Friday, November 30, 2007

and don't forget ...

Please : 1st of december is World Aids Day.
I know everyone is very sollicited, me the first from the first hour in the metro, but thinking of Aids we all have a friend, maybe a family member, someone we know from near or far, well anyway we heard about it and we all have our opinion.
But one of these days ... we might be very happy that someone gave money for you the 1st of december.
So don't just give money for giving money. Do something special. Invite people for dinner, go out, go to a party where there are some Sisters of the great "whatever" who will ask you a little something in exchange for lube and condoms. That can be fun.
Thank you.

Lemon 8 Sounds of downunder Episode 27



I never was a big fan of their style. A bit too much for me. But for next summer, I might be tempted. One for the day work, one for the party.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

les Rita Mitsouko Y'a d'la haine

Rita Mitsouko - Marcia Baila

les Rita Mitsouko

We just learned with sadness that Fred Chichin, half of the french group "Les Rita Mitsouko" passed away today after a 2 months fight against cancer. They should have played tonight at the Olympia in Paris. Catherine Ringer and Fred Chichin met in the late 70's and decided in 1979 to create the group. Rita was chosen because of its south american sound and Mitsouko because it means mystery in japanese. The group had to add the article "les" before "Rita Mitsouko" because everybody thought it was the name of the singer. Fred Chichin composed music and played guitars, bass, drums and keyboards. The first album, out in 1984, has the hit single "Marcia Baila", latino-rock song which pays tribute to the argentinian dancer Marcia Moretto, also dead by cancer. The song was sold at more than 1 million copies and was the first hit single of a long list. The music of the group was a mix of many influences such as rock, funk, ska, south-america and a big sense of humour. From them we never heard any rumour. The group recorded 11 studio albums.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It's a gay joke ...

Four men went golfing together one day; three headed to the first tee and one went into the club house to take care of the bill. The three men started talking, bragging about their sons.
The first man told the others:- My son is a home builder and he''s so successful that he gave a friend a new home - for free.
The second man said:- My son was a car salesman and now he owns a multi-line dealership. He's so successful that he gave a friend two Cadillacs.
The third man, not wanting to be outdone bragged:- My son is a stock broker and he's doing so well that he gave his friend an entire stock portfolio.
The fourth man joined them on the tee after a few minutes of taking care of business.
The first man mentioned, ...- We were just talking about our sons. How is yours doing ???
The fourth man replied:- Well, my son is gay. I''m not totally thrilled about it, but he must be good. His last three boyfriends gave him a HOUSE, TWO CARS, and a STOCK PORTFOLIO !!!

Sometimes It's like I missed my life in the sense that I got the feeling all was possible and nothing was realized the way I wanted to. Or having let me have a life which does not really suits me. Or I think I could have done this or that but I'm too lazy to try any of those. Or the big question "but what am doing here ?". Or another one "but what am I doing now ?". Or "I'm yet too old nobody will trust me, nobody will hire me, I will not manage it on time".
Hmmm ... nice clothes in this shop. Oups, but it's not for me, can't buy those anymore.
I need a haircut. Where's the cheapest ? Do we need appointment ?
I had it all. All is gone. It's too hard starting everytime something new. This time, I'll never make it on time. It's too late.
I'll never come home walking again. It's way too far, too cold, too depressing and I don't even have enough money to buy me a glass of wine !

Monday, November 26, 2007


Elle ne répondit rien. Elle se pencha pour ramasser une fourche d'écaille tombée et l'enfonça dans ses cheveux en chantonnant. Elle prolongea sa chanson avec complaisance devant un miroir, fière de se dompter si aisément, d'escamoter la seule minute émue de leur séparation, fière d'avoir retenu les mots qu'il ne faut pas dire :
"Parle ... mendie, exige, suspends-toi ... tu viens de me rendre heureuse..."
in Chéri

