Monday, December 28, 2009


"The closest relationship I have is my Blackberry ...
Thank God, It's vibrating !"

Hot Chip - One Life Stand

one life stand

Tell me where you’ve been to
Nowhere that you shouldn’t do
tell me what you’re good for
I can tell you something too
Where have you been staying
tell me what you’re playing
Hope its not my conscious
You will always be my baby
(Keep on feeling)
I only wanna be your one life stand
(Keep on feeling)
Tell me do you stand by your whole man
Wishes keep remaining
Nothing will contain it
A balloon where they’re escapin’
Theres nothing but a play thing
Moments keep us guessing
And lead us from temptation
But better to embrace them
And measure our relation
(Keep on feeling)
I only wanna be your one life stand
(Keep on feeling)
Tell me do you stand by your whole man

Thursday, December 24, 2009


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Christmas holidays are now. In this time of the year (but not only), It happens to be we lead commonplace conversations sometimes, with politeness, and It sometimes turn out boring. If you are one of those who have difficulty in making the conversation to strangers in this situation, here is some advices. But while you try hard to chat, how to be sure that the other one is interested in what you tell. In fact, the more a person is sociable, the more she knows how to hide her indifference for what you say to him or her. It is however rare to fall on people who look like really fascinated while you annoy them. Here are the signs which I try to identify when I want to know if "the current passes" with somebody. It is an approach which has nothing scientific. Studies were certainly realized on the subject, but in this particular case, I am only delivering you some observations which I made, in particular from my behavior when I’m bored and when I try to hide it: 1. Somebody who repeats "Ah well? Ah all right! It is interesting" Is not particularly interested in what you say. 2. people who are bored ask simple questions. "When did you move? Where did you go? "Those who are really interested in your life ask more complicated questions which show some curiosity, and not only some courtesy. 3. Though that to interrupt can seem to you rude, it is rather a good sign. It means that the person in front of you reacts to what you say. It indicates a certain interest. As well as... 4. Requests of precision. Somebody who is sincerely interested in what you tell will ask you to develop or to clarify certain points. "What does it mean?", "when did it arrive exactly?", "what did he answer you?" so many questions which prove that somebody tries to follow the thread of your speech. 5. Imbalance of the speaking time. I suspect that a lot of people believe naively that if they occupy 80 % of speaking time in a conversation, it is because their interlocutor finds them fascinating. It is sometimes true. In a discussion, the one who listens, registers a big quantity of information. When it is the case, the conversation is very enriching. But, generally, people who are interested in a subject have things to said about it. They want to express you their opinion, to deliver you information and make you share their own experience. If it is not what they make, they remain certainly silent in the hope that the conversation will end as quickly as possible. Or maybe that you do not let them speak ! I recently discussed with somebody who, though I found him fascinating, did not let me participate in the conversation. It was certainly an exchange which pleased me, but not as much as if it had been well balanced. 6. Sudden change of subject. Let us admit that you are speaking to somebody of the life of Winston Churchill and suddenly, your interlocutor asks to you: "then, how are your children?", it is the sign that he is not really interested in the life of Winston Churchill - maybe he is not listening to you at all. When I am confronted with this kind of rough change of subject, I have to fight against my desire to return to what I wanted to say. But because my interlocutor launched quite a different subject, it is evident that mine does not seem to him very captivating. 7. Physical behavior. Generally, people interested in the conversation of the other one stand face to face. The one who turns partially the back to his interlocutor does not kiss embrace the discussion in its total. In the same order of ideas, if you are in the situation of a speaker who try to know if your public is interested in what you tell, observe... 8. Posture of the public. In 1885, Sir Francis Galton wrote an entitled article The measurement of the of Fidget. He explains at first that people tend to sprawl when they are bored. So, a speaker can measure the degree of boredom of his public by estimating his verticality. On the other hand, attentive people flounder less than people who are bored. A public sat straight ahead and without moving is listening. The other are clearly distracted. I often remember myself the note of La Rochefoucauld: " we are bored almost always with those whom we annoy ". If I am bored, there is strong chances that the other one also is. Then it is time to change the subject.


