Wednesday, December 31, 2008


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For all it takes, I wish you all a wonderful happy new year 2009. Here started already the fireworks thing so the city is like in fire. Some people celebrate inside but some other celebrate outside and at midnight, for the change of the year, It will be such a noise and light show because all will go outside and fire those fireworks. My advice, stay where you are ! Happy new year

Sunday, December 28, 2008


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The magical fly

Because we have a little rest between Christmas and New Year's Eve, this is a penis Homoerotic story (the true one), magical organ, symbol of wealth, fecundity and happiness (of course). Between 35000 and 45000 years ago, men and women are represented only by their sex. Penis and vulva. All is symbolism, they use, to fight, wood pieces “decorated” with erected penis and testicles. It must be straight, we must see it, to hurt at the first hit to guarantee the survival of the tribe. 3000 years before JC in Egypt, in order to celebrate the cult of the bull Apis (God of fecondity), we’re looking all around the country, a young bull with "out of norms" genitals. The bull, arrived in the city of Memphis with triomphal celebration, must stay in a temple with a harem of cows, its concubines. 2000 years before JC, in Britanny, France, sterile women like to rub their belly with menhir dust and dance around erected stones. Greek and Roman give a cult to the phallus, represented with different forms and shapes in the house, in the street, at the temple and in the fields. Boundary-stones, ornamented by erections, protect houses and fields. Penis are on the doors and are used as road signals to give the right direction. Ancient Hebrews have difficulties to quit their cults to the phallus that their fathers shared with the entire civilization of Middle East : as soon as Moïse leaves, they build again gold sexes and dildos for their pleasure. Godefroy de Bouillon makes a present to the city of Antwerpen with the foreskin of the Christ that he brought back from Palestine. 1505, Leonardo da Vinci makes a fundamental discovery. He establishes that It is blood that makes your dick so hard and not air. King of France, Charles IX puts his fly visible by stuffing it with impressive proportions. The poor Villandri touches it by accident and is condemned. We don’t mess with royal jewels. 1540, King Henri VIII asks to be painted with his armor which has a metall shell as big as a fore arm. It’s the strenght of the sovereign. XIXe century : in Saintes (french Charente), Palm Sunday is called « pines celebration ». We give to the participants biscuits with the design of a phallus, that are eaten religiously. At the end of the 60’s, Jim Morrison fakes to open his fly in front of fans in Miami. His trip is interrupted by policemen. But some, in (under ?) ecstasy, confirmed having seen his penis. Legend tells Elvis Presley (the King of Pelvis) is risen. Did rock stars took the place of Jesus ? At the end of the 70’s, Elridge Cleaver, ex-black Panther, strikes again « social castration », throwing jeans with a big shell sewn on the front, with the design of a penis. In 1971, the fan Cynthia « Plaster Caster » affirms herself as an artist : she mould erected penis of 41 rock stars, among them Jimi Hendrix and most of all Clint Poppie, singer of the Dead Kennedys, who wins the price of the biggest … moulding. 1973 : Surgeon Scott invents the support, air blown with a pomp. These are flexible sticks in the penis, like bones. We can make them rigid thanks to the pomp put inside the testcles. In 1997, Mrs Bobbit cuts the penis of her husband and throws it on the motorway. We find back the organ, just in time, to graft it back and Mr Bobbit, restored, makes two acts in porn. At the same time, a majority of american teenagers, thinks that a blow-job is not a sexual act. Brought up with porn, they resume sexuality at the unique penetration, in its version, the most caricatural. The big penis of the porn stars has replaced the phallus, sacred and mystical. In 2008, Viagra celebrate its 10 years anniversary. Created to cure the angina pectoris, it is better known as a sexual stimulator. More than 50% of spams are advertising for Viagra and derivates (Cialis, Levitra, and numerous generic versions). More than 500 milliards of spams are blocked by some providers before they reach your email. Most of them are called “get bigger”, “Is your partner happy ?”, “some more centimeters ?” and strengthened the man in its belief that he must have a long time hard on (a strong one) if he wants to give pleasure. As if there was no other way to have sex ! As if the man is the only responsible of the pleasure ! As if sexuality was resumed only by the penetration ! Conclusion : penis has historically triumphed of the vulva, that It puts on second figure. The recent revolution of the women’s condition, puts it back to its normal place, as equal, as an organ of pleasure and procreation, role that It must learn to share. But things like Viagra have the risk to give it back, a too much trust with itself, erasing the fear of the failure, and comfort it in its will of exclusive domination. 2009 : long live the vulva and long live the penis !

Saturday, December 27, 2008

An easier affair

Here comes one for the ladies
For the ones who love me
To think I thought I could be some kind of family man
I told myself I was straight
But I shouldn't have worried
Cos my Maker had a better plan for me
And I'm dancing with the freaks now I'm havin', I'm havin' so much fun
What you sow is what you reap now
I'll do my dance with everyone
I've been getting too much Sun (Yes I'm dancin' with the freaks now)
We're havin', we're havin' too much fun for them
Look who's talking Guilty feet now
Well let me tell you people It's An easier affair
Not living my life with other people on my mind
No, got nothing to hide from anyone
Yes, I'm walking on new air
Just living my life
Better believe I'm gonna get what's mine
See I don't have the time
For the haters
And all the time that I wasted
How careless of me
Too young and stupid to see I put my life in their hands (Gonna look for Cupid, man)
Oh, and I know that they want me to hate them
There's no hurry
I'll just have to be the bigger man
Dancin' with the freaks now I'm havin', I'm havin' so much fun
What you sow is what you reap now
I'll do my dance with everyone
I've been getting too much Sun
If I turn the other cheek now
Would that be, would that be too much fun for them?
Look who's talking Guilty feet now
Well let me tell you people It's An easier affair
Not livin' my life with other people on my mind
No, got nothing to hide from anyone
Cos I'm walking on new air
Just living my life
Better believe I'm gonna get what's mine
See I don't have the time for the haters
Don't let them tell you who you are is not enough
Don't let them tell you that it's wrong
Or that you won't find love
Don't let them use my life to put your future down
Don't let them tell you that happiness can't be found
For my life
Take it to the streets
There are stories you can keep
They're just passing you by
Don't let them tell you who you are is not enough
Don't let them tell you that it's wrong
Or that you won't find love
Don't let them use my life to put your future down
Don't let them tell you that happiness can't be found.


Christmas is now gone and there is still the next step to go before all this ceremony thing is over until next year. There is a difference between Christmas and New Year's Eve and that is the noise : Christmas is very quiet and I was very surprised, driving the bicycle through the city to attend my dinner-out, that the city was so quiet and empty. When I came back, of course, some bars were opened and almost full but the city remained quiet and comfy. Next step will not be the same as it is tradition to make as much noise as you can ... with fireworks. Meaning all night, probably a bit before and surely long after, we will hear 24/7 fireworks exploding everywhere. That is why you can see throughout the city, a lot of shops, usually not that coloured, flourishing of hard red adds on their windows because they sell fireworks. It is very regulated and they are allowed to sell those big quantities one time a year and It is very lucrative. After dinner, when midnight will be soon the time to go from a year to another, all people will go out on the street and start to fire. The people, the noise, the smell and tutti quanti ... my advice : stay home.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Horrifying gay amateur interiors

Lurid Digs : you will not believe what you're about to see ... or read. It's always easy to critisize what's in there on those pictures. But if It is the taste of the guy, why not ? You're not leaving in there. He does. So while critics is on Its way, nobody thinks of the interiors of the writer ... which I would intrigued to see, of course, just to be curious. Nevertheless, not my taste but sometimes surprising and funny.