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Le jour des morts

I don't know how you say that in another language. It's just that it's not at the same date anywhere. I keep believing it is very strange to "celebrate" the dead. In France it's 1st November and in Germany it's the last sunday before Advent (you know when you have your special calendar with all those little doors you open everyday to get the chocolate (or whatever else, depends on your imagination if you do it yourself to offer to someone or if you buy the cheap version at the supermarket). Not to mention though that I don't need to be reminded by the calendar that at this very day I have to think to my dead family, relatives, friends. First I think about them very often and because they are burried in many parts of the world it's hard to schedule for one day to honour them in front of the grave. Either you pay some services company to do the job for the cleaning and the flowers or someone you know leaving nearby can help. It's not unrespectful it's just that I don't get the purpose of honouring a stone. People I deeply miss are always with me anywhere anytime and I don't see them "Six feet under" at the cemetery.
That's why the program yesterday at the Philarmonie was anything but happy : Frank Martin (Hugo von Hofmannsthal's six monologues) and the 7th Symphonie of Bruckner. But the big surprise of this concert was the danish baritone Bo Skovhus. The least we can say is that this giant has an impressive presence on the scene, physically and with his voice. I compared him as a singing black monolith. All in black dressed with some designed very straight japanese suit he is taller than anyone on the scene. His face is so concentrated during the act that you have the feeling it hurts. And the voice : I think it's the first time I hear a baritone even louder than the orchester... and it was no menuet. Of course it was very sad but quality wise very good. The fans were there and he had to come back 3 times to calm down the standing ovation with the flowers (it's OK with the subject, no?) and applause. And it only last 17 minutes (his part, not the standing ovation). I guess because of the hard work of the voice it must be difficult to sing more than that. It's also the first time that I see a singer seating among us to follow the rest of the concert with his friends and be so friendly with everyone. Respect !
After that we definitly needed a drink, of course. Don't forget it was saturday evening. But my friend needed as well to pick up the Christmas presents her mother bought at the department store. So a bit of window shopping and then the marathon started. Loaded with all the big heavy bags we dropped all this to his place and finally went to Himmelreich. It's near his place and cosy. Because it started to snow again we did not want to go very far and they have a not too bad spanish red wine. It is a lesbian bar but it's opened to everyone except when indicated (special nights, follow the program). All mixed, lesbian - gay - straight - families - dogs, nice service, prices OK, good music it's a good place to start. While talking I said that I had to try to drink beer. It's my big issue : I don't like that and never drink any. It's a problem in a country like Germany and I'm making (again) my distinction with it. At least any bar-keeper remembers me because I'm the only one who's asking red wine in a disco (avoid) ! But why not trying a new time ? My friend told me that last time he took a very light one with lemon. After a 1 € pizza slice to "sponge" the alcohol we moved to a men's place : Grosse Freiheit. It's very smoky, almost completely dark, very casual but I like the place because you make your own musical program thanks to the giant juke box and you can play flipper. It reminds me of school days at the café round the corner with friends. It's when we started to smoke and drink and look at the but of ... whatever. But I can say a bottle of beer in the hand, the cigarette on the lips playing flipper, you get the picture ! But unfortunatly I can't drink it. So I gave the bottle and was back to wine. Not to mention as well that to go to the toilets you have to cross the darkroom. I can't see a thing in those places but while trying to reach them (not even sure there are any for women !) I suddenly faced a cute guy. Smiling at him I carried on walking and... bumped abruptly in a mirror ! I said it was time to go to bed.

