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Enjoy life, careless : instructions of use

Never make love without condom. Even with the most beautiful woman, even with the most handsome boy. The persons infected by the AIDS virus do not have the disease on their face. And sometimes, they ignore that they are infected. When you are in a relationship: before stopping to use condom, go to make together a test. It is free. It is necessary either to ask for a prescription to your doctor and to go to any lab, or to go directly in an anonymous and free unit which will make the blood test at once and will give you the results within two days. Never make love with your partner if we did not at first try alone beforehand to put a condom. It is necessary to train. To put it, we pinch the end (what we call the reservoir, which is not made to collect the sperm but only to facilitate the task) and unroll the condom. It is necessary to put the condom from the beginning of the erection, without waiting for the penetration because the penis has a lubricating seminal liquid which can be possibly contaminated by the AIDS virus and which contains some sperm cells. It can be enough to play together without penetration or that a woman manipulates the erected cock and then masturbates to be pregnant. Or sick. Condom mandatory for each penetrations, and also by sucking. We can catch AIDS by sucking. If you suck, the ideal is to use a condom without lubricant (because the taste is not good) and without reservoir (because the head goes into your throat and you want to vomit). As soon as the man ejaculated, he must take back the condom as quickly as possible. If he wants to continue to make love, he must at first: remove the condom, make it a knot, throw it into the trash can (not in toilet because that blocks water-treatment), wash himself the penis and the hands. Then put back a new condom. If the man proposes a facial ejaculation, it is almost fatal to receive some sperm in the eyes (it is about a particularly fragile mucous membrane: the sperm enters the blood almost at once) or in the mouth. A good advice: close the mouth and close very strongly the eyes and do not open them before being carefully wash you the face with water. It is necessary to verify the anal and\or vaginal lubrication of his partner permanently and to add some lube if necessary. Otherwise, the condom explodes. It is necessary to change the condom when we change "hole" (sodomy followed by vaginal penetration: danger of mycosis). It is necessary to change the condom when we change partner. It is necessary to put a condom on dildos, geisha balls and other sextoys (or then have these objects to be carefully cleaned after every use and put them in a clean place. It is necessary to put gloves in latex or a condom on the hand for fists (and beforehand to cut your nails, so that they are short and round) Never put two condoms together. That tears them. It is a heresy to believe that is needed a specially thick condom for sodomy. Any condom is good, if correctly lubed. If the condom explodes and if you did not notice it, it is necessary to visit your doctor (from the following morning) and to follow a therapy for thirty days. Besides, it is necessary to make a HIV test once a year when we are in a relationship. " You are not under cover that your partner cheats on you (and does not put a condom after that). But you can avoid being sick or dying from a secondary infection. "