Wiehnachtskonzert Berliner Dom Dec. 2008


There is a highlight once a year when It comes to concert : the Christmas concert by Rundfunkchor Berlin at the Dom. In German, Weihnachtskonzert, Berliner Dom. It is sacred music so we know the mood of the season will be fantastic. The one last year was absolutly fabulous (there is the recording on a previous post) but I'm still searching for one for this year's concert. It is planned to start at 8:00 p.m. but we know we are allowed a few minutes late because It is broadcasted live on German radio, after the news. Then silence comes and all stands still. We can, because we come from outside so we don't feel too much the cold of inside the cathedral yet. The Berliner Dom or Berlin Cathedral was built between 1895 and 1905. It faces the Lustgarten and the Berliner Stadtschloss (Berlin City Palace), soon rebuilt at the place of the Palaz der Republik, former DDR parliament, being destroyed at this very time. The first church built near here in 1465 was the court chapel for the Hohenzollern family within the castle complex. Later the church of the Dominican Order (Schwarze Brüder), located at the south side of the castle, was used as the first cathedral. The first church at this site was a baroque cathedral by Johann Boumann, which was completed in 1747 and in 1822, it was remodelled in the neoclassicist style by the Berlin architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel. The choir arrives from the right side and once in the center dispatches itself in four parts, front, rear, both sides. The conductor arrives and then it starts. Meaning you don't have the sound in stereo, but in quadriphonie. Amazing. Although the programm this year was very strong, It might have been maybe too difficult for us to follow sometimes. Last year, there was less difficulties but more emotion. I guess the children choir made a difference as well. This year was more intimate. Maybe the public was not as receptive (you know ...) as last year neither. We had this conversation with a friend and we thought the same. Nevertheless, high quality and a lot of pleasure. Always a must.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


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And for the Frenchies ...

la fameuse recette de la dinde au whisky, un classique. For New Year's Eve, I'll tell you what the classic item is for Germany)

Acheter une dinde d'environ 5 kg pour 6 personnes et une bouteille de whisky, du sel, du poivre, de l'huile d'olive, des bardes de lard.
Barder la dinde de lard, la ficeler, la saler, la poivrer et ajouter un filet d'huile d'olive.
Préchauffer le four a 350, pendant dix minutes.
Se verser un verre de whisky pendant ce temps-là.
Mettre la dinde au four dans un plat a cuisson.
Se verser 2 autres verres de whisky.
Mettre le vour a 400 pendant 20 binutes pour la zaisir.
Se bercer 3 berres de whisky.
Après mettons une debieurre, fourrer l'ouvrir et surbeiller la puisson de la tinde.
Brendre la pouteille de biscuit et s'enfiler une bonne rasade derrière la brabate - non - la trabate!
Après environ, bouof... une debieurre de blus ou moins, pencher en direction du vour et s'y rendre. Oubrir la criss de borte du pour et rebourner, mettre l'autre bord- l’asti de guinde. Mettons.
Se pruler la main -f...- avec la tabarnak de borte du vour en la rafermant - ciboere de bâtard.
S'ass...-woyons- s’ass...-ben woyons- s'ass...- woyons, c'qu'al'est, sti! - s'asse...woere- bon!- s'a griss de chaise et se reverder 5 ou 6 whisky de verre... ou le gontraire- ou... cares.
Buire - non - suire - non - cuire - non – ah ben oui, c'est ca : cuire -la bingue bandant 4 heures. 4 heures. Z'est ca.
Et hop....pelai..e, 5 berres de plisse ! Ca vait du bien barou ça passe.
ttttttttttirer le four-re de la dinde.
Se rebercer une tite corchée de puisky - bas trop - tention, zussun droigt ? wop attention- wopokay merci de rien.
Là mon mec, on vazzayer de-suimoabenla- zortir le bour de la-woyons- de caliss m’a tu l'dire- de woyons- de pinde, ça y est! s'cuse,voulais pas dire "de pinde", ce voulais dire, c’est: zordir le dinde de-c'est ca: de dinde- de dinde de nouveau, parce que, laisse-moe faire là, non laisse-moe faire, non gar-moe ben, bon OK, fais-le donc.
Rabasser la dinde qui est, hoonnnn, tombée bar derre. L'ettuyer avec une... -non, l’aut' porte- avec un linge a vesselle et ladeposechappewopelaieoke sur un blat, ou une assiette, ou on s'encriss...
Se péter la gueule a cause du gras sur le sol - p'tain faich, genre de zeremiquecommonpourraitdire- anyway le plancher sti de la puisine et essayer de se relever pour serass... -woyons- se rass... -s’ra pas long- serassss...ssayer. Pas grave.
Décider qu'on est aussi ben a terre, ah pis venir la pouteille debouisky, quins.
Ramper jusqu’au lit et torpir ziss un tipeu, polontan, issintipeupimouettkerect.
Le lendemain midi, manger la dinde froide avec une bonne mayonnaise et prendre l'après-midi pour nettoyer l'esti bordel que t'as fait dans l'cuisine la veille.

Happy party time

I wish you all a very nice Christmas time. I hope you enjoy. Thank you for reading this blog.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


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Open Space : still some work to do !

