Monday, March 31, 2008


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I am still in the phase where everything is to be discovered and I enjoy it everytime. I have this little snap in the heart when I notice a place I want to go to, passing by slowly with the bike and "come on, go there, have a drink" and then I'm in. I discovered this area of Berlin because I visited a flat there (I'd like to move someday and I looooooove visiting flats). I always do the same : making an appointment, not to be in a hurry, arriving early so I can smell the heart of the district. And in this one I was not disapointed at all. Last Friday evening, nothing much to do so because the weather was warm enough for the journey I went in Kreuzberg. I remember the first time I came in Berlin I was listening to people who told "never go there, It's dangerous, only foreign people (to be polite, and I'm a foreigner too !), bla bla bla". It is said here that Kreuzberg is the second biggest city of ... Turkey !Since then I made up my own mind and keep on believing It's everywhere the same : It's not because you are in a beautiful district that you can feel safer. I prefer to have prostitutes round my corner (strangely It happened to me many times while I moved). Why : just because there is always traffic : cars, men, police, ... . Instead of living in a bourgeois (passé, daaaaarling, so passé-bourgeois) in a place where everyone locks his door around 6.00 p.m. and even the dog is afraid to pee outside. Well, anyway I started with a nice glass of wine at Room 77. Very cosy place : sofas everywhere, babyfoot, flipper, wine (only one choice but a good one and fresh enough), international people at the bar and around 1.00 a.m. : a concert. This time was a 3 men's group who played some north african music and It was a good surprise. After that I said I'll come back at Graefestrasse. And I did ... the next day. I took the opportunity that a friend was there on Saturday to go dining out with him at Marquès, Nr. 92 of the street. We had such a good dinner. It didn't happen since a long time. We can say the menu is mostly spanish but with a french twist and I understood why when i met the chef outside to have a smoke (there is a smoking room but I appreciate time to time not to be in a smoky place, especially with a non-smoker ... and so good food and wine). The chef is a young talented one and studied french cuisine. That explains certainly why he's not afraid to make experiences and good ones I admit. I left Barcelona last year and since then didn't have the opportunity to find back the tastes of the food from there. So it was a nice surprise indeed to have the choice of tapas that looked all yummy on the paper and really did in my plate (where they didn't stay very long, hmmm those caramelized champignons !). I like to share the starter so I know if the dinner was good i might find a little space to share the dessert. Then some lamb (just cooked rosé, delicieux !) with just enough vegetables and purée to go with. I trusted the owner to choose the wine (the place is also a winery) and I did good because this portuguese red wine was a perfect match : at good temperature, fruity but not too strong (I keep believing bordeaux ruins dinner outside of having Boeuf Bourguignon, I am more Bourgogne type). So there was a little space left for the Crema Catalana and we accepted the offer of the owner to finish having a glass of Cognac. Of course we paid the price (a bit expensive for Berlin) but I enjoyed every moment. The place, the food, the wine, the company, the service : all was there to make a successful evening. So after that why not carrying on ? Just in front of Room 77 there was another place I wanted to go to. Café Matilda (Nr. 12 of the street). We chose the room at the rear because it felt more cosy with the sofas and leather chairs. Nice and friendly, music not too loud and wine OK. There was no particular party last Saturday (you know, the end of the month ...) so on the way back, what a coincidence we passed by Moebel Olfe where the light and the music were still on. So we stopped of course. A good evening Insane in the brain .

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Gentlemen's quaterly

I am lucky enough to have friends and I am even more lucky to have 2 best friends. I know people say it just can't be but as a matter of fact, I do. And in a worry of parity (I didn't choose) but It happened to be a boy and a girl. The boy is like the brother I never had and we know each other since almost always. The girl is beyond any friendship knowledge and she must be the only person on this planet who's not afraid to tell me when I'm wrong and I will consider seriously her point of view (I'm french, from Paris so stubborn). They know each other for years now when I used to live in Paris and cooked them dinner but do not now have special connections though leaving less than 2 kilometers from each other. But outside of this those 2 people have also wonderful family life and a successful carrier. Some weeks ago my (boy)friend told he was going to a party for the launch of a new magazine but couldn't talk about it. I didn't hear from my (girl)friend the same day because ... both of them were at the same party. It's the first time it happens and because those things are business secrets I am thankful to them not to have told me before that this magazine will be launched in France. It shows that we can trust them. So knowing that I have now in my hands the first issue of the french GQ. I remember the US one as a classy magazine you had pleasure to buy every month because it made you dream of what you could become or showed you the way to follow to be trendy but it's been years since I read it. I am a big fan of the UK one because it makes me laugh with this very particular way of writing and speaking that have English to say to you you're just a rubbish but a stylish one. Most of all why do I like GQ : because I recognize myself in it. There are adds, texts, pictures, subjects that matters undercovered with luxury. So it is true I was impatient to have one day a french version. And I am disapointed. I never wished to have a copy of the UK one which I find again serious and tenderly provoking but I just don't find myself in this french issue. Does it mean that past 40 I only have the possibility not to live in style and I am already inactivated for the fashion business ? Have a look at the adds : all models have at least ... (being generous) ... 18 ? it's a caricature. Turning the first 40 pages of the magazine I say to myself I'm not the target, the designers do not do anything for me, where are the men ? As usual in France there is only one sport known : football. Again boring. When we see how the supporters of this sport behave during games I find myself light years away from that and like another English friend told me I am "above average" (I wish it was a compliment). Well bad luck I'm a squash player. And it's not a french magazine, it's a parisian one. It's like everything interesting is happening in the capital and the rest just does not exist (it's a bit true when you know the mentality of the french). It's like the country does not exist for the press. Shame. Strangely as well I consider GQ a magazine for men. It's OK to talk about women but why do we find so many articles written by women ? Get yourself an issue of the Cosmo and tell me where are the articles written by men ? Even the editor is a woman. Men can't do a magazine for themselves ? If it has to be as common as FHM for a man to write an article, that's it, I'm leaving. And why did they have to include a part of gay-ism with this article trying to compare gay and straight behaviour (page 110) ? I agree with the fact that straights adopted some gay rules with fashion and behaviours but I disagree with the writter when he writes that straights want to show their way to gays. I'd rather think that gays want to look now like straights : marriage, adoption ... . Don't forget that at the source the gay movement is a revolutionary one. Then GQ asked my opinion of their first french edition which I did on internet (pronounced "djikiou" they wrote on the main page ; pathetic). Well, they took the information and said thank you and that's it. Not even a little something for the road ? for my time ? No ... well, no, no it's fine, don't move. Irritating was the perfume article (page 168). I am a Guerlain fan and I only wear their perfumes since I started to wear some. So, first thing showed "Jicky" story comes from the nephew of the creator, maybe the first men's perfume. Please people of french GQ, can you please make a call at Guerlain or read their website or at least when you go shopping at the department store, ask the nice ladies who sell the perfumes ? you'll get a completely different story (and check the price as well, I did, again wrong, was not that difficult) so who's right or wrong ? I believe you're not so I can't take you seriously. This magazine is like a nice present with beautiful paper (I admit the quality is there) but inside it's a like a missed soufflé. Please have respect for your readers and I'll keep on buying your magazine. What did I like ? I read with interest the article about Fred Perry. I like this story explaining how clothes are appropriated by groups of people. I know people who wear Fred Perry and identify themselves with some other men wearing the same label. And I like the history with covers since 50 years. It shows evolution. And the interview of Mr. Bayrou. For the rest I didn't have much pleasure reading it. Either I found the articles not interesting or too superficial. Maybe they wanted to seduce more than one target of people but in the end they seduced none. I was expecting something in the move of the other countries like a continuity. Nr. 2 is already in the kiosk and Nr. 3 is probably on its way. I read to compare the spanish one which is worse and the german one to have a look. It exists in 2 formats : I have the small size in my hand (I prefer small ones It's easier to use ... but It's another story) and I must say I find it quite nice to read. But the same critics about advertising, football and thank you Photoshop. Wait and see, they say. Sooner than soon I wish.