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Le roi de la capote

For those who do not like the condom (in French, the common word is capote), please go to see this site of public health: on Le Roi De La capote, it is possible to find a condom at your size, " a real customized evening dress ". 55 sizes are available, with all the variations on length and width of the penis. In order to find the perfect size, you only need to print the molds: they are two paper rules, to cut along dotted lines and to roll up around the erected penis. Then read the codes which are shown on the marks. And place your order to receive the package of customized condoms (6,90 euro 6).
Founding the site of " Le roi de la capote " in 2005, Marc Pointel created the first web site of this kind. His online shop is the biggest site of condoms and the N°1 in France today. 4000 condoms pass by every day. Nevertheless, Marc Pointel is discouraged. Former advertising director, converted to sexology, this activist fights since years, but in vain, for a better sex education. " The French people do not like the condom, they associate it with the disease and not with the fantasy. They call it a "anti-AIDS" while it is the only product in the world which allows you to have sex without risks, to be serenely a pig and to be happy for 1 only euro. When the State will say: " kiss, do, unload, kick down, have fun by all the holes and all this for the price of a condom ", people will eventually use it. But at the moment, it is a disaster. " In South Africa (49,3 million inhabitants), it is sold or distributes 500 million condoms a year. In France (65,4 million inhabitants), it is sold or distributes 100 million condoms a year. It is an extremely low figure. Marc Pointel made the calculation: " that makes us less than 3 condoms a year, and by sexualy active person. You believe that the French people make love less of 3 times a year? It is disturbing but nobody speaks about it. "For him," It is a colossal mistake to associate AIDS and condom. " Why do you want that people put a symbol of death while the condom is a symbol of freedom? To sell cars which are potentially destructive machines, the advertising executives bet everything on the eroticism and that works: " the road finally mastered ", " He has the car, he will have the woman ", "Auto Emoción", " the most beautiful performances are the ones that last ", " Get ready to make jealous persons " … Now, compare with slogans praising the "charms" of the condom. That makes me shiver. Marc Pointel nearly chokes when he sees the devastation caused by the last campaign: " they staged a homosexual, as if the heterosexuals or the lesbians were not concerned. And what says this homosexual? " I made love with Marcel, I didn't put a condom, I got lucky and got nothing. Now we are careful " ". Underlying message: it's OK not to protect yourself. " The ministry thus encourages the French people in a unconscious way to have sex without condom. But the worst, it is the sexual educational absence at school. In France, we just show two anatomical charts and we pronounce only hardly the word penetration. The young people do not even know that the penis has erectile properties. When they see a sex at rest, they speak about micro-penis. They make their education by looking at porns. For them, a penis is necessarily 25 cms and a woman necessarily a bitch who's excited on command ". Result: most of the French people believe that if the condom explodes or tears it is that it has poor quality. " I have users who complain: " your condoms are bad ". And when I ask them " did you check if your partner was lubricated ? ", then comes a blank of 3 minutes. 99 % of the men ignore that the women have no vaginal automatic lubrication. And with women, it is hardly better: when the man puts his condom, they stares looking at him, fixed with big eyes and complain that he has difficulty to stay hard. Rare are the ones who think of helping him, by putting it in the mouth in or by caressing his testicles. Rare also are the ones who think of inverting the positions: for a man to stay hard when he puts his condom, it is better than he lyes on the back, with loins in the warmth of the sheets. It's quite simple, but here it is: it is necessary to make love with its brain but that is not given to everybody apparently. "