Tired of seeing your colleague, unoccupied, sitting on your desk ? “You’re upset, today ?”. Even more tired of inventing impossible strategies to escape from work before nightfall without hearing another colleague say “so you take your afternoon free ?”. Bad news : the open space, this place of work without walls, has nice days forward. Since 10 years, we don’t even talk about it anymore. It just is. Nobody’s talking about inventing a new space for work. Nevertheless, some associations try to open a debate. Some even write books about it “Must we close the open space ?” or “the open space killed me”. The book places the open space as a symbol of neo management, vaguely transparent, wrongfully without hang ups. The place smells like grilled nem and anyone can participate at the contest of the one who received the biggest quantity of mails, screaming in a falsely annoyed ton : “fuck, 350 mails !”. More than 60% of french firms made the decision of the open space. Benefits for the firm are not really proved, outside the feeling of the managers, convinced that their team won on efficiency. It’s because firms strongly believe that the open space is good for communication and dynamism. But studies show much more diverse realities. It depends of the activity of the company or the age of the employees. Sometimes we think, It’s only a question of costs (open space could allow a reduction of the costs of the square meter up to 10 to 40%) and ideology. Let’s reexaminate. The open space improves communication : for sure, we talk more to a colleague on an open floor than from a closed office to another. We scream more, too. And, talking about communication, don't be shy, we communicate also our stress. It’s what we call, the “cocktail effect”. Everybody’s talking louder because nobody can listen anyone. More exchanges, true, but not of a better quality. Studies show that walls, actually, improve communication at work because It allows intimacy and confidentiality. We mix people to whom we say “you must communicate” but if they open their mouth, they disturb everybody. Strangely, big companies, rich companies or advertising agencies, multiply closed spaces beside big open floors, in order to organize quiet meetings. For the poor ones, the option of the headset, the ipod or hearplugs are still available. That relies straight away to a very strong image of open communication ! The open space erases the hierarchical barriers : an office near the corridor ? you’re a trainee. Back on the window : congratulations for your promotion. The open space is sometimes assimilated to a democratic space : we share the adventure together. But we read very clearly the hierarchical links. The ones who have a portable computer are the ones we give the possibility to extract themselves from the community. The managers have a drawer, even if It is empty. Another example : a company, 450 employees, needed to move. After 30 years of closed offices, they had to move to an open space. The employees said no to the project. The manager said : It will be open space. But he showed some exemplariness : he has a totally transparent office with a opened door. The open space allows more to watch over : It’s the big success of the open space. It’s like the supervisor is in the middle of the star and the “prisoners”, able to be watched over at any time, interiorize this control. Meaning, we are always under the eyes and ears of everybody. And we are, as well, supervisor of the other ones. When your chief is not watching your screen, your colleagues do it for him. It is called the self watch over, It’s very economical and efficient. You have a conversation in an approximate English with a customer and your colleague thinks : “and he said on his CV, he’s fluent in English …”. But the full transparency can turn against its promoters. Because of the open space, people get used to bring a bit of their private life in the middle of their colleagues. It does not disturb very much anymore to see his neighbour, making a booking for holiday flight tickets at work. Maybe not that efficient, the open office. I wish you a good start in the week.

How to cook your gun

Read in the paper, this true story : a young policeman just made his semi-automatic Sig Pro gun melt, putting it in the oven to dry it ! After conscientiously having cleaned it, with soap water, then to have rinsed it, he put it in an electric oven, thermostat at 7. Called on the telephone, he let it there for about 20 minutes, before finding it back, melt, and completely out of use. The policeman explained that he was not the only one to act like this and he did It many times before, but for a shorter time (10 minutes), without noticing anything serious happened. Apparently, in any case, because invisible deformations of the gun’s carcass can appear, making Its use hazardous. This practice seemed to happen a lot with the previous gun of the police, the Mac 50. But there is a big difference between the two guns : the old one is in metal when the new one is in polymeric – a material that hardly can stand the heat of the oven !

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


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The strip security

The corporeal scanner arrives in France. After conquered the European airports, this security system of a new generation makes an entry in the hexagon. The city of Nice will start the adventure. What is it ? From the first sight, It’s a simple cabin inside the one, passengers who wish to take a flight, have to enter. This is about to replace the actual doors which ring when you have the bad idea of wearing a metal belt. With the corporeal scanner, no need to undress anymore, the machine does it for you. The scanner reveals the anatomy of the passengers thanks to a technic with waves. With this process that shows the passenger’s body, It’s almost impossible to hide something under the clothes. The advantage of this corporal scanner is in Its capacity to detect any type of metal or liquid, and not only iron. The procedure seems easy, the passenger enters in a cabin, arms up and then comes out. During time : 3 seconds. Forget the long queues and not so friendly corporal searching. But this machine brings a new type of problem. The passenger is completely naked. It shows the genitals, the breasts and can even show the implants. The one who will make the control of the images from Its cabin, will be able to watch everyone in Adam and Eve’s clothes. So, security or intimacy ? big dilemma. The first measures try to reassure the public. It’s only a test made with volunteers. Women will be checked by women and men by men. The genitals will be blurred. Images will be immediately deleted. Passengers will not have a long time the choice, anyway. If in France, we are only at the test phase, similar machines work already in London, Amsterdam, and in the United States. In the country of Puritanism, those machines were very badly accepted by the passengers. But this does not stop the government to extend those equipments. I don't exactly see where is the problem. When you go to the pool or at the beach, you are not so afraid to show the most erotic parts of yourself. And if you could even show more, you would. You do, anyway. Furthermore, do you really think that the guy on the other side of the screen will really pay attention to your penis ? Maybe sometimes he will be interested, and if It gives him nice idea to enjoy sex with his half at home, please have a closer look. I still think that if anything has to happen, It will. Simply by the fact, for example, that this kind of control is not made on the luggages ...

Monday, December 15, 2008


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My God ! My husband

It’s (almost) the classical story of conjugal betrayal : a woman surprises her husband cheating on her with a bimbo. She asks to divorce. Small detail : the bimbo is a virtual one. Can a couple can divorce after a fictitious adultery ? It’s apparently the case : A. and B. met themselves, thanks to an internet chat. They seemed to be happy in marriage. They share a passion for “Second Life”, a virtual universe. But destructive passion. Their marriage came to an end a few days ago when A. surprised her husband with another woman while surfing on “Second Life”. A. confirmed she saw her husband on a sofa in the arms of the unknown woman and they were doing together “things that need no comment”. Of course they were doing “it” by avatars. But A. felt herself betrayed. In « Second Life », to be able to make love, you need to buy your genitals. The avatars do not have all functionality at the start of the game and it exists an anatomical equipment to complete, available in different sizes and colours… Some buy penis that can ejaculate. Others take the urine option. Some others choose better to customize their testicles… In order to simulate a sexual intercourse, users control the moves of their character with the mouse. Of course, It looks like a video game : you see your avatar moving, its sex getting hard, its hands going on the other one’s body and bodies getting very close, but the moves stay very simple and all this, is happening on a screen, all at distance. It’s only a visual pleasure, very near of watching porn. The difference is that behind every avatar, there is always a real person. Avatars exchange often nice words together (appearing on top of their head). Sometimes they even speak together (like on the telephone) through microphone. Exchanges are real, even though intercourses are simulated. It happens that users masturbate during those meetings … It is nevertheless impossible to undress an avatar if its owner disagrees. Rapes are so not possible in this virtual game. But some cases of zoophile have been declared and some players condemned for their immorality. Regarding cases of adultery, they are so many that we don’t pay attention anymore : what’s more common than a sex affair in 3D ? the news is that it brings couples to divorce in real life. For the puritans, principal is a woman is unfaithful at the time she thinks at another man than her husband. And men are bastards when they look at a nice girl on the street. So poor those who masturbate wtaching porn ! And what about those who have wet dreams ? When they wake up, full of remorses, they go straight running to church, to confess a mistake they believe they are guilty of… “I betrayed my partner in dreams !”. And even though they would jump over, where would be the mistake ? I know some couples who have an exemplary faithful life : they collect sexual partners as if they were sexual toys. They choose together their lovers, who have to accept the name of the game and to play their role in the erotic scenario with, for example, the shared woman, or the rented one. Sometimes they play the contrary when the wife “gives” her husband. The more they have sex (with many others), the more they love each other (husband and wife). The more they trust each other, the more they become one. It seems to me that there is not a big difference between the virtual copulation and the fantasy of sex together with many others : when it comes to internet or a private sex party, we meet the people in a strict setting with precise rules. I give you pleasure and you give me pleasure in return. After that, I switch off the computer (or “thank you, goodbye, that was cool) and I’m joining now (in the real life) the one who is my beloved, my heart, my angel, my life.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hot Fuzz