Saturday, November 24, 2007


So it's done with Christmas now. Closed the Christmas markets, destroyed the nice papers with rubans and boxes full of toys and presents, to the trash the Christmas tree, back to the wardrobe with the decoration, cleaned the floor, packed the bags of family and friends ... until next week. We haven't finished the first orgy that we have to think about the second one. Lucky us there is some sport to do thanks to the sales that started now. So no time to waste, make the credit card burned and go !
It's like jealousy. It comes always back. Try to hide it but it is stronger than us. It shows on your face. Last time in a bar I was talking to a guy because he was trying to take a picture a strange way so it poped up. His girlfriend apparently had fears of her husband because she promptly came around him (litteraly) and envelopped him with her arms kissing him in front of me. Poor dear, you have nothing to teach me and you don't impress me. Let me just say to you that on the contrary you make me want your husband which is wrong but the hunt now is becoming interesting, thank you. And yes be carefum with your husband because he is really yummy. Jealousy is a matter of no trust. If you're confident with your half there is no trouble. It must work both ways of course. It happened that only one trusted because he never thought about anything else and the other half was a nightmare imagining things that would have had never happened only if ... he never had the stupidy of sharing his feelings and put the ideas in the other one's head : too bad. Now he's on his own. Oh, baby, you cry now ? too late. Told you before to be happy and to put no pressure on your man's back. We had this conversation before. I'm quite flattered if my man is approached by someone else. At this very moment there is this very special look between me and him saying "hey Baby look at me now ... ain't you get excited ?" Oh yeah I am Love, and you will understand very soon how much : either we leave right now for the next available room/toilets/bathroom/whatever or if the threat is a bit too "approaching then I see my man walking back because he knows that my claws are very sensitive. Of course I am jealous but if you manage it the right way it can put in your sex life a bit of pimiento. But no abuse. Jealousy can destroy the relation faster than you think because the first thing you try to do because you're scared of everyone you isolate your half from the friends. Very wrong. Let it go. You hate shopping anyway. And that gives you a holiday as well when he's not there. Maybe you'll get a little present ? so enjoy ! and stop pretending you can't trust him. First you gave him the idea, secondly you looooove being miserable and that is desperately boring (get drunk now and smoke something) and third if you act like that it means that you're not confident with yourself so the work should come from you. In the meantime do your nails again. Who is he and what is he to you ?
who needs enemies ?

Friday, November 23, 2007


The main thing is the city is that few people have money. You will tell me it's everywhere the same but the city developed a system to help you believe you're a happy few. Let your ears opened and listen what your friends, colleagues say, even in the bus, train, metro, take off your MP3 player. Yesterday evening we've been to Afterwork party just because a colleague talked too loud. From 18.00 and because it's near work you eat for free ! Avoid the welcome drink but allow you a cocktail while meeting new people. Frankly said, not my kinda people but some other colleagues came with their co-renters so conversations were easy. Then because you're ready to start the "real" evening and you don't have to care about food anymore, why not having a drink outside ? 3 metro stations away there is a bar I like because the mood, the people and the music are good : Moebel Olfe and drinks are cheap. The design is a bunch of a lot of things all put together and don't expect to sit because there is no space. Better standing anyway to give chances to contacts. In this place there are parties as well : for example next Saturday is "Sex and Architecture" ... can't wait to see what it looks like. And for December 1st (please do something for the research) there is another party to celebrate the 5 years. In the end I guess we spent more than if we went directly back home ! But it's more fun.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Rameau Les Indes galantes

Air pour les amours


the trailer of the first serie


The picture of the 2008 calendar of the serie "Heroes".
(actually with the actors of the Nr 1 when we are at Nr. 2 but never mind).
I remember when I was on nightshift the work done and before the sleep comes the first thing you do is go on internet. With the one colleague working on the same floor it was a game who's the first of us will find the website "ad hoc" to be able to watch TV, series or movies. Now it's becoming so easy with dailymotion or youtube that you don't even need to bother naymore. You can even make your own ! I used to be nostalgic of the old series like the bionic woman, Charly's angels or the Thunderbirds because I used to watch them on wednesday afternoon when I didn't have school. And at the time to own a TV at home was really something, like the telephone, this strange bakelite green machine you can talk to and the voice of the other one is on the other side, this is miracle ! It's at this time we stopped seeing friends and play on the background with them because Donna Summer was showing her tits at 12.00 noon singing "love to love you baby". I don't even talk to you on X-mas Eve at the family dinner when we all had to stop to watch Michael Jackson's "Thriller" ! Crisisssss !!! Anyway as usual I let myself go. I should focus to "Heroes". So we found it on internet and after the pilote we said : yeahhh, ok, another american serie, nothing new under the sun. But the night after I started to look for the second episode (of course) or more informations about it. I discovered it was already a big hit almost everywhere (when you work nightshift you're cut from the outside world) and I went along happy to discover all the episodes of Nr. 1 . As I was ready to leave my heroes after the 23rd episode because it sounded logical it was announced a Nr. 2. I felt kind of disapointment. I really felt like there won't be other episodes. But they carried on. So I did. And I am not unhappy at all. It just the same. No surprises, almost the same characters that you follow step by step, they don't really evoluate neither change but it is still entertaining. I tried to fix myself on some other things but can't help it. This one is always on top.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Schwarze Schafe

and the trailer that has nothing to do with the film, of course.