Friday, March 28, 2008


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Woopee !

This morning I had a very strange feeling : I felt time slow. Although I woke up at the same hour and acted the same moves as every morning I felt having more time than ever. I was early for everything and finished tasks way before the same task made yesterday and the day before. It feels strange because suddenly you seem lost in space, something's wrong. So leaving home I took my time and drove the bike slowlier. It is maybe because after weeks of cold, grey and snow it is finally sunny. It's like being out of time or like in those movies when you move the same way at the same speed but the time in slow motion. So it is true today is sunny and warm for the season and at least for the time being. Berlin has this particularity that the weather can change in 10 minutes. It happened many times this week that it was sunny yet suddenly grey and we could see snow storm coming at high speed above us. Easter is gone, Springtime starts, don't forget to change your timer tomorrow night (we lose one hour of sleep), and all is changing suddenly in the city. The light is brighter, the sky is clearer. One thing I can say is I find the air in Berlin quite good. OK, there is a lot of wind but there are no industries nearby and the pollution is not as high as in other cities. It's rare when the traffic is densed as it is in Paris or London. Outside the fact German discovered lately the right to strike we can say the public transport system is good in the city and almost 24/7. So for this week-end people start to talk about (Makin' woopee) going outside having coffee at the terrace or enjoying walks in the park. The sun does a lot on human and to feel its warmth again is good for the mood (and the skin). It means that soon we will start to enjoy sunset again warming our face and sipping wine at the Modersohn Brücke. It's definitely not the best view of the city (you're on top of the railways) but it is absolutly the best one to face the sun in the evening. And you will not feel alone because aficionados like us stay a long time and people passing by can't help but stop. The sun dispeared everyone will go for a grilled sausage and another glass round the corner at what they call a beach bar but is more sand on a plain ground rented for the season. It smells already warm.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Who

After all this busy Easter time all friends are back to their life and just to have a little funny time (you know, the friends who are leaving make you always a pinch in the heart) I went to the theatre to see this animation film. When you expect most of the time children on every seat you are surprised that there are almost none and only adults enjoy to be there. Well, It's not a surprise, It's exactly as expected ; funny, well done, full of good intentions and moraly unbeatable. But It's good and spontaneous laughs so why not for a time just forget all wories and enjoy a simply good time with a double chocolate caramel ice cream. That's this movie is made for.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Party time

Schwuz has nothing like the Metropolis style of berghain. It's a friendly place in which you're happy to meet friends and you know you'll have a good time. It does not smell sex like the night before and for once you just enjoy being yourself and have fun without thinking of playing a role or having the right outfit. We were not keen on going out last night but you know, making phone calls to have the last news of the party (friends even stayed until 11.00 a.m. ahhh la jeunesse ...) and we decided instead of doing conference call why don't we all meet at the Barbiebar ? No bike because too cold and icy again and I learned that I can get a fine driving the bike ... drunk. But public transports were Ok. Barbiebar was packed and there was a birthday party. It is an unpretencious place but welcoming, you can smoke, service is attentive to serve you more than requested, having the first drink among all those barbies and tacky objects is kind of surreal and It is a good spot before going to Schwuz. The disco organized a special party mixing in each room a different ambiance. So we had the 80's in one, german standards and pop in the middle (every German knows the songs so they all sing out loud, you feel like in a barn when cows are not milked) and as usual the disco (the real one daaaarling Bee Gees, Sister Sledge ...) in the lounge : they call it the lounge because it closes with doors so smoking is allowed. I'm not a big fan of their shows but while the trans do their things on the scene you have the time to have a look at the other places, to go for a pee or to enjoy the X drink. The good surprise was many of the people I know in the city had the same idea so we all meet at the same place at the same time. Meeting acquaintances you haven't seen (even for years) is a special feeling but feels warm in the heart. Of course after a while we all do our stuff but never mind the link is still there. Apart of that It's party time.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Snax and how to get it

