcia Baila", latino-rock song which pays tribute to the argentinian dancer Marcia Moretto, also dead by cancer. The song was sold at more than 1 million copies and was the first hit single of a long list. The music of the group was a mix of many influences such as rock, funk, ska, south-america and a big sense of humour. From them we never heard any rumour. The group recorded 11 studio albums.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It's a gay joke ...

Four men went golfing together one day; three headed to the first tee and one went into the club house to take care of the bill. The three men started talking, bragging about their sons.
The first man told the others:- My son is a home builder and he''s so successful that he gave a friend a new home - for free.
The second man said:- My son was a car salesman and now he owns a multi-line dealership. He's so successful that he gave a friend two Cadillacs.
The third man, not wanting to be outdone bragged:- My son is a stock broker and he's doing so well that he gave his friend an entire stock portfolio.
The fourth man joined them on the tee after a few minutes of taking care of business.
The first man mentioned, ...- We were just talking about our sons. How is yours doing ???
The fourth man replied:- Well, my son is gay. I''m not totally thrilled about it, but he must be good. His last three boyfriends gave him a HOUSE, TWO CARS, and a STOCK PORTFOLIO !!!

Sometimes It's like I missed my life in the sense that I got the feeling all was possible and nothing was realized the way I wanted to. Or having let me have a life which does not really suits me. Or I think I could have done this or that but I'm too lazy to try any of those. Or the big question "but what am doing here ?". Or another one "but what am I doing now ?". Or "I'm yet too old nobody will trust me, nobody will hire me, I will not manage it on time".
Hmmm ... nice clothes in this shop. Oups, but it's not for me, can't buy those anymore.
I need a haircut. Where's the cheapest ? Do we need appointment ?
I had it all. All is gone. It's too hard starting everytime something new. This time, I'll never make it on time. It's too late.
I'll never come home walking again. It's way too far, too cold, too depressing and I don't even have enough money to buy me a glass of wine !

Monday, November 26, 2007


Elle ne répondit rien. Elle se pencha pour ramasser une fourche d'écaille tombée et l'enfonça dans ses cheveux en chantonnant. Elle prolongea sa chanson avec complaisance devant un miroir, fière de se dompter si aisément, d'escamoter la seule minute émue de leur séparation, fière d'avoir retenu les mots qu'il ne faut pas dire :
"Parle ... mendie, exige, suspends-toi ... tu viens de me rendre heureuse..."
in Chéri