Schwarze Schafe

The ritual scene

Black Sheep

Before going at the GMF we went to see a german film, made in Berlin. I rarely accept to go german films because I just don't understand. So when it's all made in the city I even say no before knowing the subject because of the language and difference of accents. But my good friend M. is persuasive enough, we had a good dinner at home (I cooked Boeuf bourguignon, good with this weather and good before partying) and the film is with english subtitles. The subject " à la Altman" (different stories mixed together) finished to decide myself and we went. Well it's a wonderful surprise. We had such a good time and it's been a while since I laughed so good at the cinema. It's nothing complicated but it's good entertainment and it is sooooo the city. Please have a look at Kino-central. I wish the film has a good success. Schwarze Schafe (black sheep)


It's been a long time since I went to the GMF party. I used to go not every week but often because it's good people - good music - good location. It all started in the old WMF building (kitchen ware industry). Bob Young, the party master, chose the name from this company and just replaced the W by a G for gay. Yes, it is again a gay party but everyone's coming. And they know it because last night some married couples were very happy to join and have fun. I remember when the party was in the beautiful place that is Cafe Moskau (in front of Kino Panorama) in Karl Marx Allee. It was fantastic except maybe the dance floor which was in the basement and because the ceiling is very low it was "raining" because of humidity and sweat very quickly. But it was part of the game and no one was miserable seeing all those beautiful people half naked moving their ass on crazy beats. Now it changed again and It's even nearer from my place so supa cool, we go with a friend that lucky us! managed to have tickets. It's called the Week-end Club and it's on the 12th and 15th floor of the building. In summer in addition you have access to the roof terrasse to enjoy a 360° view on the city by night. I was surprised as well that so many people are going out a sunday evening. I felt guilty myself because I knew today I won't be at full capacity at work but I warned that this morning I'd arrived late... which I did.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Samedi soir

It's always the same at the disco. When you arrive, the music is already on loud and the people start to come in. Your feeling is that "tonight I'll meet Brad Pitt". But in the end you'll finish with Quasimodo. Well ... for most of us. Because there are beautiful people on this earth. It's just not your taste. At least not everytime. I like to arrive early. Tonight I was too early. It was freezing cold inside but I had the time to warm up with some G&T. The party went very well with good music and shows. The go-go's were happy married couples who like to show off with their fat outside, rather unusual. The thing is, if you got lucky you'll meet the man of your dreams and then ... meet his beautiful "wife". Isn't it ironic ? but it's reality. The ones you want are never receptives, and you do the same as well probably without noticing.
It's nice to feel as well when the party is over although the music keeps on playing and people feel the urge to meet someone before it's too late (too early ?), either for the night and for the week-end because it's already sunday morning and we haven't ... whatever. That's probably why when the dance floor is emptying itself because the music is suddenly too loud, your eyes can't stand the lights anymore, you feel a lack of rythm (normal, we all need always more), your human target(s) is (are, you let yourself "opened" with various possibilities) gone, the walls start to sweat on your head, the floor is sliding of humidity-beer, you're falling on empty bottles ... it is time to go ... in the darkroom. I feel it sad and non-exciting. I noticed that we are excited by the fact to have sex, which is anatomical, but again it is related to this sensation that the "one" will be there and ask you out (because you don' t dare asking first nor smiling). It just does not happen. We're there to have cheap and quick sex, don't ask-don't tell, and if after we meet at the bar we don't even recognize each other. Most of the time guys do group sex, or they look. Our behaviour regarding sex has changed, I hope for the good. We've become more voyeur than actors because of the power of our religion, education, history and HIV serology (+ all those "little" diseases that are in every mouth or any other part of the body). The difference comes from the youngs who have no knowledge of good behaviour with sex. They were not born when it all started, the fear of no cure, the deads and contamination among our friends (of course it never happens in the family, can't be...), and they act like we did in the 70's and early 80's. Wrong. But I am very sad that they are not warned by my generation to tell them. Worse : they are pushed to do so.
Well anyway, as usual, it's too dark, I bumped into men, this is true, but as I said we just look at each other (must be my fluorescent spot on my nose and my only eye in the middle together with my blue antenas) and after minutes, I'm bored and go back to the bar and I need to pee. Because it is no "golden shower" party, please use the toilets and not the floor, thank you. It's certainly the place the most interesting outside the lounge and the entrance. You still can hear the music, you can easily look at everyone, even closer sometimes, it's not that sweaty anymore, and you stopped phantasying about the faces because no make-up resists under the white lights after 5.00 a.m. in a disco, darling, trust me. So you see the real me but I see the real you ! And suddenly you're thinking what is all this worth, you go back to the garde-robe picking up your coat and put you in the middle of what is still the cold night, under the rain, walking alone disapearing in the fog, thinking about only one thing : "what's the next party?" !