This is XX rated, you're warned) !
To go in berghain is always an adventure because you never know what you will get. The place is more or less always the same (dark room after the garderobe, at least you are straight away in the mood, hard techno beats on the main floor and upstairs the panorama bar) but for such party event I expected something unusual as It was last year. Dress code mandatory so with all the tools the bike was out of the question. Furthermore I was not leaving home alone and It is still snowing so we decided to take the train after the first drink at the "Bierstube". Out of the train you have to walk down the unluminated street (that puts you more in the mood but trust me you're not alone heading in the same direction and again you quickly notice who is going where) and cross some unwelcoming warehouses. Nevertheless the trip is safer now because of the flow of people and they put some lights on the way. Furthermore this industrial estate kept on being built and the lights of the parkings help. I remember the first years going there was not that easy and even the taxi did not want to enter the area. Now It is an never ending flow of cars and you're sure not to wait more than a few minutes your driver home which was last night much appreciated because you know : It snows. Again It was well organized. 3 possibilities to enter the place : first VIP list and/pre-sold tickets, second : queuing outside in the cold, feet in the mud (again It gives the atmosphere of the event) and ??? guess what : snow, or not going to this party but to the Panorama bar which had no connection with the other room last night. But It seems a tendency for the place to separate the whole thing in different areas when before all was opened together. At least you could move yourself everywhere from dark-room to music and bars and have a sense of a journey. Now all is apart and they even created some new spaces for special events like Lab-oratory (sex, Friday evening, arrive early otherwise doors are closed) or Pet Shop Bears that I still have to investigate (but I already like the name). Anyway after waiting a while at the pre-sold queue (I always arrive early so I don't have to wait too long) we had the feeling of what will happen that night. I understand now why the friends say It is worldwide known and men come here to meet each other because I had the feeling last night the planet Leather and Fetish was there. It is absolutly fantastic to see those people belonging to the same fetish. I mean only leather, some vinyl and sneakers but seemed kind of lost (especially with white high heels, does not really fit). When you cross someone wearing leather in the street you notice it but there It is like being wrapped in leather, muscles and after a while sweat and smells. Lucky us It was allowed to smoke. I guess they knew what It will be like that night and better the smell of smoke because all those men, in leather, together having fun after a while you would beg for someone to open the window. The place was previously an electricity company. It is definitly an amazing place and architects made a wonderful job of restauration. You get the feeling nothing has been touched but here and so you notice the changes. They kept the heart of the building and for example the old lamps and porcelaine fuses are still into place. This time they even built an extra tribune with many stairs to allow people to dance while being seen. We couldn't help wishing with a friend that the structure was strong enough to support all those muscled tatooed men moving on electro beats but when we left all was still into place and we could see the metal structure having a hard time. The Cazzo actors were there and creatures you never see anywhere else in the real world. Delivering the coat was not easy because even arriving early It was already full packed and men used the corridor as a changing room. I understand that coming dressed in leather with an open ass with this weather is not that easy even for the toughest ones. I think this behaviour of wearing leather, rubber, vinyl or nothing is a way of life (probably belonging to help your fantasies to come true and/or for fun) but It does not mean you have to get cold. So everyone was dressing up with Its best outfit or getting undressed at the same place so It added to the confusion. It happened to be that we met everyone we gave appointment to so all the best to come and we started to look at (not so) hairy asses or this master giving something to drink to his enchained servant. I saw only a few rubbers but It's maybe because the party is focusing on leather. It costs less probably as well to buy only a butcher apron (but in black leather) than a rubber outfit with a gas mask. Luckily they wore no knives and the ones with the military outfit had no gun (or at least hopefully not loaded). But as weapon you could see on the belts this crisco cream shortening so you knew spontaneously what the guy liked. Drinking with the guys back on the wall we had a view on the asses waiting to be served (I'm talking about the men waiting for the drinks, you perverts) and we noticed that some had already some job done because they were putting their fingers in their hole and then smell the result of the inspection or another friend welcoming an acquaintance by pressing his nipples (milk ? anyone ?). Talking about all this at the bar we agreed that realizing your fantasies is probably for the best and each and everyone can decide of the role he wants to play. I only have some reserves about the slave thing and particularly with the ones dressed in a vinyl re-interpreted outfit that reminds you of the second world war, especially in Germany. It is far from my concept and one day I'd like to have a conversation with those guys to understand their motivation, fantasies or vices. But the good thing is that at this place last night no-one seemed disturbed by nothing. I guess It's because for once they all can live freely the way they want all together at the same place so you don't feel alone with your fetish and I am sure this is very important. When the guys wanted to be alone for a while I knew where they were heading but It allowed me to give some fire to punks and have a chit chat. I noticed the English because they were wearing this "skin head" outfit labeled by Fred Perry. Sooner I knew the party will turn to a sex one and you could see on corners or toilets some were already busy or still looking for. Not a good kisser to your taste ? already left after a few seconds. Keep on searching. That is this very moment I have to go. I already mentioned I feel when the party is transforming itself in a quest of lust and you might get the wrong guy because everyone has to "conclude". Just a few steps to get back my coat, feel the snow outside and take a taxi home. People keep on coming in because soon the after will start until this afternoon. I prefer to come back when It is still dark outside otherwise I have this strange feeling not to have enjoyed the night because I didn't see it. And better sleep than doing mistakes.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

PonPon House

It is a nice and simple game. Click on the title and you will find the way to enter the house. Once inside, collect clues and go out of the house. It's simple as that. I call it as well "to lose time" but It's cold outside and It is siesta time (and I already ate all the chocolate). I didn't find the way to put the link with the picture so if anyone of you has the solution feel free to share.


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Chez Maurice

I didn't really had the time to ask why this french restaurant is called Chez Maurice but I guess It is obviously because It sounds very french. Though the owner is very german (not a word with me in french, with complete opposition with his waitress but I remembered too late I was still in Berlin) this is a place with french food and wine. We shared the entrée and when I expected a plate of charcuterie we had a mix of grilled things looking like vegetables. The 2 things recognizable were the boudin and the paté, maybe the fromage de chèvre rolled in bacon. Not really my fav but OK. We had meat for main course because I like bloody meat simply cooked and It was served with vegetables. No dessert because full up but all this went down with a Bourgogne 2004, a bit fresh but while tasting it and mentioning it the owner answered "It goes with the Bourgogne, No ?", OK, sorry, my mistake, oups, I'll shut my mouth next time, I guess we won't be friends but I would rather drink the Chassagne Montrachet but not at your wine card price, daaaaaarling. It's just that tasting the wine is OK, tasting it too cold is no taste. Well they offered us a glass of Calvados in the end and It wasn't that bad idea because when we had the bill we definitely needed to be drunk (we were not but It would have been better). It's too expensive for what we had. The area is nice, the clientele as well, the restaurant with all the wine shelves makes Its good impression but I would rather go back to Poulette where It is less expensive, walking distance from my place and food and service in adequation. Last night I found a bit too posh for my taste, lucky me the conversation was good. The way back on the bike was a bit difficult. Since days It's a mix of snow and rain and cold and the bars and restaurants were almost empty at 1.00 a.m. so It shows they are all back to families to pick up chocolate eggs.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Eggs research