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Le jour des morts

I don't know how you say that in another language. It's just that it's not at the same date anywhere. I keep believing it is very strange to "celebrate" the dead. In France it's 1st November and in Germany it's the last sunday before Advent (you know when you have your special calendar with all those little doors you open everyday to get the chocolate (or whatever else, depends on your imagination if you do it yourself to offer to someone or if you buy the cheap version at the supermarket). Not to mention though that I don't need to be reminded by the calendar that at this very day I have to think to my dead family, relatives, friends. First I think about them very often and because they are burried in many parts of the world it's hard to schedule for one day to honour them in front of the grave. Either you pay some services company to do the job for the cleaning and the flowers or someone you know leaving nearby can help. It's not unrespectful it's just that I don't get the purpose of honouring a stone. People I deeply miss are always with me anywhere anytime and I don't see them "Six feet under" at the cemetery.
That's why the program yesterday at the Philarmonie was anything but happy : Frank Martin (Hugo von Hofmannsthal's six monologues) and the 7th Symphonie of Bruckner. But the big surprise of this concert was the danish baritone Bo Skovhus. The least we can say is that this giant has an impressive presence on the scene, physically and with his voice. I compared him as a singing black monolith. All in black dressed with some designed very straight japanese suit he is taller than anyone on the scene. His face is so concentrated during the act that you have the feeling it hurts. And the voice : I think it's the first time I hear a baritone even louder than the orchester... and it was no menuet. Of course it was very sad but quality wise very good. The fans were there and he had to come back 3 times to calm down the standing ovation with the flowers (it's OK with the subject, no?) and applause. And it only last 17 minutes (his part, not the standing ovation). I guess because of the hard work of the voice it must be difficult to sing more than that. It's also the first time that I see a singer seating among us to follow the rest of the concert with his friends and be so friendly with everyone. Respect !
After that we definitly needed a drink, of course. Don't forget it was saturday evening. But my friend needed as well to pick up the Christmas presents her mother bought at the department store. So a bit of window shopping and then the marathon started. Loaded with all the big heavy bags we dropped all this to his place and finally went to Himmelreich. It's near his place and cosy. Because it started to snow again we did not want to go very far and they have a not too bad spanish red wine. It is a lesbian bar but it's opened to everyone except when indicated (special nights, follow the program). All mixed, lesbian - gay - straight - families - dogs, nice service, prices OK, good music it's a good place to start. While talking I said that I had to try to drink beer. It's my big issue : I don't like that and never drink any. It's a problem in a country like Germany and I'm making (again) my distinction with it. At least any bar-keeper remembers me because I'm the only one who's asking red wine in a disco (avoid) ! But why not trying a new time ? My friend told me that last time he took a very light one with lemon. After a 1 € pizza slice to "sponge" the alcohol we moved to a men's place : Grosse Freiheit. It's very smoky, almost completely dark, very casual but I like the place because you make your own musical program thanks to the giant juke box and you can play flipper. It reminds me of school days at the café round the corner with friends. It's when we started to smoke and drink and look at the but of ... whatever. But I can say a bottle of beer in the hand, the cigarette on the lips playing flipper, you get the picture ! But unfortunatly I can't drink it. So I gave the bottle and was back to wine. Not to mention as well that to go to the toilets you have to cross the darkroom. I can't see a thing in those places but while trying to reach them (not even sure there are any for women !) I suddenly faced a cute guy. Smiling at him I carried on walking and... bumped abruptly in a mirror ! I said it was time to go to bed.

Saturday, November 24, 2007


So it's done with Christmas now. Closed the Christmas markets, destroyed the nice papers with rubans and boxes full of toys and presents, to the trash the Christmas tree, back to the wardrobe with the decoration, cleaned the floor, packed the bags of family and friends ... until next week. We haven't finished the first orgy that we have to think about the second one. Lucky us there is some sport to do thanks to the sales that started now. So no time to waste, make the credit card burned and go !
It's like jealousy. It comes always back. Try to hide it but it is stronger than us. It shows on your face. Last time in a bar I was talking to a guy because he was trying to take a picture a strange way so it poped up. His girlfriend apparently had fears of her husband because she promptly came around him (litteraly) and envelopped him with her arms kissing him in front of me. Poor dear, you have nothing to teach me and you don't impress me. Let me just say to you that on the contrary you make me want your husband which is wrong but the hunt now is becoming interesting, thank you. And yes be carefum with your husband because he is really yummy. Jealousy is a matter of no trust. If you're confident with your half there is no trouble. It must work both ways of course. It happened that only one trusted because he never thought about anything else and the other half was a nightmare imagining things that would have had never happened only if ... he never had the stupidy of sharing his feelings and put the ideas in the other one's head : too bad. Now he's on his own. Oh, baby, you cry now ? too late. Told you before to be happy and to put no pressure on your man's back. We had this conversation before. I'm quite flattered if my man is approached by someone else. At this very moment there is this very special look between me and him saying "hey Baby look at me now ... ain't you get excited ?" Oh yeah I am Love, and you will understand very soon how much : either we leave right now for the next available room/toilets/bathroom/whatever or if the threat is a bit too "approaching then I see my man walking back because he knows that my claws are very sensitive. Of course I am jealous but if you manage it the right way it can put in your sex life a bit of pimiento. But no abuse. Jealousy can destroy the relation faster than you think because the first thing you try to do because you're scared of everyone you isolate your half from the friends. Very wrong. Let it go. You hate shopping anyway. And that gives you a holiday as well when he's not there. Maybe you'll get a little present ? so enjoy ! and stop pretending you can't trust him. First you gave him the idea, secondly you looooove being miserable and that is desperately boring (get drunk now and smoke something) and third if you act like that it means that you're not confident with yourself so the work should come from you. In the meantime do your nails again. Who is he and what is he to you ?
who needs enemies ?