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Sander Kleinenberg

Dance Department Podcast, 11-10-2006

Roswitha Hecke

Exhibition with titel "Secret views" from 1964 until today. Until 6.1.2008


Raum 5


When I start to hear what will be the exquisit present for next X-Mas, when I start to see while window shopping that the end of the year is near and some of us already have everything planed (and what do you do for X-Mas Eve?) my next move does not go any further than tonight. Why ? Because there are party, monthly parties like the one we've been to Kinopanoramabar, remember ?, we can't miss. I left last night a good friend of mine "shaking hands" in a dark room because I needed to study our party book. When I see stressed people going to shopping mall looking at thext train toy for their children, I allow me another G&T. So tonight the choice goes to Irrenhouse in Geburtstagsklub. You already heard talking about our queens and Nina Queer (fickifickiauaaua !) will be our host under the moto "it's dazzling, it's useless - I must have it !". Either you'll look at the party girls or you'll find a dark corner for blow jobs. Biggy, Ades, Austin, Bionic, and Menace will help us to move on beats. We don't care if you're a sex-symbol or a freak you just have to know this the most ridiculous city's party ! To fuck don't forget to bring your chicken or monkey with you. From 11.00 p.m.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


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The Sperm Scrapfest

youuuuu bitches ! you took the samples !

Listen to some music instead

I can't say I don' t have any problems with the German. I do. Sometimes they just put me on my nerves. So easily. Look this morning for example. We had a meeting planed long ago on the 3rd floor. This information is relevant because the one supposed to lead the meeting never showed up. So because nobody was moving and started to complain (they complain .... aaaaaaaaaa lot) I decided to check by myself. It happened to be that we had the wrong information and the meeting was at another place where some of our colleagues were already but no one dared to inform us, look for us, not even the leader. While waiting I met a girl I started with. She's nice and friendly and while talking I asked about some other colleagues I just don't meet anymore. Maybe it will be a nice idea to organize a drink for X-Mas but not sure anybody will come. She also found the time to say (in front of me who's not from her country, she's a real girl from Berlin) that racism aside (!!!!) she was very sensitive about the fact that she's meeting less and less Berliner and she doesn't recognize her people anymore... and have a nice day. I'll never understand this attitude. I'm stupid. Nobody cares about it.

Aver, fumo tabacco !

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Of course most of the singers or groups I like to hear it's because I listened to them somewhere, either on the radio (Donna Summer ? remember this one ?), bar or disco or a good friend who wants to share the last discovery. If I'm interested I'll get the album and will have a look further. But after awhile I noticed that almost everytime I prefer from far away the B-sides, the one that nobody will play because it's non-comercial or ... whatever. That's why on the music selection you'll find pieces of artists you know but not the song you heard thousand times. It's like if the singer is talking to you, is delivering finally a part of him(her)self and that goes deeper on your emotions. I wish you enjoy.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Gina Tonic@Betty F***