So the families are gone and the city now belongs to the tourists and most of all to the fetish and leather men and women. It all started yesterday evening unfortunatly under the snow and It carries on today under the rain. We are expecting some storm so It adds to the atmosphere of being somewhere warm and stay there. The city looked pretty empty this morning when I left for work (although It is a bank holiday in Germany It is not in France) but mostly because people started to go out last night. It is a funny feeling to pass nearby a disco and hear from the walls techno music when you just had your breakfast and ready to achieve the work of the day. Friends start to arrive in the city and I am pretty sure the streets will be full tonight. As far as I hear Berlin attracted people years ago for its specificity and because It was lost in the middle of the european map and was one of the last alternative place to be. Now It is booked all year long and as an example friends want to come in May and have much difficulties to find a place to stay (OK they're not easy to satisfy). But one big another event of the day is (not to forget) : Springtime. Officially the season starts today. Together with Easter that will allow us to look after eggs in the parks or anywhere else ... I wish you all happy Easter.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Jack in the box

Talking about San Francisco the other day I found a funny tool, that can be very useful in the future. Wandering in a city with Mapjack. Of course It's only available for a few city but I wish soon It will spread like Google did with the maps. I love it. It's like being in the city sat comfy in your chair. From my side It is very complete and I could spend hours to look at the places I like. "Use Jack" will certainly be the next topic.


Can't believe ...
It snows.

Monday, March 17, 2008


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Put the heat on

... And of course all this happens when the thermometer decides to fall down from 10°C to 1°C (and It is still early night).
We might have snow tonight ...

Strike !

All back to normal with public transports.
What a shame.
Just at the moment I started to have fun.
well ... until I had yesterday a flat tyre with the bike of course.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tales of the city

Since the day I discovered it I've always been a fan of the Tales written by Armistead Maupin. It is very 70's and I guess writing these books was like writing a blog today, meaning that when you read it you get the feeling that you are very near the people and you could share their everyday's life. I've been many times in San Francisco and always enjoyed the city. I felt like home and if I would have had the opportunity I think I would have considered it as an option. It is true as well that american life style is different from mine. I always deeply regret that Americans in their relationships are too superficial. I guess when you are on this side of the ocean you have to prove all the time you are able to communicate and you are evaluated by the thickness of your address book. But the bad point is (and It is true story), I remember once I've been asked the usual questions : what's your job, what's your company, what's your project, how much are you paid, ... you know those questions a European will NEVER ask, if I was not interesting enough for a future "use" I was not invited at the second turn. It happened in New York, It happened in Los Angeles, It did not happen in San Francisco because I quickly made acquaintances who helped me to be "introduced" so I did not need a visit card. I was not ashamed to go out alone neither because the good side of the american behaviour is that you never stay alone a long time (I think they are too scared of the non-conformism). Anyway, back to the Tales I could not help myself carrying on reading because I wanted to know what would happen next. This has nothing to do but (once I've found something I like I am becoming an addict) I played once a long time ago Playstation and the game Tomb Raider and played for days and nights without stop and when I was a boy It happened the same with the Marvel's X-men stories because in France we had to wait 3 months for the next issue. Since I started the first time to read the Tales (It was in english because It was not translated yet) It was a revelation and I could not help talking about it at every dinner I intended to go. All of my friends suddenly discovered the books as well and had the same feeling about it so I can say the author made it universal. Then after years I think I must have read the Tales 2 or 3 times either in french or english. Then I discovered that there was a serie on TV. Though I spontaneously liked the first episodes I was kind of disapointed with the change of the actors. I never found an explanation to it but I guess It must be a production matter. When you start with a serie you identify yourself with one of the characters and if the actor changes you don't identify yourself anymore and I think the actors of the first episodes matched perfectly with the personalities you discovered in the books. The actors who carried on with the serie of course did a very good job but the feeling was not there anymore. It was like a part of the story was gone. It's like discovering San Francisco for the first time. As a gay man the first thing you want to do is not taking the tram to reach the piers, It is to visit Castro because there was there a revolutionary move and some kind of freedom you'd never find anywhere else in the world. So of course as a French "Revolution" sounds good to us. As a gay being able to leave freely and openly your sexualty (I will never talk about difference because there is none, all is exceptions) was a revelation. So of course now all tends to be standardized and once you arrived in Castro you have the feeling you missed a part of the history. They are all older than expected and look like a caricature of themselves, of course they all grew older and me with them. It's everywhere the same you make yourself an image you want to recreate once in the place but It never happens. Except in Paris : I just read an article in the paper and the feeling tourists have of the city is exactly what is real life : Paris is much appreciated by the tourists and has the first place of the european cities for food (this is an easy one), shopping and romantism (yeah yeah yeah, try to drive a car at La Concorde a thursday at 7.00 p.m. when it rains you get the feeling of parisian romantism) but Paris is definitely out for Its welcoming (not surprising at all), Its costs (I think the second most expensive european city after London) and Its cleanliness (you have to know that Parisians make poo their dog on the sidewalk and NOT on the street so I would suggest to always have a look on your shoes and not on the beautiful monuments). Another point of the survey says that after Rome It is in Paris that we find the most beautiful people. Of course I never doubt about it but I always say as well that beautiful feathers make beautiful birds. Again back to the Tales (I'll never finish this one or what ?) I never found any reason why the Tv show did not carry on with the other books. When you see bad series presenting season 6 why a good story can't go after the second one ? Well damage is not repaired but something not yet done with the Tales is a Musical. It's about to be done : "The Scissor Sisters are to write the songs for a stage musical version of Armistead Maupin's chronicle of life in 1970s San Francisco, "Tales of the City". Frontman Jake Shears and touring band member John Garden, son of Goodie Graeme Garden, will write the tunes, with the show set to open in 2009. It is being produced on Broadway by the team behind the award-winning puppetry musical "Avenue Q". "Tales of the City" was voted Britain's favourite gay novel in a 2006 poll. The story focuses on Mary Ann Singleton, a prudish young woman from the Midwest who moves to San Francisco and meets an unusual collection of colourful characters while living at 28 Barbary Lane. It started life as a daily serial in the San Francisco Chronicle before being collected into a novel in 1978. 5 more books followed. The novels have sold millions of copies worldwide, and were turned into a TV mini-series in the 1990s. The plot of the musical is expected to concentrate on the first book and the complicated love lives of its 12 characters - including transsexual landlady Anna Madrigal and gay gardener Michael "Mouse" Tolliver. It is being written by Jeff Whitty, who won a Tony award for best book of a musical for "Avenue Q" in 2004." It will take years before It will be shown in Europe and furthermore in my area (and I am so afraid It will be translated in german, can you imagine ?) but nevertheless can't wait to read the critics. I just wish It will be the same as reading the Tales, always enjoying.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