I like very much british comedy and Hot Fuzz is no exception. Mostly because It is never what you expect. Reading the plot, you think "well, another action movie, not really interesting". Wrong, action, yes I agree but with a sense of humor that is much appreciated. Nicholas Angel is the finest cop London has to offer, with an arrest record 400% higher than any other officer on the force. He's so good, he makes everyone else look bad. As a result, Angel's superiors send him to a place where his talents won't be quite so embarrassing -- the sleepy and seemingly crime-free village of Sandford. Once there, he is partnered with the well-meaning but overeager police officer Danny Butterman. The son of amiable Police Chief Frank Butterman, Danny is a huge action movie fan and believes his new big-city partner might just be a real-life "bad boy," and his chance to experience the life of gunfights and car chases he so longs for. Angel is quick to dismiss this as childish fantasy and Danny's puppy-like enthusiasm only adds to Angel's growing frustration. However, as a series of grisly accidents rocks the village, Angel is convinced that Sandford is not what it seems and as the intrigue deepens, Danny's dreams of explosive, high-octane, car-chasing, gunfighting, all-out action seem more and more like a reality. It's time for these small-town cops to break out some big-city justice.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


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I know what you did last summer

53% of the French mess around during summer : not very nice … Summer seems to chase all inhibitions of the French. That’s what comes out of a survey, stating that more than half of the French took liberties with morality last summer. 23% of the questioned people in France confirmed they took drugs and 16% being unfaithfull, 4% stole accessories from hotels (come on, we’re not the only ones) and the same percentage didn’t declare everything at the frontier. 3% indicated they drove drunk, 2% didn’t pay some of their drinks and 1% having being rude with inhabitants of a country.
Ouarf. More than half of the tourists would like that pets were more accepted in touristics places. 49% of the tourists having a pet travel with it so It’s not alone at home, survey from tripadvisor.To take the dog or the cat on holidays, tourists rent a house (34%) or go the hotel (24%). 85% use their car and only 36% fly with their pet. The percentage of pet’s owner who abandoned their dog on the road is not mentioned in this study.
All is good : When they talk about where to go on holiday, 93% of the couples agree, says Only 7% confirm having difficulties. Then, when the choice is made, 47% prepare the trip together. 42% of the women declare to take care of the research and the reservation when only 5% give the whole thing to their man.
Shame. American and French tourists are the more iritating ones, again source from tripadvisor, questioning 9000 international travelers. With respectively 18% and 12%. German (10%), British (6%) and Chinese (6%) complete this top 5. What tourists despise the most, arrive on top : children who give foot in the seat. Uncomfortable seats come next and then the ones who talk too loud on the phone. The ones who block the alley in the plane, is also mentioned, when they try to put their luggage and the ones who keep for themselves the arm of the chair.
Crazy. 46% declared not having spent once a lazy morning in bed on holidays, says 36% can’t sleep longer than normal and 10% even put the alarm clock to avoid oversleep.
Good news (for us). Among the 5145 interrogated people for Opinionway in the world, France obtains 19% of the answers before the United States (17%), Australia (13%), Italy (12%) and Spain (9%). We find the best scores in China and Russia. For 41% of the Chinese, France is also the country of leisure and Art de Vivre are the best represented. 25% of the Russians think the same. In Germany, Japan and Mexico, France obtains satisfying points with 17% of the answers in each of the three countries. On the contrary, the less points are obtained in the United States and Great Britain, with only a small 7% in both cases.
It’s ugly being jealous.


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From Romania, with food and rythm

You know, people always say women should be thin
They should be on diet, But I don't care
I just enjoy eating!
I like my coffee with a lot of cream
I like to eat late at night
I like scrambled eggs after a sweet dream
I like potatoes deep fried
I like some sugar in my lemonade
I like hot chicken wings
I like thick cheesecake, but homemade
I like the long-lasting lunch break
Give me the food, I said give me the food
Give me no fruit if you love me
Give me the food, I said give me the food
Give me no fruit if you love me
Some girls may think, "This chick's a little big,"Slim girls don't understand--I don't care
Some guys may say, "It's her curves that I dig"
They like the tight pants that I wear
I am Romanian
I love to eat
It's in my genes
I can't control
Look at my curvaceous curves Those models can't compete
I am a woman
No skinny doll
Give me the food, I said give me the food
Give me no fruit if you love me
Give me the food, I said give me the food
Give me no fruit if you love me
Give me the food, I said give me the food
Give me no fruit if you love me
Give me the food, I said give me the food
Give me no fruit if you love me
You know, people say women should only eat yogurt and strawberries
Ha ha ha ha!
They say a lot of things, but you know--I don't care what people Say about my weight
So if you want to take Me out for a date
Make sure there is enough
Good food on my plate
And maybe I'll let you get
A taste of my cake
Give me the food, I said give me the food
Give me no fruit if you love me
Give me the food, I said give me the food
Give me no fruit if you love me

Miss Platnum - give me the food


I can't help myself going in new places. Again, the choice in the city is so wide that It never ends. Sometimes bad, sometimes good, It's still interesting to try new things. Last evening, I had an appointment with a friend. We don't see each other a lot, though we live, maybe let's say 20 minutes from each other, but you know, life keeps us busy. Nevertheless, everytime we meet, we want it special, just to enjoy the moment, the good wine, and smoking cigs without having to face the cold outside. So the criterias are : a place we never been to, where they have a choice of red wine, not too far for us to reach, where we can smoke. My friend suggests first to go to Chritsmas markets and drink Glühwein, but I'm not a big fan. And the weather is cold so, just the idea of staying outside drinking, makes me uncomfortable. Second option was Luzia in Kreuzberg. (just noticing It's snowing again !). It is in one of the most crowded street of the area, Oranienstrasse. I like very much this street for Its multi-culti aspects and I love the bar. I noticed It many times when I was passing by but never went into. It has the space and they make no compromise in their choices, meaning that It does not look like any other place where everyone has to fit the picture. You can like it, you can't. I personally do and my friend as well, all this spontaneously. Can't explain, we were just happy to be there. Beside the good atmosphere and energy, you can find your beloved spot. The café is done in a way that you can be in the passage, at the bar, a bit comfy on the other side, you can be higher than anyone (if you're courageous enough to climb the ladder), or watching the movements of the street on the platform. We were in the middle, sitting lazy in armchairs. We ordered the portuguese (light) wine and that was fine. I find the people who serve very friendly and smiling, and that makes a lot. I recognize some faces already seen, so I guess if they go at the same places I'm visiting, this is a good sign. Of course, there is the "I'm here and I'm cool and you recognize me and I recognize you" factor but who cares ? You just feel yourself very much OK in this bar. I read you can have something to eat until late afternoon and cocktails at night while hearing DJ's sets. Next time.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Chez Gino and Sofia