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Slang during 19th century

From The Art of Manliness: Classic Skills and Manners for the Modern Man, an absolutely delightful "Dictionary of Manly 19th Century Vernacular." Some of my faves:
All-overish: Neither sick nor well; the premonitory symptoms of illness. Also the feeling which comes over a man at a critical moment, say just when he is about to “pop the question.” Sometimes this is called, “feeling all-over alike, and touching nowhere.”
Barking-Iron, or Barker: A pistol. Term used by footpads and thieves generally.
Bellows: The lungs. Bellowser, a blow in the ” wind,” or pit of the stomach, taking one’s breath away.
Blind Monkeys: An imaginary collection at the Zoological Gardens, which are supposed to receive care and attention from persons fitted by nature for such office and for little else. An idle and useless person is often told that he is only fit to lead the Blind Monkeys to evacuate. Another form this elegant conversation takes, is for one man to tell another that he knows of a suitable situation for him. “How much a week? and what to do?” are natural questions, and then comes the scathing and sarcastic reply, “Five bob a week at the doctor’s— you’re to stand behind the door and make the patients sick. They won’t want no physic when they sees your mug.”
Blinker: A blackened eye. Also a hard blow in the eye.
Bone Box. The mouth. Shut your bone box; shut your mouth.
Bully Trap. A brave man with a mild or effeminate appearance, by whom the bullies are frequently taken in.
Bunch Of Fives. The fist. Pugilistic.
Cold Coffee. Misfortune ; sometimes varied to COLD Gruel. An unpleasant return for a proffered kindness is sometimes called COLD Coffee.—Sea.
Colt’s Tooth. Elderly persons of juvenile tastes are said to have a Colt’s Tooth, i.e., a desire to shed their teeth once more, to live life over again.
Cupboard Love. Pretended love to the cook, or any other person, for the sake of a meal. My guts cry cupboard; i.e. I am hungry.
Cut. To renounce acquaintance with any one is to cut him. There are several species of the CUT. Such as the cut direct, the cut indirect, the cut sublime, the cut infernal, etc. The cut direct is to start across the street, at the approach of the obnoxious person, in order to avoid him. The cut indirect is to look another way, and pass without appearing to observe him. The cut sublime is to admire the top of King’s College Chapel, or the beauty of the passing clouds, till he is cut of sight. The cut infernal is to analyze the arrangement of your shoe-strings, for the same purpose.
Draw the Long Bow. To tell extravagant stories, to exaggerate overmuch; same as “throw the hatchet.” From the extremely wonderful stories which used to be told of the Norman archers, and more subsequently of Indians’ skill with the tomahawk.
Drumsticks. Legs. Drumstick cases-pants
Earth Bath. A grave.
Eternity Box. A coffin.
Fart Catcher. A valet or footman, from his walking behind his master or mistress.
Firing A Gun. Introducing a story by head and shoulders. A man, wanting to tell a particular story, said to the company, “Hark; did you not hear a gun?—but now we are talking of a gun, I will tell you the story of one.”
Fizzing. First-rate, very good, excellent; synonymous with “stunning.”
Flag of Distress. Any overt sign of poverty; the end of a person’s shirt when it protrudes through his trousers.
Floorer. A blow sufficiently strong to knock a man down, or bring him to the floor. Often used in reference to sudden and unpleasant news.
Go By The Ground. A little short person, man or woman.
Gullyfluff. The waste—coagulated dust, crumbs, and hair—which accumulates imperceptibly in the pockets of schoolboys.
Gunpowder. An old woman.
Heavy Wet. Malt liquor—because the more a man drinks of it, the heavier and more stupid he becomes.
Holy Water. He loves him as the Devil likes holy water; i.e. hates him mortally.
Keep a Pig. An Oxford University phrase, which means to have a lodger. A man whose rooms contain two bedchambers has sometimes, when his college is full, to allow the use of one of them to a Freshman, who is called under these circumstances a PIG. The original occupier is then said to Keep A Pig.
Ladder. “Can’t see a hole in a Ladder,” said of any one who is intoxicated. It was once said that a man was never properly drunk until he could not lie down without holding, could not see a hole through a Ladder, or went to the pump to light his pipe.
Monkey with a Long Tail. A mortgage.
Month of Sundays. An indefinite period, a long time.
Nose in the Manger. To put one’s nose in the manger, to sit down to eat. To “put on the nose-bag” is to eat hurriedly, or to eat while continuing at work.
Off the Horn. A term used in reference to very hard steak, which is fancifully said to be Off The Horn.
Out of Print. Slang made use of by booksellers. In speaking of any person that is dead, they observe, ‘”he is out of print.”
Perpendicular. A lunch taken standing-up at a tavern bar. It is usual to call it lunch, often as the Perpendicular may take the place of dinner.
Pot-hunter. A man who gives his time up to rowing or punting, or any sort of match in order to win the “pewters” which are given as prizes. The term is now much used in aquatic and athletic circles; and is applied, in a derogatory sense, to men of good quality who enter themselves in small races they are almost sure to win, and thus deprive the juniors of small trophies which should be above the attention of champions, though valuable to beginners. Also an unwelcome guest, who manages to be just in time for dinner.
Rain Napper. Umbrella.
Rib. A wife.
Rumbumptious. Haughty, pugilistic.
Rusty Guts. A blunt, rough, old fellow
Saucebox. A pert young person, in low life also signifies the mouth.
Shake the Elbow. To shake the elbow, a roundabout expression for dice-playing. To “crook the Elbow” is an Americanism for ” to drink.”
Sit-upons. Trousers.
Smeller. The nose; “a blow on the Smeller” is often to be found in pugilistic records.
Tail Down. “To get the Tail Down,” generally means to lose courage. When a professional at any game loses heart in a match he is said to get his Tail Down. ” His Tail was quite DOWN, and it was all over.” The origin is obvious.
Tune the Old Cow Died of. An epithet for any ill-played or discordant piece of music.

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Alice In Wonderland - Official Trailer