Friday, November 23, 2007


The main thing is the city is that few people have money. You will tell me it's everywhere the same but the city developed a system to help you believe you're a happy few. Let your ears opened and listen what your friends, colleagues say, even in the bus, train, metro, take off your MP3 player. Yesterday evening we've been to Afterwork party just because a colleague talked too loud. From 18.00 and because it's near work you eat for free ! Avoid the welcome drink but allow you a cocktail while meeting new people. Frankly said, not my kinda people but some other colleagues came with their co-renters so conversations were easy. Then because you're ready to start the "real" evening and you don't have to care about food anymore, why not having a drink outside ? 3 metro stations away there is a bar I like because the mood, the people and the music are good : Moebel Olfe and drinks are cheap. The design is a bunch of a lot of things all put together and don't expect to sit because there is no space. Better standing anyway to give chances to contacts. In this place there are parties as well : for example next Saturday is "Sex and Architecture" ... can't wait to see what it looks like. And for December 1st (please do something for the research) there is another party to celebrate the 5 years. In the end I guess we spent more than if we went directly back home ! But it's more fun.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Rameau Les Indes galantes

Air pour les amours


the trailer of the first serie


The picture of the 2008 calendar of the serie "Heroes".
(actually with the actors of the Nr 1 when we are at Nr. 2 but never mind).
I remember when I was on nightshift the work done and before the sleep comes the first thing you do is go on internet. With the one colleague working on the same floor it was a game who's the first of us will find the website "ad hoc" to be able to watch TV, series or movies. Now it's becoming so easy with dailymotion or youtube that you don't even need to bother naymore. You can even make your own ! I used to be nostalgic of the old series like the bionic woman, Charly's angels or the Thunderbirds because I used to watch them on wednesday afternoon when I didn't have school. And at the time to own a TV at home was really something, like the telephone, this strange bakelite green machine you can talk to and the voice of the other one is on the other side, this is miracle ! It's at this time we stopped seeing friends and play on the background with them because Donna Summer was showing her tits at 12.00 noon singing "love to love you baby". I don't even talk to you on X-mas Eve at the family dinner when we all had to stop to watch Michael Jackson's "Thriller" ! Crisisssss !!! Anyway as usual I let myself go. I should focus to "Heroes". So we found it on internet and after the pilote we said : yeahhh, ok, another american serie, nothing new under the sun. But the night after I started to look for the second episode (of course) or more informations about it. I discovered it was already a big hit almost everywhere (when you work nightshift you're cut from the outside world) and I went along happy to discover all the episodes of Nr. 1 . As I was ready to leave my heroes after the 23rd episode because it sounded logical it was announced a Nr. 2. I felt kind of disapointment. I really felt like there won't be other episodes. But they carried on. So I did. And I am not unhappy at all. It just the same. No surprises, almost the same characters that you follow step by step, they don't really evoluate neither change but it is still entertaining. I tried to fix myself on some other things but can't help it. This one is always on top.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Schwarze Schafe

and the trailer that has nothing to do with the film, of course.

Schwarze Schafe

The ritual scene

Black Sheep

Before going at the GMF we went to see a german film, made in Berlin. I rarely accept to go german films because I just don't understand. So when it's all made in the city I even say no before knowing the subject because of the language and difference of accents. But my good friend M. is persuasive enough, we had a good dinner at home (I cooked Boeuf bourguignon, good with this weather and good before partying) and the film is with english subtitles. The subject " à la Altman" (different stories mixed together) finished to decide myself and we went. Well it's a wonderful surprise. We had such a good time and it's been a while since I laughed so good at the cinema. It's nothing complicated but it's good entertainment and it is sooooo the city. Please have a look at Kino-central. I wish the film has a good success. Schwarze Schafe (black sheep)