I had 2 weeks ago an argument with one of my colleague at work. This is not good, I know. But sometimes, for whichever reason, you just can't help it. It always starts stupidly, for a thing very little and simple, and suddenly, It's the clash. Then comes shame and because you have to handle the situation the best you can, you try to put back the pieces together. Normally I don't feel myself threatened personally, individually, when something like that happens at work. But this time was different and because I didn't see myself guilty, found that the reaction was far too important in proportion regarding the fact, so I needed my explanation. I don't like having it at the workplace and I believe, in order to have a good understanding, going outside is a good option. We settled an evening dinner together. It can be hell to stay so long in front of someone you have problems with and It can, on the contrary, be too short if you find a nice place to enjoy the meal together with the conversation. That's why the place you choose is important. Some easy and nice looking place, not too far from each other's home, where you know the food is good and not too expensive, and where the wine selection is worth the journey. Among the choice we have in Berlin, the selected one for this evening was "Chez Gino", in Kreuzberg, in Wranglerstrasse. You enter in the bar where you can have a drink to share with your friends, welcomed by the smiling staff. "Chez Gino" has nothing to do with an italian, despite of the name. It's just that the owner, when he took over the restaurant, never changed the name. So don't call the guy at the entrance "Hey Gino, how are you today ?" to make your entrance. You'll lose. If you did not book your table, there is a big chance you will have to look for another location. Second option : because the tables are mostly for 4 or 6 people, you can request the waitress to share a table with some other guests, of course with their approval. It happened to us : one guy alone asked if he could have dinner at our table. He opened his laptop and I hope he could not follow our conversation in french. It's not a big restaurant but It's the kind of place you're just happy to go to. It has this atmosphere of warm easy going moment. And once you open the menu, you enjoy even more. There is a mix of german and french cuisine which is surprising for a german table. Meaning you can order there some rabbit with polenta (my colleague took it), some blood sausage with mash potatoes (I took it). German cuisine has all the makings of perfect comfort food: potatoes, stews, spätzle with melted cheese, flammkuchen (a sort of pizza/flatbread) and so much more. But much German cooking is uninspired and unflavorful. "Chez Gino" works at undoing the wrongs of so many herb and spice wary cooks of yore and presents some of the finest southern German cooking around. Instead of a flammkuchen with the normal speck and onion combination, "Chez Gino" offers one with arugula and delicately cured meat. And while one can hardly go wrong with potatoes and mushrooms, the restaurant offers a more interesting twist with truffled sweet potatoes. The food is always solidly interesting, but never too playful and over-the-top. And the slightly kitschy forest themed wallpaper, as well as the occasional celebrity, reminds you that you’re in Berlin and not Baden. And when you get the possibility to entertain with the 3 cooks, you understand the whole thing : they are from different countries and work together, inventing delicious cooking (can't recall exactly where they're borned, but I'm pretty sure there is a French among them). Then he carries on if the owner decided to sing in the center of the room. Associated to this delicious meal, the conversation went well and the situation went positively in the right direction. So it was time for another glass of Bourgogne. We paid directly at the bar and left a good tip. And because we could not leave each other like that, we decided to have a drink "for the road" as we say. Thirsty a little bit and not in the mood of going far away, why not stepping just opposite the restaurant, in the bar Sofia ? good idea, as I remember, this bar was kind of sad, not particularly welcoming and without a wide range of drinks to suggest. But the owner changed and without making big work, the clientele comes from the neighbourhood (any kind of age, or social environment) and now It's full all evening. Parties are sometimes happening and everyone is smiling. The place is small so It's easy to start talking with the ones seating next to you or ask them to pass the next drinks because you just can't move from where you are. It's a not a nice bar, It's very smoky, toilets are worth the visit but you just enjoy being there and part of the crowd. So after a few more drinks and cigs, It was really time to go back home. Next (early) morning, we both felt dizzy, I must say. But the good point is : problem solved. Back to work again.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Duchess

The Duchess is a costume drama film based on Amanda Foreman's best-selling biography of the scandalous, 18th-century English aristocrat Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire. It was released in September 2008 in the UK. Originally to be directed by Susanne Bier. The Duchess was directed by Saul Dibb. Set at the end of the eighteenth century, The Duchess is based on the life of Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire. While her beauty and charisma made her name, her extravagant tastes and appetite for gambling and love made her infamous. Married young to the older, distant Duke of Devonshire, intimate of ministers and princes, Georgiana became a fashion icon, a doting mother, a shrewd political operator and darling of the common people. But at the core of the story is a desperate search for love. The film delves into Georgiana’s passionate and doomed affair with Earl Grey and the complex love triangle with her husband and her best friend, Lady Bess Foster. I have the movie in 2 parts with subtitles in whatever language but It's not disturbing. Enjoy The Duchess part 1 and The Duchess part 2.


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Time goes by now very quickly, I noticed. It is a real luxury (and pleasure) to let time go by, listening music, making a new coffee, watching snow melting from the roof windows. Yes, It started to snow in Berlin this week. The Christmas markets will soon open. It’s every year the same. You’re expecting Christmas season to begin and you enjoy as much when It ends because you just can’t stand it anymore. Last week, after being to the pool on Friday evening because It was closed during the week-end (championships) I went with a friend at Grosse Freiheit. It was packed as usual but though a lot of people come there for sex, I still enjoy having a drink (or more) from time to time because It is unformal, the drinks are cheap and you can smoke. Saturday, a friend called to ask to join her for dinner because she had friends coming from abroad but I answered I’d rather join them a bit after for a drink. We all met at the Avastar Bar in Kreuzberg, where they play live music and after a while, the mood went up and we decided to join the party of the day at Aquaritter's “15 Jahre Pyonen”. This a place that you don’t know It exists in the city until you’re among the happy few who know the place and give you the tip. I went for the first time last year for the 5 years anniversary party of Moebel Olfe and I remember, I already found the place amazing. It is an old factory, empty on the ground floor and party events happen there once in a while. It’s written nowhere when something is happening. Nevertheless It’s always a success because hundreds of people arrive to enjoy. It’s friendly until people get too drunk or drugged, as usual, and after a while there is so many people in the places (two dance floors and a lounge), you can’t even go though the (tiny) doors. You get the feeling to fight to have your way. The music was amazing and I was ready to stay longer but unfortunately one of the guys took ecstasy, was high for a time and then was down, and really down. His girlfriend began to get angry, she could not find her man in the crowd anymore, we got involved, we were quickly fed up and so It was time to go home, the mood was gone. I put the girls in a taxi and reached my bed. Sunday was planned a nice evening at the Volksbühne. When I was living at the corner, I never went but always had the idea, one day, to attend a show. Most of them are theatre, that I avoid because of the language, but this time It was modern dance, in English. A mix of dance and dialogs. The motto of the piece can be resumed with the word of Rivane Neuenschwander “I try to exercise loss, but that does not necessarily mean that I am able to accept it”. From my point of view, who have no special skills to understand what’s on the stage, I did not understand spontaneously and It was a bit difficult, though interesting and I liked Maybe Forever. We were lucky enough sometimes, to have some live music of Niko Hafkenscheid, though melancholic folk, which brought distraction. I agree that the mood was rather sad and with the weather now in Berlin, almost always grey, It did not add any colours in our life. I loved the first act, though almost completely dark that hurt my eyes, but I found the music good and this dance of two bodies joining and separating each other, well done. Then comes the live music and the second part starts, and you understand that the rest of the piece will be the quest of two lovers, who try to recall their past love without success. “Can you make wishes ? can we do it together, so we don’t need to listen to each other”. Then the next week began with all its everyday worries and It started to snow on Thursday, inauguring the winter season, that I officially declare open because now It is really cold and windy. Time to make new coffee.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