I had this very interesting conversation with one of my colleague. We shared our experiences and talked about our view of the people working with us. I guess It's because we have about the same age that we almost have the same views. We are no workaholic but the job has to be done and we might sometimes take things personnaly when German will just say "do your job and leave", whatever happens, not my responsability. What for me is completely normal as an action to make It is difficult for the german manager to ask something to the people he's responsible for because most of the time he knows he will have to handle the request carefully to have the job done. Which is not happening with us. We're even happy to be asked something : It shows we can be trusted. There is nevertheless a gap of age. We noticed it yet. Young 20 years younger just don't care about anything and they want to have part with nothing. They only think about the next party. It's OK, I'll get used to it. It's just that I don't like when It disturbs my job because I asked the youngs before if I could have faith in them. So when the job is not done neither to be done they don't understand I'm hard on them. It's like having more than one experience. I have many because I was never scared of a change. Some of our german colleagues, once they entered the company they do their life there so in the end they have no experience at all and when we try to make them understand there is an outside world, they look at us like zombies. I suppose even a coma looks more fun. I met a girlfriend for a coffee today and she explained me that she went out last night, had mayyyyybe one or two drinks too much (you know what It's like, after a while we don't count anymore, oups !) and because she wanted to get laid she waited patiently with another girlfriend for something to happen, drinking and smoking of course (what else can you do, you have to keep your hands busy ...). Because german boys are afraid of woman (they are too agressive) they are frightened of the approach. So my girlfriend made signals (very obvious as she told me) to catch a boy. Once on the dance floor (to see how he moves, I do the same test so I know if the guy is good at sex or not) she made even more obvious signs and guess what was the next action of the guy ? he called his friends because the music was good !!! I laughed of course but she said It was such a pity that nobody wanted to seduce anymore. Time changed, like for the people who only have one job experience. One day they will realize all changed and they will not be prepared. Bad luck. But It will not be their mistake. German have this particularity they will make you feel guilty even if you have done nothing wrong and It is their mistake. They must learn that at school. So she came back home (alone) and asked If she could go out with me tonight because she wants to have fun and does not care of what will happen. Well darling, let me tell you one thing. Going out on gay parties does not mean you are safe and you can't behave. Hunters know the fact that girls like to go out with gays because they feel free and safe from cruising. Wrrrrrrooooooonnnngg. I remember one night in Paris at the Queen a girlfriend of mine came with us with a beautiful dress (very opened one, with planets drown on it) and after a while not seeing her anymore we started to look after her. She was against the wall bored like hell with a guy she did not know how to go away from because the guy put on her arms handcuffs (true!) but he was no policeman, I guess It was just a phantasy or his way to "catch" woman. Well not that funny because we had to negociate her "liberation". Actually now thinking of it, It was maybe his way to meet new ... men !! Well anyway, tonight we have the choice with Irrenhouse at the Geburtstagsklub but already done so I think I will make my choice with the "Repeat" party (celebrating 2 years) at Schwuz. I never was to this one and I know the DJ plays good music knowing how to entertain people. There is no wind anymore so I can try the bike, no other way, strike is still on. Before that I have to meet the barman of Schneeweisschen und Rosenrot who asks me a list of Cognac and Whisky. Why the french is so famous about quality alcohol ? Another debate. Take care you all.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Jojo in the stars

Next to my place the cinema babylon will show next Friday The Animated Kingdom from UK. Every third Friday of the month this theatre shows short films and I really like this format. I'm not really an animation film fan but I must admit I was moved by Jojo in the stars. It's simply a good film. So don't believe the English can only live with black humor but also with plenty of romantism. Enjoy.

Punto final.

Well It's confirmed the German can't handle more than a few days no public transports in the city. Well actually they are not so bad deserved because there are some transports. But they still are unhappy (German seems to be an unhappy people anyway) and I say that It's not (again) that I am complaining but they really are : In the train my colleagues told me that they want to go all together without letting the ones who want to go out of the train before, It's logical to give space to everyone but no. They want to go inside, punto final. Once inside they look for a seat and there are no more, they just stand there without moving from where they are, in the middle. They could do a few steps to free the entrance but no. They're there, punto final. So if you travel by train you have all the space you wish ... in the middle of the wagon ! Saw yesterday on the street (true) : 1) I cross with the bike Alexanderplatz. The bus at the crossroad saw the red light maybe a second too late so the wheels stoped in the middle of the zebras, no big deal ... except for the angry agressive German who shout at the bus and asked rudely loudly the driver to drive back ! 2) I was invited to an exhibition opening yesterday evening (forget) and while on the bike (on the road for once) I saw a woman driving her bike on the other side on the sidewalk. She passed next to a man walking but coming to her and suddenly pushed her strongly. She fell of course, hurt herself and they started to argue (you can imagine) strongly. I still don't understand why the man did that except he argued that he was fed up that bikes were driving on the sidewalks. I do it myself and frankly said, I never saw anyone hurt on the contrary when you drive on the street, if there are no cycling paths, the German will not see you and drive over you without blinking an eye. They really should do a training in Paris. Maybe they will learn. After those events we went with friends to a french restaurant called "Nord et Sud". It's like my cantine. There is no web site, the guy does not need one, his place is full everyday. He's a really nice guy and there is no written menu but the choice of 3 menus that he explains you on the table. 3 dishes = 7,50 € + a glass of Beaujolais + a (real french) coffee = 10 €, I say feel free to book a table. It is simple food but good and It feels like home or when you go out for lunch with your colleagues. It's the place round the corner you can go everyday. Even a girl had her birthday, we lighted the candles, turn off the lights and sung "happy birthday" (in french of course). Then a quick last glass of "Gueule de Loup" wine at the Neue Odessa which I like more and more. Punto final.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008