It's been a long time since I went to the GMF party. I used to go not every week but often because it's good people - good music - good location. It all started in the old WMF building (kitchen ware industry). Bob Young, the party master, chose the name from this company and just replaced the W by a G for gay. Yes, it is again a gay party but everyone's coming. And they know it because last night some married couples were very happy to join and have fun. I remember when the party was in the beautiful place that is Cafe Moskau (in front of Kino Panorama) in Karl Marx Allee. It was fantastic except maybe the dance floor which was in the basement and because the ceiling is very low it was "raining" because of humidity and sweat very quickly. But it was part of the game and no one was miserable seeing all those beautiful people half naked moving their ass on crazy beats. Now it changed again and It's even nearer from my place so supa cool, we go with a friend that lucky us! managed to have tickets. It's called the Week-end Club and it's on the 12th and 15th floor of the building. In summer in addition you have access to the roof terrasse to enjoy a 360° view on the city by night. I was surprised as well that so many people are going out a sunday evening. I felt guilty myself because I knew today I won't be at full capacity at work but I warned that this morning I'd arrived late... which I did.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Samedi soir

It's always the same at the disco. When you arrive, the music is already on loud and the people start to come in. Your feeling is that "tonight I'll meet Brad Pitt". But in the end you'll finish with Quasimodo. Well ... for most of us. Because there are beautiful people on this earth. It's just not your taste. At least not everytime. I like to arrive early. Tonight I was too early. It was freezing cold inside but I had the time to warm up with some G&T. The party went very well with good music and shows. The go-go's were happy married couples who like to show off with their fat outside, rather unusual. The thing is, if you got lucky you'll meet the man of your dreams and then ... meet his beautiful "wife". Isn't it ironic ? but it's reality. The ones you want are never receptives, and you do the same as well probably without noticing.
It's nice to feel as well when the party is over although the music keeps on playing and people feel the urge to meet someone before it's too late (too early ?), either for the night and for the week-end because it's already sunday morning and we haven't ... whatever. That's probably why when the dance floor is emptying itself because the music is suddenly too loud, your eyes can't stand the lights anymore, you feel a lack of rythm (normal, we all need always more), your human target(s) is (are, you let yourself "opened" with various possibilities) gone, the walls start to sweat on your head, the floor is sliding of humidity-beer, you're falling on empty bottles ... it is time to go ... in the darkroom. I feel it sad and non-exciting. I noticed that we are excited by the fact to have sex, which is anatomical, but again it is related to this sensation that the "one" will be there and ask you out (because you don' t dare asking first nor smiling). It just does not happen. We're there to have cheap and quick sex, don't ask-don't tell, and if after we meet at the bar we don't even recognize each other. Most of the time guys do group sex, or they look. Our behaviour regarding sex has changed, I hope for the good. We've become more voyeur than actors because of the power of our religion, education, history and HIV serology (+ all those "little" diseases that are in every mouth or any other part of the body). The difference comes from the youngs who have no knowledge of good behaviour with sex. They were not born when it all started, the fear of no cure, the deads and contamination among our friends (of course it never happens in the family, can't be...), and they act like we did in the 70's and early 80's. Wrong. But I am very sad that they are not warned by my generation to tell them. Worse : they are pushed to do so.
Well anyway, as usual, it's too dark, I bumped into men, this is true, but as I said we just look at each other (must be my fluorescent spot on my nose and my only eye in the middle together with my blue antenas) and after minutes, I'm bored and go back to the bar and I need to pee. Because it is no "golden shower" party, please use the toilets and not the floor, thank you. It's certainly the place the most interesting outside the lounge and the entrance. You still can hear the music, you can easily look at everyone, even closer sometimes, it's not that sweaty anymore, and you stopped phantasying about the faces because no make-up resists under the white lights after 5.00 a.m. in a disco, darling, trust me. So you see the real me but I see the real you ! And suddenly you're thinking what is all this worth, you go back to the garde-robe picking up your coat and put you in the middle of what is still the cold night, under the rain, walking alone disapearing in the fog, thinking about only one thing : "what's the next party?" !