Betty F***

Mitte was never really gay. In Berlin, Schöneberg is the place to be. Motzstr. and around you'll find all bars, discos, restaurants ... the gay life. If you're a Cazzo fan, Tom's bar will surely remind you something. Nevertheless we can find now some nice places to share drinks with friends. It's not strictly gay because even work colleagues I know go there and they're definitly not gay, it just happened to be that they live next building. So that's why sometimes I go to Betty F*** . It's friendly, near home and the moto is "wir gehen nie wieder nach Hause!" (we'll never go home anymore). This is not absolutly true (or you're not going back alone ...) but as one of the only gay bar in Mitte, you're welcome, with sometimes all the extravaganza it means. Mulackstr. 13, can't miss it, it's the only red light in the street, opened everyday.



summer's gone
and the winter's here
and I hope
that the spring is near !



Sunday, November 11, 2007


This evening was a nice surprise at the Philarmonie thanks to the debut tournee of the Stradivari-Quartett . A nice classical concert to finish the week-end is not a bad idea afterall. I am even surprised the concert hall was almost full, which first means it will be a good quality concert. The quartett's name comes from naturally of the Stradivari instruments.

This is what says Wikipedia about it : "Antonio Stradivari was born in Italy in 1644. He was a disciple of Nicolo Amati, of the Amati family of violin makers of Cremona. Antonio set up business for himself in 1680, though his early violins are generally considered inferior to those made between 1698 and 1720. While many of his techniques are still not fully understood by modern science, it is known for sure that the wood used included spruce for the harmonic top, willow for the internal parts and maple for the back, strip and neck, and that the wood was treated with several types of minerals, including potassium borate (borax), sodium and potassium silicate, and bianca (a varnish composed of Arabic gum, honey and egg white).
A Stradivarius made in the 1680s or during Stradivari's Brescian period from 1690-1700, could be worth several hundred thousand dollars or more at today's prices in auction. If made during Stradivari's "golden period" from 1700 to 1720, depending on condition, the instrument can be worth several million. They rarely come up for sale and the highest price paid for a Stradivarius (or any musical instrument) at public auction was
The Hammer, made in 1707, which sold for US $3,544,000 on May 16, 2006. Private sales of Stradivari instruments have exceeded this price.[1][2] The world's only complete set of Stradivarius instruments (string quintet) belongs to the Spanish Government and consists of two violins, two cellos, and a viola. They are exhibited in the Music Museum at the Palacio Real de Madrid. Another significant assemblage is the York Gate Collections of the Royal Academy of Music in London.
Many people will find violins labeled or branded as "Stradivarius", and believe them to be genuine. It is believed that there are fewer than 700 genuine extant instruments, very few of which are unaccounted for."
As some other concerts you just think that the players just do their job. Sometimes it's happening. All is ok but you get the feeling that all sounds a bit mechanical. This time, no. It showed that they are happy to play for us. We had the chance as well (well not for me, I could not understand due to the language's barrier) but the good idea was to avoid us to fall asleep to ask an actor to come between the pieces to tell us stories about the composers, the music pieces, the instruments and the players. Tonight's programm was also rich with Haydn; Schnyder and Smetana.
All those good feelings exploded in the end while we applaused and we were granted of two extra music plays. The last one, I think they made real cool and sounded like old Louisiana melody because Mrs Weber was playing her violoncello like a banjo.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Thursday, November 8, 2007


But ... if they built the biggest Europe's department store at this place,
where will be the Christmas market this year ?

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Anonymous comment

"Anonymous has left a new comment on your post " Marlango selection ": Alejandro Pelayo es uno de los protagonistas del libro:Sin Ti,de Mara TorresY Leonor Watling hace una crítica acerca del libro Si queréis pasar por aquí y así os enterais!"
muchas gracias por esta palabra pero creo que es un poco triste de ser Anonymous.
Porque no hablas con migo ?
D’après vous, le baril de pétrole…
. coûte un bras d’enfant
. est une bonne idée cadeau pour les fêtes
. est déjà disponible en bouteilles de 25cl
. bah, tant qu'il y a du pinard...
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Monday, November 5, 2007

c'est un peu tiré par les cheveux !