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Pitcher in the streets, catcher in the sheets

Next week will take place in Berlin from 20th to 25th March the Leather and Fetish week. The town will look different because this event is known worldwide. We have friends coming from many points of the globe and we all meet at the Snax party in berghain. I remember last year entering the place : It was like another world. Big electronic sounds with agressive white lights and you see things you see nowhere else. I talk about men. I don't even call them men, I call them creatures. I don't know, It's like all type of men meet in the city at the same time to disapear when the party's over. Funny was all fetishes all together and It created the mood of the event. Some people come for the night for the DJ' sets, some come to meet friends and have a good time (me with all simplicity), most of them come to fuck (come on daaaarrrrling, what do you think ?). It's men only, It's called pervert party and I remember seeing this young couple playing Master and Servant (Locust's version, "for the Masses"). Not my thing but seeing those two, one on the floor, the other one treating him like a dog (but nice silver leash) you get the image. It's like the other one with his gummy mask with his only trunk to breathe (must be so uncomfortable and not that easy to start a conversation, shall I keep it and being uncomprehensible or take it of and lose the feeling ?, big debate, oups ! he's gone). Well anyway, if you miss this one (the party not spiderman) I heard there will be a second one this year with the CSD, somewhere in June. So everything will start on Thursday with the Check-in for the Infos how to organize your week and the "presentation" of the candidates for Mr Leather 2008. But at the same time and another place you also have the welcome of the title for Mr Fetish Biker. Remember Schwuz : well, for one of the only time of the year (I'll probably go again on Saturday there is a nice "Repeat" party) It will be a sex club. On Friday It really starts with parties everywhere and the Leather Bears will demonstrate on bikes and after the city rally why not joining the Leather dinner ? (gum in the plate of course). It will be week-end so It's party time from Perverts-Warm-Up to bizarre kombi fetish party and some other opening of new porn film (yummy). Not sure you will be in the mood to wake up early saturday so let's start slowly in the afternoon with the flee market (biker and fetish ... again) but more interesting the leather boat to have a drink if the weather allows it because I can tell you these days It is even "hard" (ohh, pleaaaassseeee) to stay on the bike. It's wind and rain all the time. After that we'll go until the end of the week for the election of Mr Leather 2008 and Rest-fuck Nr 1 and Tuesday if you still have strength Rest-fuck Nr 2. The funny thing is that all this is only a selection of the program. Don't forget that since the beginning of the week the public transport is on strike (my colleagues tell me stories everyday !) and that the Leather-Fetish scene is also on strike for whichever reason. But all say that all this will be surely fixed for ... Easter 2009 !

There's a new game
We like to play you see
A game with added reality
You treat me like a dog
Get me down on my knees
It's a lot like life
This play between the sheets
With you on top and me underneath
Forget all about equality
And that's what's appealing
If you despise that throwaway feeling
From disposable fun
Then this is the one
Domination's the name of the game
In bed or in life
They're both just the same
Except in one you're fulfilled
At the end of the day

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


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It's a big dilemna. In France last week on the first channel (not public) happened this : our well known actress Sophie Marceau was invited at the evening news to promote her lastest movie about the Resistance. A few minutes before was on the same TV set the political right extreem general secretary interviewed. Learning that Sophie Marceau at the make up room left before going live on TV. Two things : first, this man was there because this week-end in France was the first round of voting for the town council. As a representative of a political party and because France is a republic he has the right to talk about his ideas. Don't forget that in 2002 the same man arrived second at the presidential election and a lot of Frenches were scared and voted massively for Jacques Chirac. Second, we know that Sophie Marceau is not scared to engage herself for causes to defend people who need to. Of course we are not sure if she would have had the same reaction (probably) if she was not on promotion for a movie about the Resistance but strangely no one thought about it at the TV channel, not from the managers to the trainees (not sure they have the right to speak). But we still can be agree with the decision of the actress because promoting such a movie can be non-sense right after the interview of the man who was condemned a few days ago for having said that the german occupation during second world war "was not particularly inhuman" and having given (as from the judges of the 17e chamber of correctional tribunal of Paris) "a positive image of the Gestapo, erecting it as a protective authority of the french population, negating crimes it was recognized of". The manager of the channel explained that It was the right of the medias to allow equal talking time to everyone and why should he make a difference between both sides and he was very happy to have both actress and general secretary on the set. This is exactly the point why It is such a mess today because when impartiality was before accepted (and It made the success of this channel) It looks like that my compatriots would like to see a change and ask the medias to take position and defend ideas, just like Sophie Marceau did. Thank you to her.

Monday, March 10, 2008

squash hurts

When I was younger I used to play a lot squash. I started when I was still in the 20's and carried on with my best friend because she knows how to play. Following my different migrations I did not play that much and because at work a french colleague was looking for a partner I accepted to play with him. Mistake. Big. Huge. He's far much younger than I am and is in sports all his life and I am not. My only sport is to go to swim once in a while but I am very good in drinking and smoking but strangely I noticed tonight that It does not help a lot. Furthermore I had the wrong shoes so tonight my feet can't carry me, just to give you the intensity of the game. But I still like to play and as soon as I will recover I will book another game. It is an intensive sport. 45 minutes are really enough and after 30 minutes I really start to be tired and my body refuses to go any longer. I never had the hability to be good at sports but I do my best and It's a nice way to meet new people so all positive. I can't wait tomorrow morning to see how I will stand up from bed and how I will put my feet on the floor.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


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The right to strike, the right to fight !