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Wedding canceled because of intrusive stepmother. Italian justice considered that it is a sufficient and legitimate motive. After separation, ex-husband is thinking of having his next wife orphan. The Italian obtained the cancelation of his wedding because his stepmother too obsessive behaviour. The 36 old man explained in front of the religious tribunal from Salerne that he concluded, before the weddingm a pact with his to-be spouse, stating that his step-mother should not interfere with the couple’s decisions. From his point of view, this pact has not been respected, the mother of the spouse interfering too much in their life. On this basis, the religious tribunal allowed the cancelation, validated by the civil tribunal. “Wedding last only 4 months but It was hell. I thought stories about mean step-mothers were only legends but I was obliged to change my mind” tells the man. “After our breaking, I even thought of finding a mother orphan mother”. “My mother is not an intrusive one, only a mother who takes care of her daughter” answers the ex-wife. “My ex-husband never took care of me, neither of my daughter. The months that last our union have been terrible because of the unacceptable behaviour of the man who should have loved me and respected me".
Comment … : The husband was wrong not to fuck the step-mother !

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


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Body language

It's a fact that our taste changes along the years. I understand that on the internet, you find more youngish school boys, skinny, bonny and without hair than normally builded muscular guys. It's probably their success is due that after 40, you start to look veeeery far away your youth and sometimes you even want to play the daddy when boys look for a sugar daddy. This frontier of 40 is amazing. I'm part of it now and really happy about it. Frankly said, best time of my life, ever (if you avoid the every-days issues, of course). I mean, It's not that easy to climb my 5 floors stairs and I go up to my roof sloooowly. And I'm always out of breathe when I put the key in the door. Ok, I know I'm a heavy tar smoker and I should stop soon if I want to keep on breathing, simply as that. But when I meet my neighbour at the entrance door, dog in the arms, he still climbs the stairs 2 by 2. This is a perfect moment for me to say just a few words and let him pass before me. When you're at the start of your active life, professionnaly and sexualy, once you become on your own assuming yourself, you start to learn about life and do not pretend to be a physical God because you don't need to. It's natural. That's probably what hurts when we spend hours at the gym to keep yourself in good shape and never reach the point when you can say yourself : yep, I'm done. And when you meet a guy you're attracted to, does it mean you want to have him or you envy him by its casual look that makes you shiver ? Actually both. That's why you want to go further. This is a very gay attitude. No straight man would think the same looking at a woman. He wants to touch the tits, no to have them. It is still nevertheless much appreaciated when you receive compliments from someone looking at you and starts the conversation. It might be a way to approach you but It feels very good inside. All these efforts for, at least, something, even if you're not interested in the guy. Just because of that, you'll give him a chance ... to talk to you. But the body has Its limits. There is a certain point, whatever you will try, outside medication let's say, your body will refuse to go. My English friend used to say to me that I am "above average". I guess from her mouth, It's a compliment but It surely says that, although in pretty good shape "for my age", I'm not the one you will stare at, saying yourself "this one's not for me, he won't even look at me, I'm invisible". Possibly not true. It's a matter of attraction. My German friend M. is dating since a couple of weeks a man I would never thought, would have give him a glance. But actually this man finds my friend incredibly attractive. So I'm happy for both of them, of course. I say that, with the years, like your body is evolving continuously, your taste follows. When I was younger, I was even skinnier than I am today. I had no stereotypes in mind neither men I absolutly wanted as mine. I just let it flow and sometimes It worked, sometimes not. I was in a long-term relationship pretty young without even thinking of it and was happy about it. So my experience is not as a consumer but more likely as a voyeur. Watching my so called friends back in those years, I must say I never envied them. When they were turning around my man, I showed my claws and they got afraid. This is jealousy, which is a bad feeling. You can't help it and it hurts. I am more relax now and I'd trust the man I'd be with, enough to remind him I'm the one in charge and going to watch on the other side of the mirror is not recommended. The pact is settled and once It's said, let's live happily for the time It lasts. Now that I am on the "wrong" side of aging, I notice my taste does not go to younger people. I feel comfy with men of my own age. I was at a housewarming party the other day where men and women from their early 20's to past 40 (me, I'm almost always the oldest one) were there. That bitch in the kitchen, already drunk, maybe 20, while I was pouring me another drink, asked me : "how old are you ?" "42" "Oh, no, It can't be true, so ooooooooold, and you haven't any children ? Berlin does you good". I took it bad, you can imagine, but It made me realize as well the gap there is between the youngs and people my age. I am happy to say that experience and life in general teaches you good things and particularly not to snap the face of an hysterical young girl. It teaches you as well that sometimes, you have to let it go because you know inside yourself, you're better than her because you learned. Young have everything to learn, specifically attitudes, when you in the middle of the crowd, you just enjoy your time, at least the rest of it. Now my body changed in a normal shape and I never was interested in big muscled guys because they are not reachable. Understand me well : not that reachable, sexwise, but because I'll never reach their goal at the gym. It's like the fantasy of this man from the 70's, beautifully naturally muscular, a man body with hairs, who is transformed today in a body building too tanned without hairs, anywhere. That is to say, I evoluated another way. Lucky me, I don't have to train too much and keep eating and drinking as I please. It's a fact that when you try to reach the target of being like the other ones, you always want more, and in the end when the 6 packs abs are on your body, you have no other solution than to carry on : good luck. And at the disco, when they all take off their t-shirt, I feel sad because they all look the same : booooring. And definitely not an inch of sex-appeal. Come on, Babe, let's grab another drink with a lot of sugar, when the other athlets will drink only water (pills, maybe ?). Avoiding competition, you want to meet someone who is rather likely like you because you don't have to admire his body in front of the mirror along the day. And please, go out of this bathroom ! I guess all this gym culture perverts in a way the gay culture because you always want to look better, younger, healthier, when you do perfectly fine with the things your genes gave you.