il ne faudrait pas non plus couper les cheveux en quatre
j'ai un cheveux sur la langue ...
My hairdresser has never time free. The last time I tried to book an appointment with her it was last month and I had to wait ... another month to meet her. She put me on the waiting list but nothing happened. I guess no customer canceled its appointment with her. So I decided to save the money dedicated to her haircut and we'll go for dinner some nice evening. I noticed a french restaurant in the neighbourhood and I need a bloody entrecôte with fries. So because I couldn't bare to see my face in the mirror this morning coming back from work I stopped by the one down the street. I think it's called haarwerk or something similar. I chose this one because I remember noticing passing by the numbers on the screen. I understood coming in. You have to take a ticket to start the process. There is no one welcoming you. It is the most unpersonalized service ever. There is no garde robe neither. You leave your jacket wherever. When your number is called by the machine you go to wash your hair. An employee is washing your hair not even glancing at you. Once she's done I asked what's the next step : "just go back in the front and wait!" how about that ? I had number 6. I did not really understand how the guy who arrived after me could have picked up a number before mine because when 4 was called he just stood up to sit with the hairdresser. Doesn't matter, I had my book and I listened the Madonna's concert playing loud in the salon. I didn't know she made a remix of Donna Summer's "I feel love". But her voice is definitly something else in concert ! anyway it was soon my turn and I asked for short cut (I REALLY needed it). the hairdresser is friendly, can't say the contrary but don't expect him to make the conversation or to entertain you while he's cutting. He's paid to cut hairs, he does it, punto final. At least it saves you to do the same. One thing I noticed is that the guy used a razor but as a machete, quite impressive. And after a while I guess he had enough, took the mirror and showed how it looked from behind. That was the signal of the end but I keep believing it could have been shorter. But hey ! it costs almost nothing. He even put my head under the shower. Drier and gel are optional and free to use on the table but please leave the towell in the basket before going out, thank you. It's quite a new experience but strangely the only thing I want to do now is to make an appointment to the hairdresser !

Sunday, November 4, 2007


I emerged at 3.00 p.m.
I managed to push the button of the coffee machine at 4.00 p.m.
I'm going back to bed.
(it was even better than I thought!)

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Kino International

The plan for tonight is based in the famous old east Berlin theatre called Kino International, on the Karl Marx allee (I love this street, it looks so decadent, it feels so Soviet Union, buildings are absolutly amazing, you feel like having your flat in a Stasi office). It is a cinema usually on Mondays for Gay movies (Mongay) and other days absolutly normal with this "je ne sais quoi" tacky. On the first floor there is a bar with this 50's furniture pieces, all originals. Well it is the 8th anniversary "Klub International" and all our queen stars will be there tonight in a team called "dudel disko team" : Biggy, Ades, Polla Disaster, Divatlantique, Nina Queer, SuperZandy... It is planed to have acrobats, trans. We will be welcomed by Gina Tonic and Stella deStroy and in international exlusivity Nina will sing (!) her (his?) brand new hit (can't wait...) "Ficki Ficki Aua Aua". As a Before I allow myself to meet friends at my favorite cocktail bar CSA (the best Martini Sweet ever !). Wait for me, I'm in the bathroom, I need to re-powder my noise ...

But it's not the plan for tonight ...


He returns ...

frankly said, the only interesting moment is when he has a rest outer space thinking : "but what am I gonna do with this big bulge ?"
by the way did you know he had sex with Lois ? A son is born ! pretty groovy, Baby. I know some of my party queens who would have taken her place in the bed ...
betcha got a chick on the side