Alice in Wonderland

We went to seen last Friday evening Alice in Wonderland in 3D, the new thing at theatres. In case you didn’t here about it (unlikely), It is a 2010 fantasy adventure film directed by Tim Burton, written by Linda Woolverton, and starring Mia Wasikowska, Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Anne Hathaway, Crispin Glover, Michael Sheen and Stephen Fry. It is an extension of Lewis Carroll's novels Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Lookin-Glass. The film uses a technique of combining live action and animation. In the film, Alice is now nineteen years old and accidentally returns to Underland, a place she visited thirteen years previously. She is told that she is the only one who can slay the Jabberwocky, a dragon-like creature controlled by the Red Queen who terrorizes Underland's inhabitants. Burton said the original Wonderland story was always about a girl wandering around from one weird character to another and he never felt a connection emotionally, so he wanted to make it feel more like a story than a series of events. He does not see this as a sequel to previous films or a re-imagining. It premiered in London at the Odeon Leicester Square on February 25, 2010 and was released in Australia on March 4, 2010 and the United States and the United Kingdom on March 5, 2010 through IMAX 3-D and Disney Digital 3-D, as well as in traditional theaters. Review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes reports that 52% of critics have given the film a positive review, with a rating average of 5.7 out of 10 based on 219 reviews. Among Rotten Tomatoes' "Top Critics", which consists of popular and notable critics from the top newspapers, websites, television and radio programs, the film holds an overall approval rating of 61%, based on a sample of 33 reviews. The site's general consensus is that "Tim Burton's Alice sacrifices the book's minimal narrative coherence – and much of its heart – but it's an undeniable visual treat". Metacritic, which assigns a weighted average score out of 1–100 reviews from film critics, has a rating score of 53 based on 38 reviews. Todd McCarthy of Variety praised it for its "moments of delight, humor and bedazzlement", but went on to say, "But it also becomes more ordinary as it goes along, building to a generic battle climax similar to any number of others in CGI-heavy movies of the past few years". Michael Rechtshaffen of The Hollywood Reporter said "Burton has delivered a subversively witty, brilliantly cast, whimsically appointed dazzler that also manages to hit all the emotionally satisfying marks." while also praising its CGI, "Ultimately, it's the visual landscape that makes Alice's newest adventure so wondrous, as technology has finally been able to catch up with Burton's endlessly fertile imagination."Owen Gleiberman of Entertainment Weekly said, "But Burton's Disneyfied 3-D Alice in Wonderland, written by the girl-power specialist Linda Woolverton, is a strange brew indeed: murky, diffuse, and meandering, set not in a Wonderland that pops with demented life but in a world called Underland that's like a joyless, bombed-out version of Wonderland. It looks like a CGI head trip gone postapocalyptic. In the film's rather humdrum 3-D, the place doesn't dazzle — it droops.Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times said in his review that, "Alice plays better as an adult hallucination, which is how Burton rather brilliantly interprets it until a pointless third act flies off the rails". The market research firm CinemaScore found that audiences gave the film an average rating of A-minus.

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WORLD WIDE | Novaplanet

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Old Dan Tucker by the DeZurik Sisters

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Cleaned out on the pedophile priests