Monday, November 10, 2008


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I am not afraid of meeting men. I am not afraid neither to ask them to go out. I am not afraid of going out with a nice guy whenever I meet one. I am not afraid of inviting him at home and spend the rest of the afternoon / night / week-end at home if it’s worth to. I am afraid of what comes next. As long as it is a sex story, all fine. We went last night to “warm up” at Laboratory (under Berghain, only for men and dress code to pay attention of) and there you can have sex just because you’re there and you’ve come for that. Then we ended up at Berghain because I was bored and I don’t like darkroom. It’s dark (!!) and I like to see and learn about people than meeting his dick. People seem sad and consuming flesh without feelings makes me cry. This guy I met the other day : I asked him to come out of the metro as I had to change station, just because he smiled and I decided spontaneously to give it a try. And it worked. He followed, quick chit chat, he’s a tourist so it’s a one night stand. We went out together last night and it went very well. He just left and I can’t help thinking “what if …?”. It’s not “could he be the one ?” because even if we can go well along together we live in opposite worlds. His travel book testifies. Even if it does not happen very often, when it does, it hurts in the end but can’t help doing it. Just for the pleasure of it, feeling man flesh and breathing it. I don’t bite unless I’m asked to, but discovering a new body, weaknesses and pleasures, is a great source of satisfaction. On the contrary, if you promise to call back, I expect you to do it. The other time, another guy starts to talk to me at the supermarket. Nice chat on the way home and we gave each other our phone number. He said “I’ll call you, promise”, and never did. I talked about it at an evening dinner with German and they confirmed what I thought. First, men are afraid to discover themselves. Letting someone entering your world does not seem an option and that explains certainly why sex places are famous here. No talk, no self confidence, no strings attached. Next, please. Second, men think that on the next corner, another guy will fit better the tasks list. So, as a “guy next door”, you have no chance. After a while, you just don’t think about him anymore, nevertheless, there is a feeling of betrayal, somehow. Strangely, I noticed in my personal life, betrayal is part of it. I’ve been through it many times when I never thought this could happen to me. How can someone you trust can hurt you for his own purpose ? I’m learning everyday and even if I do mistakes, I assume and sometimes, apologize. It seems that 2008 will end up with less friends than in the beginning of the year, sadely, but on the other hand, new friendship begins. So, is this only an everlasting start ? People come and go in your life and only a “happy few” remain with you forever ? I know we are all in constant evolution, so I guess after a while with some people, the recipe is not functioning anymore. Even at work, sometimes, you have to be so diplomatic, taking care of not hurting your colleagues. But It ends always the same. For whichever reason, one day you just say what you think, or you ask a task to be done with the wrong words or ton. When everything should go simply, human has this ability to bounce in your face what is less expected. Creating a temper at work is traumatic. And when you know you stay with those people the biggest part of your day, taking care of your feelings is “hard work” and takes a lot of energy. And you don’t see those events appear. But I’ll manage. Life is not work. What counts is what you make outside. Berlin, at this very moment, is strangely warm, 15°C, which is for us unusual. Normally at this period of the year, I remember having seen snow. The city starts slowly (but surely) to prepare itself for Christmas and It’s a drama. People begins to think about it when we still have a lot of time to organize the party and the gifts. Let’s open a window again for a little while and breathe some evening's fresh air.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Things you can tell ...

This is one of my favorite movie, ever. I find in it so much of our suburban life, things we live everyday and can't explain. It is strange how life in the city is so different. Is it really the big city that makes us so confused and feeling sometimes lonely ? Anyway, very nice portraits of women, wonderfully interpreted. I like as well when the characters, normally without any connection possible, meet each other by chance. "Exquisitely acted…an understated eloquent film." -The New York Times. Touching, compelling and original, Things you can tell only by looking at her spins a brilliant tapestry of interwoven vignettes. Starring Oscar winner Holly Hunter, five time Oscar nominee Glenn Close, Golden Globe winner Calista Flockhart (Ally McBeal) and Golden Globe nominees Cameron Diaz (Charlie's Angels), Amy Brenneman (Judging Amy) and Kathy Baker (Picket Fences), this "really special film" ("Ebert & Roeper and the Movies") is an absolute "triumph" (Mirabella). In the heart of L.A., six extraordinary women have come to an emotional crossroads: A talented young detective (Brenneman) struggles with loneliness, an ambitious bank manager (Hunter) contemplates motherhood, and a successful doctor (Close) confronts her spiritual emptiness. At the same time, a blind teacher (Diaz) searches for love, a middle-aged writer (Baker) grapples with prejudice, and a gifted fortune-teller (Flockhart) grieves for her dying lover. Poised between fear and hope, each woman must weigh the choices she's made - in order to meet the future unfolding before her.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


The concert given by Hélène Grimaud at berghain and organized by Yellow Lounge was amazing as expected. Mostly Bach was played that evening and the place, though an old electricity factory, gave Its soul to the music. The light show which went with it added to the atmosphere. Lucky us the two bars of the first floor were opened and the smoking lounge as well. So this was a good suprise and I will return anytime soon. Tonight is 2-4-1 at the bar in my area. Himmelreich is a cosy friendly gay bar and because Friedrichshain is not that touristic as Mitte, you have good chances only to meet people of the neighbourhood. Friends called earlier to ask me If we could meet for a couple of drinks, so I might join. No heated terrace tonight as the weather is foggy since 3 days but the smoking room in the back is big enough to allow us to be all together. Maybe until late.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Hélène Grimaud

This evening at the Yellow Lounge will play Hélène Grimaud with DJ's Canisius and Mclyntock and guess where ? at berghain. Because she is in Berlin, Hélène Grimaud will also play her piano at the Philarmonie a few days later, November 10th. I personaly think today is more interesting because we have no clue of the program and especially with the mix with electronic music. I guess the live act will be worth and I expect, despite the bad weather, a lot of people waiting outside. The location is of course amazing if you don't know it already and if they use the sound system, the evening is full of promises. Hopefully the bar is open too.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


It's the beginning of the month, everyone's got paid, It's time to start the party tour. Tonight Klub International celebrates its 9th birthday. This is pretty long for a party in Berlin but It is true, the location is exceptional, big enough to find your style... or to travel rooms and bars to make a change and see different people. Last year their birthday, I must say, It was worth the visit.

Friday, October 31, 2008


Though for us It does not mean a lot of things, Halloween is another reason to launch a party. Tonight, friends of friends organize an evening in a bar in Kreuzberg. I know those people crazy enough to prepare something interesting so of course I'm in. I know the bar because I drive by a lot of times and if it is the one I'm thinking of, It's a nice one. Truly said, It's my first Halloween party. Can't wait.


I heard tonight should happen something. So when you come back tonight after a long party, a bit drunk, watch Hellbent. It's a gay scary movie. Funny. Hellbent is a scary, sexy, funny thrill-ride through a wild Halloween night in West Hollywood where chiseled gay boys become the target of a sickle-wielding serial killer. Don't watch this one alone! Hellbent is out to scare, titillate and entertain the bejesus out of you. Possibly the first gay horror/slasher movie, we find that a deranged serial killer is on the loose in West Hollywood and he's got a taste for hunky homos. It's Halloween night and, despite the news of a grisly double beheading of two guys tricking in the park, four gay friends prepare for a wild night of partying. Out for a night on the town are gorgeous but insecure Eddie (newcomer Dylan Fergus) dressed as a cop; his butch cowboy hat-wearing buddy Chaz (Andrew Levitas); the young Joey (Hank Harris), scantily-clad and chained as a sex slave; and the leggy Tobey (Matt Phillips), dolled-up as a big-haired gal. They wander the hunk-filled streets and sweat-drenched clubs, and Eddie meets the boy of his dreams — the sultry, motorcycling Jake (Bryan Kirkwood. They remain oblivious, however, to the lurking danger of the devilish killer stalking their every move. Oblivious, that is, until the killer’s sickle starts chopping away at them! Who lives, who gets it (and remember, characters in horror films should never have hot ‘n heavy sex — it only infuriates the sexually frustrated villain!) are slowly revealed in this vastly entertaining flick which will keep you on the edge of your seats. With a dynamic soundtrack, a bevy of gorgeous half-naked guys, a wry humor and a knowing understanding of the horror classics like Halloween and Nightmare on Elm Street, Hellbent will keep you enthralled until the last drop of blood.