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Cinnamon stars

Christmas is nearly there and it is the right moment to cook these nice cinnamon biscuits in the canele with a the shape of a star.You will need:- 3 egg whites - 250g of caster sugar - 1 c.c. of cinnamon - 200g of powder of almond - 250g of powder of hazelnuts (I’ll try one day with some flour instead.Go up the white eggs, add the sugar, and put 3 c.s. of this preparation aside. Make the dough by mixing with the rest of ingredients. the dough (approximately 1 cm in thickness) and cut stars inside.Your oven preheated in 130 °, put in it the stars which you will have whitewashed with what you put aside. Cook 25mn. The dough must be still slightly wet when you take out the stars of the oven.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Peter Fox - Haus am See

The house by the lake

Hier bin ich gebor'n und laufe durch die Straßen!
Kenn die Gesichter, jedes Haus und jeden Laden!
Ich muss mal weg, kenn jede Taube hier beim Namen.
Daumen raus ich warte auf 'ne schicke Frau mit schnellem Wagen.
Die Sonne blendet alles fliegt vorbei.
Und die Welt hinter mir wird langsam klein.
Doch die Welt vor mir ist für mich gemacht!
Ich weiß sie wartet und ich hol sie ab!
Ich hab den Tag auf meiner Seite ich hab Rückenwind!
Ein Frauenchor am Straßenrand der für mich singt!
Ich lehne mich zurück und guck ins tiefe Blau,
schließ die Augen und lauf einfach gradeaus.
Und am Ende der Strasse steht ein Haus am See.
Orangenbaumblätter liegen auf dem Weg.
Ich hab 20 Kinder meine Frau ist schön.
Alle kommen vorbei ich brauch nie rauszugehen.
Im Traum gesehen, das Haus am See
Ich suche neues Land
Mit unbekannten Strassen, fremden Gesichtern und keiner kennt meinen Namen!
Alles gewinnen beim Spiel mit gezinkten Karten.
Alles verlieren, Gott zeigt seinen harten linken Haken.
Ich grabe Schätze aus im Schnee und Sand.
Und Frauen rauben mir jeden Verstand!
Doch irgendwann werd ich vom Glück verfolgt.
Und komm zurück mit beiden Taschen voll Gold.
Ich lad' die alten Vögel und Verwandten ein.
Und alle fang'n vor Freude an zu weinen.
Wir grillen, die Mamas kochen und wir saufen Schnaps.
Und feiern eine Woche jede Nacht.
Und der Mond scheint hell auf mein Haus am See.
Organgenbaumblätter liegen auf dem Weg.
Ich hab 20 Kinder meine Frau ist schön.
Alle kommen vorbei ich brauch nie rauszugehen.
Im Traum gesehen, das Haus am See
Und am Ende der Strasse steht ein Haus am See.
Organgenbaumblätter liegen auf dem Weg.
Ich hab 20 Kinder meine Frau ist schön.
Alle kommen vorbei ich brauch nie rauszugehen.
Hier bin ich gebor'n, hier werd ich begraben.
Hab taube Ohr'n, nen weißen Bart und sitz im Garten.
Meine 100 Enkel spielen Cricket auf'm Rasen.
Wenn ich so daran denke kann ich's eigentlich kaum erwarten.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


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Open your shirts

We cannot be accused of frivolity, but the male cut out the neck is back, during the last one Fashion Week of New York. Collars opened until the second or the third button, are again fashionable. But it is not to reveal carpet of hairs as in the 1970s, please. After the beardless years (1980s and 1990s), it is now fashionable that the shirt, or the T-shirt reveals some hairs, no more. The male cut out the neck already has a long history, in films in particular. In the 1920s, we appreciated Douglas Faibanks Sr's breast in The Thief of Bagdad or The Iron mask. Then the décoletté of Errol Flynn in 1938 in The Adventures of Robin Hood. In 1951, Marlon Brando lost his tee in A Streetcar named desire. And so on until John Travolta (Saturday night fever) in the 1970s, the golden age for the hair on the male breasts.. When I see how hard some men work out at the gym, it is as well logical that they again want to show the results of their work. For others, less provided or lazy, the plastic surgery is also a more and more popular alternative..

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Le Recyclage de Luxe Show

Not invited

It is maybe the place the most secured to the world. That matter! Tareq and Michaele Salahi, a couple which wishes to become famous thanks to the reality tv managed to be embedded in the White House without invitation in a dinner given by Obama in honour of the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. The information, revealed by photos on Facebook then relieved by Washington Post, arouses the debate: how is it possible that two persons without anybody pass straight ahead can meet themselves without being worried in the same room as the President of the first world power and Indian Prime Minister?? Secret services are on nerves, an investigation was launched. Apart of that, it is always impossible to take its toothpaste in the plane.