In Berlin starting tomorrow Monday will start a new experience for its inhabitants. I know the concept is very french (I heard people at the bar mentioning it, true, as if my country was spreading the bad habit) and my country is very famous for that, and for tourists who experienced this unbelievable behaviour (sometimes not even made with sense) : strike. When you live in Paris you never know if the morning you will get a train, a metro or a bus. It's russian roulette everyday. And if there is no strike, there is a big chance you have to let go 2 or 3 machines before you get the opportunity to get in. And I don't speak when you have to make connections. But nevertheless I still believe the system in Paris is one of the best as well one of the simpliest to use... when you can. Because when the employees decide to go on strike (always the same reason everywhere : money and better work conditions : hearing this, you heard everything), the city is paralysed. It's funny that we speak of national strike, called by labours but because in France everything is centralised I guess the percentage of people suffering from the non-existence of transports must be the highest. Because when Paris is on strike, nothing works and because Paris is definitely not a city adapted for cars It's on an everyday basis a nightmare to drive and park but without transports, my advice : stay home. I remember the year 1995 (Winter of course, and one of the coldest, because in Summer you can't strike : It's holiday time !) when the country was paralysed. I sold the car and bought a motorbike. But I can understand. I don't appreciate at all to feel like a hostage not being able to move in my own city but let's remember that for this right people had to fight and I respect that. It's just sometimes I've got the feeling, some exagerate using it. I never heard any strike in Barcelona and in Berlin because there is two systems of public transports, if one goes on strike, you still can use the other one. But as of tomorrow I can't wait seeing how it will go because as far as I know they hardly experienced a general strike. No choice because nothing. And suddenly Germans have to think by themselves, take decisions on their own and find solutions without help, and of course saying loud that It is a scandal. I can't even explain how funny It was for me to be at work last Friday watching my colleagues desperatly seeking help. Even the company had to remind its nice employees that no missing will be tolerated because of this event ... because It is one. I thought this week-end maybe I should organize some incentive trainings in Paris just to show them what It can be. Because frankly said, here, no need to stress. And I don't care. I have my bike.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Blue lagoon

I remember Iceland ... I went twice. When I was working for "biiiiiipppp" I had a customer in Reykjavik and we met at least three times a year. They always come to see me where I stayed in different countries following where the fairs took place. And one day I said "I 'll come to visit you". They never believed it because they say no one ever visited them, too far, too lost, on the way to nowhere except north pole but I bet ... and won. And it was a revelation. First because flights to the US are much cheaper if you fly with Icelandair. Second because you must stop in Iceland because there is no direct flight and this is a luck. It's a beautiful country still completely wild. Of course there is the big city, well Reykjavik is the city of the country, which is also very welcoming and don't expect a small village lost in la pampa. There you find all trends and design you wish with this "je ne sais quoi" that gives you the need to own everything you touch. I wished I could buy many things there but no space in the luggage and a container was out of the question. We went out a lot in the city and also outside. Once you take the road It's another world again and you can't help yourself being amazed by such beauty and tranquility. Nice people. There are things in your life you easily forget but somehow this memory is still very fresh to me and I'm grateful to them that they shared with me a piece of their land.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Is it bad Doctor ?

This morning I met my doctor :
- And how's your throat ?
- oh, ok, no angina since a couple of weeks but let me ask you : can you see part of my tongue is black. Can you cure this ? Is it bad ?
- ....
- What ? did I say anything wrong ? is it that bad ? (and suddenly I saw myself without tongue in my mouth, not that I'm using it a lot but still can be useful)
- you drink too much red wine.
- ...
- It's OK, you're french.
- Well fine, maybe you're right I drink often red wine, but still any advice ?
- Try white wine !
I definitely must find me another doctor.


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Anybody here ?

Someone on a very high position must read this blog because following what I mentioned yesterday about the weather ...
It snowed today !
coooooool ... I just canceled my monthly ticket at the public transports and must use the bike everyday !

Monday, March 3, 2008

A storm is coming

We should not deny climate on earth is changing, for whichever reason. Of course if we identify the reasons why this is happening that might help to find the cure but let's face it how do you want to make understand all countries together when they all have different interests. Nevertheless It's been some years that we are surprised how our planet reacts. It's like our body. When something is wrong our enveloppe says stop and suddenly something unusual is happening. The same with the blue planet. I was frightened the first time in Paris some years ago when a storm was in the city. Luckily I was in my bed when It happened but It was scary. I remembered some time after for business I was in Taipei and the huricane started. I didn't move from my hotel room (we couldn't fly anyway) or another time in Toronto being obliged to stay in the airport because of the snow. Strangely It seems very comon to the people. We have to face catastrophies to realize that It does not stop. This week-end in Europe was a new storm and we hardly went out because we just could not. The clip of this Airbus in Hamburg (which is 2 hours away from Berlin) shows that It can surprise everyone. As far as I remember leaving in Berlin in winter was a nighmare and It was not rare to face minus 18° C in February and to have snow until April. I don't say we could go to the beach now but It is much warmer than It used to be and we had snow in Barcelona last year. I don't think It will go better but I will surely not be there anymore to see the end. If it does not come from human beings It will come from the sun that will explode sooner or later. And there won't be any Phenix or Storm from the X-men to save our race.

Fly Robin Fly ...

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Un p'tit coup de gnôle ?