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I like very much street art. I remember last December (I found back the picture) I pictured "Vive la bourgeoisie" from the artist SP38. I'm happy to find art in the streets because It makes me question, that I wouldn't do at no other time because I don't go often in museums or gallery. I'm happy to find an exhibition of this artist at the gallery Anyway and guess what, It's so near my place, I guess I'll go passing by.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


As you already know, I like short films. Backroom comes from Spain, not really new but like they say, there are things that never change. I like particularly this one because It's universal. That is, when you are in a back (or dark-) room, most of the time if your brain is not switches off by your dick shouting out loud, this short film shows to you what we're thinking. Even if there is an opportunity, we let it go, thinking (wrongly at the most) that the next one will be soooooooo much better (looking, sex, attractive, whatever, fill the gap). And you end up alone, drunk, unsatisfied, starving for a blow job when you're alone in your bed masturbating yourself. Finding love can be difficult, but surely a backroom on a Saturday night is the last place you should go looking for it. Certainly the men in this Spanish short seem to be searching for just one thing and it clearly isn't a boyfriend - or is it? For in this realistic depiction of backroom life, we get to hear the inner thoughts of those whose need for sex see them seek out that area of a club, that is but an indoor cruising ground. And yet and inspite of the subject under discussion, male nudity is seldom on view in a piece that is more akin to a cinematic representation of lust and if anything, loneliness. Yes it's all very seedy, but how could it be otherwise, as we view the scene through the eyes of Iván, a backroom virgin who "shouldn't have come," turns to go, but instead finds himself being serviced bottom end up as this short rapidly heads to its sexual climax. Thankfully along the way director Morales sets the atmosphere rather nicely, mixing a throbbing club sound with images of men of all ages and types who cruise a maze of dark corridors that whilst new to some, are more than familiar territory to those ever on the lookout for fresh meat. In between such carnal encounters, Morales injects a series of cutting comments, questioning if the mens' boyfriends or for that matter their girlfriends, know where they are? Yet the most poignant words come from an older man who looked upon in disgust by the local stud, offers the biting remark that "when you're my age and they look at you with the same eyes that you look at me - then you'll see." For the star of the show is the narrative itself, as voiceover after voiceover aptly conveys the reality of the situation and how for some men, kissing on the lips is a no-go area, after all "who does he think I am - his boyfriend?" Yet that is the bottom line here, given not everyone present is looking for sex, only do those men have the courage to voice their need for love and affection in such a soulless environment? A telling work indeed. Screened in Great Britain as part of the 15th London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, It obtaines many awards : 2001 AWARDS 1999 Alcalá de Henares Short Film Festival 'Caja de Madrid' Award for Best Editing - Joan Manel Vilaseca 2000 Barcelona Curt Ficcions Best Short Film Award 2000 Dresden Film Festival Best Short Film - Honourable Mention 2000 Málaga Spanish Film Festival Best Short Film Award 2000 Stockholm Film Festival Best Short Film Award 2001 Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival Jury Award - Best Short Film.

Monday, October 27, 2008


This is the first retrospective exhibition of the work of the American star photographer Richard Avedon since his death in 2004. Many epoch-making and pioneering pictures are on show: the picture of the famous model Dovima, posing amidst sawdust and hay between elephants in an haute-couture creation, was revolutionary and ground-breaking in 1948; the 9.5 x 3 m. group portrait of “Andy Warhol and the members of the Factory” from 1969, where Avedon was able to bring out the individual personalities in the group; and the picture of Charles Chaplin, forming devil’s horns on his forehead and waving goodbye to McCarthyism’s USA with his gaze. Also included are Avedon’s characteristic dancing model shots with the most fêted photo models of the day, for example Twiggy and Veruschka.Especially interesting for the venue in Berlin, in the year of the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall, Avedon’s series from New Year’s Evening 1989 will be shown in the exhibit. Avedon traveled to Berlin on the sole purpose of photographing this extraordinary historical situation and the reaction of the people.For more than 50 years Richard Avedon was one of the biggest names in the fashion industry, with a star status that he maintained throughout the years, and he was the first to break down the barrier between so-called serious and non-serious photography. He made a name as early as the 1950s as the world’s leading fashion photographer and was employed by the American magazine Harpers Bazaar, later by Vogue, then in 1992 ended up as the weekly New Yorker’s first regular staff photographer.In parallel with the fashion photography, Avedon also worked with dark, emotionally charged portraits, and along with the photographer Irving Penn transformed portrait photography in the twentieth century; but whereas Penn’s portraiture was considerate and attentive, Avedon’s was radical and intense.Avedon created an endless succession of portraits of statesmen, artists, actors and actresses. And wherever one usually has a fixed image of a person, with his photographs he shatters the picture-postcard icon and shows a portrait that provides food for thought – it may be of legendary film stars like Katherine Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart, Brigitte Bardot, Marilyn Monroe or the great stars of the silent film – Buster Keaton and Charles Chaplin – or of personalities ranging as wide as Karen Blixen, Truman Capote, Henry Kissinger, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Edward Kennedy, The Beatles and Francis Bacon. The retrospective exhibition features more than 250 photographs, demonstrating the scope of Avedon’s production, from the glamorous world of fashion through the more psychological portraits to reportage-oriented shots. The first photograph in the exhibition was taken in 1946, when Avedon went to Rome and Sicily just after World War II, and the last photograph in the exhibition is of the singer Björk, taken less than four months before Avedon’s sudden death. In general, the presentation of the photographs in the exhibition is chronological, drawing selectively on picture series where Avedon concentrated on a particular range of themes, subjects or events – from travel pictures to almost registrative pictures of his dying father. Photographs from the “New York Life” reportage series from 1949 – a work commissioned by Life magazine, which Avedon at the time ended up not submitting to the magazine, and from which he first showed selections forty years later in his own book “An Autobiography” – can be seen in the exhibition. The series points forward to other reportages shown in the exhibition as well as portrait series for which Avedon has later become famous, including “In the American West”, photos from 17 of the USA’s westernmost states in the period 1979–84, a work commissioned by The Amon Carter Museum in Fort Worth, Texas. Out of 752 portrait shots Avedon selected 124 black-and-white photographs of people who fall outside the normal social order. While it is usually politicians, celebrities and well-off people who are portrayed in the tradition of the representative portrait, the powerful have here been replaced with the powerless. Richard Avedon was awarded the Swedish Hasselblad Prize for photography in 1991.The exhibit has been shown at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebœk, the International Centre for Photography, Milan, and the Jeu de Paume, Paris. Following the Martin-Gropius-Bau, the exhibit will be shown at FOAM Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam and at the SFMOMA, San Francisco. Part of the European Month of Photography Berlin. Richard Avedon – Photographs 1946–2004. A RetrospectiveVenue : Martin-Gropius-Bau, 19 October 2008 to 19 January 2009.