The scandal of the pedophilia of the catholic clergy extends in Germany, in the Netherlands, in Austria. Vatican seems encircled and knocked out today. And a trial begins: if any educational institution is not spared by the sexual abuses committed on children, why does the Roman Catholic Church seem the most touched? Is it about individual drift, the revelation of which becomes daily, or is it the structure which is perverse? The storm mutters in Germany. It had burst in January with revelations of abuse committed by two priests in prestigious Jesuit Canesius middle school of Berlin, which trained a part of the German political elite of the post-war years. Since, the tongues loosen free. Other victims, trained in catholic establishments, become known or lodge a complaint. On February 24th, Barnabas Bögle, superior of the monastery Benedictine of Ettal, in the diocese of Munich, resigned because of sexual abuses committed on children schooled in his internat. According to a report, a hundred of children would have been " massively victims of treatment " led by monks of this monastery Benedictine estimated at about ten. The most recent facts would go back up to 1970s and 1980s. Let us remind that cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, future Benoît XVI, was an archbishop of Munich from 1977 till 1982. Another famous Bavarian institution is under the shock: Regensburger Domspatzen, former choir of the singers of the cathedral of Ratisbonne. The bishop of Ratisbonne has just recognized two cases of sexual abuses within this prestigious choral which the own brother of the current pope, Georg Ratzinger, managed from 1964 till 1993. This one, who is 86 years old and lives henceforth in Rome, let know that he ignored everything of the charges which go back up to the end of 1950s: " it was quite an other generation ", he said, before asking for forgiveness to the victims and to their relatives. According to a music composer close to this choir, that he frequented until 1967, everybody knew about these perverse sexual practices. He doubts that Georg Ratzinger was never informed about it. The very catholic Bavaria is still reached by two other affairs: in the community of the Capuchin friars of Burghausen, near Altötting, where the manager of the seminary would have raged on young people in the years 1984-1985. Then, in the diocese of Augsburg which has just warned the public prosecutor's department of a going back up affair in 1999. In front of this waterfall of revelations, the debate took a political tour in Germany. The Minister of justice, Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger, demands financial compensations for the victims of prescribed crimes and wants to make a bill vote to extend the limitation periods for the cases of abuse in schools. It questions especially Vatican which would have set up on this affairs a " wall of silence ". It hints at a letter sent, in 2001, to the bishops of the whole world by cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, then prefect of the Roman congregation for the doctrine of the faith. This entitled text " Of delictis gravioribus " (" about the gravest offences ") made obligation to the bishops to pass on the major cases directly to the pope in Rome. The German Minister of Justice, followed by a big part of the press, retains of this letter that the most serious abuses must not be revealed outside. Wrong, answers Vatican: it was " a determining signal " to remind the episcopate its responsibility in front of the gravity of the committed crime. The scandal also reaches Austria: Bruno Becker, superior of the abbey Benedictine Saint-Peter of Salzburg, resigned on March 8th with immediate effect. He admitted publicly to have abused a child in 1969 in his native municipality of Grödig. Then the Netherlands where the order of the salesian has been the object of charges for facts which would have occurred in the 1960s and 1970 in an internat near Nimègue. A commission of inquiry of the Dutch Church, launched at the beginning of March a call to the persons victims of priests: 34 cases of sexual abuses were indicated in four days. In Vatican, it is consternation. The German cardinal Walter Kasper, in charge of the oecumenical questions, has just declared to the Italian daily paper Repubblica that " the sexual abuses on minors by members of the clergy are criminal, shameful acts and inadmissible mortal sins ", who must " be punished with an absolved firmness ". The pope took himself this painful file. He made it for the United States, Ireland, knew how to find the words and achieved by the doubtless insufficient gestures. He will receive on March 12th the president of the conference of the bishops of Germany. But the nightmare seems not to finish any more. In many circles, the temptation is big today to implicate, beyond the individual offences committed by some priests, the catholic institution itself, in general, and to condemn it as perverse structure. Father Federico Lombardi, spokesman of the pope, made public on Tuesday, March 9th a strong clarification. He does not deny the gravity of the storm which crosses all the Church. He reminded the orders of extreme severity and of transparency, makes observe that in Germany, in the Netherlands, in Austria, the concerned authorities had reacted determinedly and speed. But he especially wanted to underline that the scandal of the pedophilia did not limit itself to the Church: it is a "much wider" question and a fact of concentrating the charges only on the Roman Catholic Church " false the point of view ". He was delighted at the request of the German Minister of the family to gather all the educational institutions to speak about this tragedy and promised the participation of the episcopate. It remains that the other Churches - Protestants, Anglican or orthodoxes - who are also in charge of educational establishments, seem relatively spared. The most massive and violent facts are the ones which blamed the Roman Catholic Church, the United States, in Australia, in Ireland, in Germany, in Austria, in a lesser degree in France, etc. Hans Küng, the famous theologian of Tübingen in Germany (but Swiss of origin), the most violent opponent of Benoît XVI, found the guilty: the discipline, specifically catholic, the celibacy of the priests. In a point of view published by "Le Monde" March 5th, he tells not to ignore that this stories also burst in families, schools, associations and, more occasionally, within Churches where the rule of the celibacy of the priests does not exist. But what, for him, engenders all the drift, it is " the wrinkled relation which maintains the catholic hierarchy with the sexuality ", which the celibacy of the priests is " the most striking expression ". This point of view surprised the psychoanalysts and publishers close to the Roman Catholic Church. There is no direct causal relation between the pedophilia and the celibacy. The best proof, comments Gérard Leclerc in " catholic France ", is that " prisons are populated with married sex offenders and heads of family and that the main part of the pedophile crimes is of incestuous nature. The marriage of the priests would guarantee not at all the catholic institutions against this type of crime ". Nevertheless, the trial of a Roman Catholic Church in the perverse functioning began. There is doubtless an obnoxious contradiction between the high level of moral requirement which requires this Church, in its own rows and in the whole today's society, and the behavior of those who are in charge of supervising it and of spreading its teaching. But it would be reducing and absurd to decrease the debate to the criticism of a Church which would create in itself its devianting tendencies.