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Sex orgy

How to tickle a chimpanzee (indeed, how) ? why penguin do not have cold feet ? these are important questions which must be asked and thanks to Darwin and The new scientist we know (don't you ?) . They go now further in their studies with the animals and you won't be surprised if you're told that some of their habits look pretty much as ours. We learn that some monkeys like to get drunk, some female fish simulate orgasm to escape from a partner and guess which invertebrate can have an erection ? uh, uh ? The squid leaves alone for a year or two but each winter in Australia they take part at a big orgy (never tried ? Australia must be a nice country to visit at this time of the year, we must organize something). Eleven male for one female (close your mouth darling, you're slavering) all use different strategies including disguise. Some birds prostitute themselves to have access to food or shelter. The female colibri can have sex with the males that let her take the food from their territory even outside the love season. Other birds have mistresses. To his "wife" the bird will bring a big insect before having sex. To his mistress a little present as well but four time richer in energy ! The trout will simulate orgasm so the male will ejaculate faster. The male gone the female will look for another one, more attractive to her. In the insect world It is not sad neither. Some males (I won't tell names, It's everywhere) can inseminate a female they never met. How ? each female is inseminated by many males who clean the genitals before laying down the sperm. The cleaning is never perfect so the job done the male leaves with the sperm of another one that he will lay down to another female. Those behaviours explain why we find more than 200 sexually transmissible diseases in the world of reptiles, insects and mammals. With the birds the habits are similar with humans. The female can leave a male if he is not entrepreneurial enough or clumsy. If divorce is 0% with the albatross this percentage can go up to 99% with the pink flamingos. Some others while copulating give to the female proteins that makes her life shorter or longuer. And you find butterflies pretty ? did you know that to be sure that the female will not fly with another male, they cover her with some anti-aphrodisiacs ? Some monkeys if we give them the occasion can get drunk. Some birds take berries as a drug and carry on flying while being stoned so they hit a tree or fall down from the nest. The monkey like porn but if it comes from a more dominant male. No reaction if the social position of the male is lower than his. The rats recognize cocaine (like dogs). The hyena perfectly analyses the position of power in the group and will always stay on the dominant side. A rare example of help from the neighbour comes from the crab who can help the one who is threatened by another crab which wants to appropriate a part of its territory. A small chimpanzee will spontaneously help another one who has difficulties without asking reward. Such altruism can only be found with humans they say (frankly said, speaking of humans ...). But chimpanzee related to human, murder is common as well. For 100 000 monkeys 207 are killed each year. The elephants will study carefully the rests of the skull and the tusks of a dead fellow. And what about the question from the start ? the invertebrate who can have a hard on is the male octopus. All this is fascinating and we still have to answer some more questions : why kangaroos stamp one's foot, why carnivores who leave in the high latitudes where there is a lot of snow have bigger penis than the other ones and is this also valid for the human race and well then to the ski teachers ? Please let me know.

Told ya !

Saturday, March 1, 2008


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As read in the paper this morning, a dutch pension fond (Paerel Leven if you're interested) just declared yesterday that the interests for its smoking clients will be higher than the ones for the non-smokers. Why ? because we die earlier ! To be able to get a higher pension (up to 16%) the subscriber must make an initial deposit of 20 000,- € minimum. But most of all he must prove he's a heavy tar smoker : he must at least have smoked 10 cigs a day during the last 10 years, or six cigars or six pipes and must have failed at an attempt of quiting. No place for traitors because there will be a urine test. The smokers league is very happy about it stating that finally the smokers are recognised for what they are : short term living humans. And furthermore don't forget that the burying insurance of a smoker costs more than a non-smoker one. So it is normal that the smokers receive more during their pension. Justice at the kingdom of capitalism or cynism ?


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Sugar daddy

Last evening before going out I had apéritif at a bar, newly reopened in my street. I like it very much. It's warm and cosy, friendly as well, if you're hungry they'll always find something, It's big enough and everyone has space and you can smoke, which is nowadays a criteria. The wine is good (there is a choice) though a little expensive but I prefer that as a big glass with undrinkable beverage. At the Neue Odessa Bar (no website yet, It's Torstr. 89, corner Gormannstr.) you hear jazz or old 60's 70's music, there is no direct light but candles on every table which adds warmth when It's raining outside. I always choose a well situated spot so I can have a look to the people inside while enjoying my time. Last night was the beginning of the week-end so people planned their night or just met to tell their weekly stories. In my back a small private room but empty, only a couple was behind me and the boy tried to play nice and gentle with the girl so he could spend his night not alone. Directly in front of me two couples drinking white wine and beer but one of the girl talked too much and loud and did not listen the other ones so in the end they stopped answering and smiled at each other while looking tired. On my left at the bar two men. The one facing me glanced at me but could not leave the conversation. After that a woman alone writing things in a book. Strangely everytime I go there someone is writing something. It's strange that alone in a bar you feel obliged to have a habit or keep your hands active or show you're busy. I don't. Staring there doing nothing is a nice habit as well. People can feel disturbed but they can approach me. I don't bite (although ... but It's another story). You will notice as well the movements of the tables, meaning there are tables which will be always occupied and some other never. yesterday happened the same. Two girls left a next table of mine and the next ones arrived and took the same table. It's a sugar daddy. I can tell. Chewing drinking smoking talking all at the same time. Covering with his look his young protégé playing the pygmalion. Everytime I see this I can't help thinking of "My fair lady". Another couple joined them and they all started to drink champagne. 3 other woman entered and seemed to have fun under the rain because they were completely wet but laughed loud. I remembered one had a dress like a parachute. Fashion here is very creative. But my phone rang and it was time to join my friends at Moebel Olfe where the public is definitely different. I learned that the place where the bar celebrated its 5 years anniversary is now a disco so I will have to investigate. We joined then the rest of the group at Moebel Fabrik. We had to go back near my place because It's Brunnenstr. You enter a building hall and then It's downstairs. At the time we arrived It was already packed and there was not even space at the garderobe so I just waited there to hang my coat. It's full of spanish tourists. I guess the spanish like Berlin because they can feel free on the contrary when they're home. Music is not bad but the public is very young so not my kind of place. It's a shame because Larent Garnier was playing at berghain. Drinks are cheap. I even met one of my trainee who was looking for a boy to get invited for drinks and cigs. Little bird, she's so sweet but also a real bitch. She's funny because sometimes she thinks I'm her daddy so it brings me back to the man at Neue Odessa Bar. I can understand a young man is attracted to an old one. It's an exchange. The young is looking for advices and tales of experiences so he learns what life can be. He's looking as well for money because the old is supposed to pay for everything and making presents, expensive presents so the young can parade. The older one is looking for a peace of youth that will never come back and being kept updated with latest news of their world. He's happy to share (buy ?) and has the feeling he's still attractive and interesting. So It's good war. And both of them have the sense of existing. But all my little group was already lost underground so It was time for me to leave. Still rainy outside.