new steps

As I told before the new tendancy is to be a member of a private club. Very british will you tell me but only to show you're part of the exclusive world of the city. The Rodeo restaurant was the first example now we move a step forward with the muenzsalon . This one has my preference because the contact I have inside is french so it helpe me a lot. Let's be cleared : You're not a member the door remains closed. At the entrance door all guests (included you) has to be checked on the written list. There is sometimes jokes when you book over the telephone, just to spell all names of the people invited at your party and at the start when everybody arrives and is checked, the name is wrongly spelled, the guest gets nervous, you start to get nervous and the hostess breaks a finger nail. Well anyway it's part of the game and outside of this everything is allowed. Just ask, they'll take care of everything.
If you don't feel the need to become member why not trying the new tendancy of partying ? The improvisation, anywhere in the city but mostly public areas and centrally placed. You invited your friends at your birthday party ? You made an appointment at the corner of the department store and the train station ? In the middle of Alexander Platz ? Everybody's here ? (so now where do we go, darling ?) : hold on still Baby, the DJ's coming, we celebrate right here right now. If the weather is not that good, why not going in the metro. Bring some plastic bags from every colour that you will put on every white light of the corridor and go on ! The music set will be forwarded by radio, you just need to know the correct frequency but believe me, you always find out ! And like the little example below, lavomatics are very useful as well and it's much more fun than to look at the tumble. In the 70's in San Francisco the Safeway supermarket or the lavomatic were used for cruising, now bring your friends and instruments and go live !

Thursday, November 1, 2007


Almost week-end ! Get ready !

I repeat : SOS (is this what they call "explicite lyrics, keep out of children?)

Lalala, lalala, lalalalala, Ohhh (You know, I never felt like this before)
Lalala, lalala, lalalalala, Ohhh (This feeling's like so real)
I'm obessive when just one thought of you comes up
I'm aggressive cause just one thought ain't close enough
You got me stressing, incessantly pressing the issue
Cause every moment gone you know I miss you
I'm the question and you're of course the answer
Just hold me close boy cause I'm your tiny dancer
You make me shaken up I'm never mistaken but
I can't control myself, got me calling out for Help
S-O-S please someone help me. It's not healthy for me to feel this
Y-O-U are making this hard?
I can't take it see it don't feel right.
S-O-S please someone help me, It's not healthy for me to feel this
Y-O-U are making this hard?
You got me tossing and turning can't sleep at night
This time please someone come and rescue me
'Cause you on my mind has got me losing it
I'm lost, you got me lookin for the rest of me
Love is testing me but still
I'm losing it
This time please someone come and rescue me
'cause you or my mind has got me losing it,
I'm lost you got me looking for the rest of me,
Got the best of me, so now I'm losing it.
Just your presence and I second guess my sanity,
yes it's a lesson and it's unfair, you stole my vanity
My tummy's up in knots, and when i see ya it gets so hot
My common sense is out the door, can't seem to find the lock
Take on me (uh huh) you know inside you feel it right
Take me on,
I could just die up in your arms tonight!
I melt with you, ya got me head over heels,
(over heels)boy you keep me hanging on the way you make me feel
S-O-S, please someone help me.
It's not healthy for me to feel this
Y-O-U are making this hard?
You got me tossing and turning can't sleep at night.
This time please someone come and rescue me
'cause you or my mind has got me losing it
I'm lost, you got me lookin for the rest of me
Love is testing me but still I'm losing it
This time please some one come and rescue me
'cause you or my mind has got me losing it,
I'm lost you got me looking for the rest of me,
Got the best of me, so now I'm losing it.
Boy you know you got me feeling open and
Boy our loves enough with words unspoken I said
I'm telling you, you got me open,
I don't know what to do it's true,
I'm going crazy over you, I'm begging
S-O-S, please someone help me (somebody HELP me)
It's not healthy for me to feel this
Y-O-U are making this hard?
You got me tossing and turning can't sleep at night.
This time please someone come and
rescue me cause you or my mind has got me losing it
I'm lost, you got me lookin for the rest of me
Love is testing me but still I'm losing it
This time please some one come and rescue me
'cause you or my mind has got me losing it,
I'm lost you got me looking for the rest of me,
Got the best of me, so now I'm losing it.
Lalala, lalala, lalalalala, Ohhh, Oh OhLalala, lalala, lalalalala, Ohhh, Oh Oh

Suck it up! Introducing the Vacuum Cleaner Sex Toy!

Part 2

Love Honey
It's exactly what you think

I'm soooo sick. I just don't like it !

as you wish but quick !