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The best place where to bite somebody

Whatever of the main arteries. If you look for the efficiency - that is the best debit(flow) of blood - it is in the breast of your victim that it is necessary to plant your canine. Aim at the biggest artery, at the aorta, which brings some blood to all the parts of the body and can measure up to 26 millimeters. (On the other hand, the aorta being behind the heart, which is itself behind coast(ribs), if your canine are not very long and very sharp, forget.) such A bite will end certainly in the death of your victim. The second biggest artery of the human body is the femoral artery, which irrigates legs, and which you will prefer to cut a little below the groin. As for the aorta, difficult to prevent the victim from emptying of her blood, the diameter of the femoral artery making about that of the index - the victims by balls(bullets) got(touched) the groin survive generally only some minutes. The carotid arteries on both sides of the neck and the arteries radial roads at the level of wrists are also the guarantee of an important debit(flow) of blood. A vampire will have to drink certainly more if it bites into the bottom(stocking) of the neck, the primitive carotid artery dividing into two branches at the level of the jaw. But if you wish that your victim survives a bite, aim at veins. Contrary to the arteries which transport a big quantity of blood of the heart towards the body, veins bring the blood towards the heart, and in lesser quantity. It is thus simpler to prevent a lethal loss of blood further to a vein slashed rather than an artery. (If the blood spatters, it is because an artery was got(touched); for a vein, the debit(flow) of blood is regular and constant.) the most easily accessible veins are the jugular vein(chin strap), at the level of the neck, and the saphenous big vein which goes back up(raises) the thigh, just under the skin. Less dangerous than an arterial cut, a got(touched) main vein provokes nevertheless a rather important loss of blood and requires an immediate medical intervention. If you are a very careful vampire, you will prefer to suck the fingers of your victim, there where are capillaries. On average, a human body contains 5 liters of blood. We can lose approximately 15 % without feeling(smelling) really the difference - that's why we can give one liter of its blood without danger. In 30 %, the victim begins to be a little cold and the head which turns(shoots), his(her,its) heart rhythm accelerates, but at this stage(stadium) a transfusion is not compulsory. Between 30 and 40 % his(her,its) blood pressure goes down(tumbles), its heart rhythm gets into a panic and it is the state of shock, requiring a transfusion. Having said that, the maximal quantity of blood which a person can lose without succumbing for all that is very variable, with the age for example. The speed of the debit(flow) is also an important criterion; if the victim loses a lot of blood but rather slowly, she(it) has more luck(chance) to survive that if his(her,its) body empties at one go. . That you are A, B, AB or O, your blood will always have this metallic flavor thanks to the present iron in the haemoglobin - some people will say to you that that enjoys the copper. And although your victim ingests, that will change nothing. For example, his(her,its) blood will not be more sweetened after she(it) gobbled up two packages of Skittles. (Mosquitoes seem to estimate(appreciate) certain blood groups more than the others, but nothing to do with the taste, it is rather a question of chemical secretions.) Even the alcohol makes it nothing: the legal limit according to the Traffic rules is 0,05 %, and even if your victim presents an alcohol level to 0,4 % - and thus risk the death - that always represents less than a tenth of the degree of alcohol which contains Smirnoff Ice. To animals, the taste of the blood can vary: the blood of the pig is more bitter than that of the duck, and the blood of one goat(tackle) calls back(reminds) slightly the taste of its meat. These variants can thus have an incidence on the taste of flats(dishes) on base of blood, as the sausage, certain soups or still pancakes.


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I see ourselves in our house. It is a nice house, all ground floor. The house is big because we like to welcome our friends whenever they wish to pass by. The house has also a garden, not a plain boring one, it has valleys with a lot of trees and flowers. I like to garden and I know you like to be among trees and feel yourself near them. That is why we have a lot in the garden so you can arm them whenever you wish. It is a sunny place so I guess we don’t live in Germany anymore but somewhere by the sea. The friends who come like to spend time with us and when they come with their children, The house is vey living. That makes us very happy. It is like harmony. You like to play with the children and you always have nice ideas to keep them entertained and the children are very thankful to you for that. They are never bored with you ; you’re like a big child yourself. And that gives a bit time to the parents, our friends. The house is well decorated. A place which is like us. A mix of bright colours and calm thanks to the design. The colours of the walls are in violet, yellow, red when the floor is all stones and wood. The furniture are straight design with mat chrome frames and dark grey melange fabric. Some accessories brought back from trips we made together around the world and vases for the flowers picked up from the garden. Jicksaws fall into place and I like the feeling it brings. I hope you feel hamony too.