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Saturday evening, my man was invited at a birthday party in a bar in Kreuzberg. I was happy to join because I like the area and wanted to go out for a drink, maybe two, for sure not three, at least not before the fourth. Anyway, we arrived late because we took our time, baked a cake, having thought It will be some kind of family reunion. So around midnight, right after the clock said the friend is now a year older, we arrived in Marianne. And big surprise. One thing my man forgot to tell me before going, is that his friend is lesbian. It is absolutely not a problem to me, except that I’ve never been to a lesbian party before. The bar was full … of girls. That makes things strange when you arrive and you’re not 1) the correct gender and 2) definitely not of the right sexual orientation. Feeling the (almost) only man in the place among women feels strange. It makes you feel not unique but a rare unknown specie who landed here by mistake. Some are curious to watch you evaluating on this new planet, you can see on some faces “but what is he doing here ?” and some after noticing something strange in the environment, forget you at once because the girl next chair at the bar sipping her red wine is definitely more intriguing and surely fuckable, will do for that night. My man noticed some acquaintances so I let him go and ordered a glass of wine and found a table with chair faaaaaar away on the last corner of the bar. But the good thing is that from the place I was, I could have a general (interested) look at the public. I noticed two other guys, so I was not feeling (too) lonely. But some details I noticed straight away are interesting. It is very common that men go out alone, sit at a bar and drink calmly his drink while doing nothing or at most having discussion with an unknown. If he is in a darkroom, he will have sex and go back hone, feeling satisfied (or not, but It is another debate). In a male darkroom (I can’t say gay darkroom, you’ll never know who’s coming there), even if the place is forbidden for women, you will find separated toilets for them (It is the law, I saw It, I confirm). And gay men like do be with girls, even lesbians, the contrary does not seem that obvious. In a lesbian bar, men are not forbidden. They can come in. But girls do not come out alone. I saw no girl alone during the evening. They all know someone in the place and stick together the whole evening, sometimes even creating groups when one meets other friends. This, I never saw. And they leave also together. In the lesbian bar, there is no toilets for men. I let you imagine the reaction of the girls when you need to pee. But the mood was great. Unfortunately, we arrived after the concerts. After a while and a few drinks, I was not alone at my table anymore but 4, when we were requested to be there for the concerts at the end of the month. It was already the middle of the night and because the party was nearly finished, we decided to go at Roses, which is around the corner in Oranienstr. The bar was also full, we started at the bar and finished near the sofa where we could breathe a little. Some of the girls from the party joined us a while after but we could hardly make contacts. What a pleasant first lesbian night.


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Friday, March 19, 2010

Size is important

Admit it or not, the size of baby's penis is often a source of parental pride. If the nature spoiled him, his father and mother can predict him future effortlessly: he will have of testosterone to be resold, will have risen well, while remaining one way or another susceptible at the needs of its circle of acquaintances - in brief, a leader - born, generous and honorable. Here is for the ideal scenario. But what happens when baby has a genital deformation? If he is Danish, we compare his family jewels to those of his neighbors of the Baltic. In Denmark, the increase of the genital deformations of male children, the decline of the average rates of sperm cells, and the increase of the rate of cancer of the testicle do not stop alarming the scientists. Since five years, a group of researchers of the country tries to determine the causes - and compare, to do it, the intimate parts of their fellow countrymen to those of the Finns. Why Finland? It is very simple: both countries have medical quality archives and populations opened to the medical research. Furthermore, a wild rivalry sets them for a long time - already at the time of the Vikings, the Danish and Finnish tribes made fun of knocks of bludgeon. But to whom returns today the palm of the most impressive bludgeons? There is the question. Why should this question interest you if you are neither Danish, nor Finn? Simply because the problems which meet these babies could be well caused by environmental toxin - toxin today present all over the world. According to the statistics, the Finns win easily this competition of measurements. A study led on 1.600 babies been born between 1997 and 2001 shows that the measurements of the testicles of the young Danes are lesser than those of the Finns. The scientists began by calculating the "volume ellipsoïde" at birth of the testicle, noticing then a considerable difference. In three months, the difference was even more pronounced, the growth testicle of the Finnish babies being three times superior on average of their young neighbors! When the results were published, the announcement seemed like thunder - to make you an idea, imagine that a very serious study asserts that the students of Yale have a smaller one than those of Harvard... " We spoke about it in the media a lot ". The researchers led another study, concerning the size of the penises of the children, which allowed to demonstrate that the big sizes were associated with high rates of testosterone. " The Finns beat us in all the categories: rate of sperm cells, sizes of testicles, rate of cancer ". You will say that these Scandinavians' thankless could already consider themselves happy to be big and blond ... the size of testicles and the penises (and, obviously, the congenital deformations) can say a lot about the health as much as on the reproductive success of the individuals. And the environmental factors which can explain that these problems already affect several countries of Western Europe and-probably part of North America.

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Move your money

Play at Robin Bank

It is one thing or the other: either you complain about banks responsible for the financial crisis and again profitable, whereas your overdraft becomes abyssal. Either you act. Why not sending to your bank an e-mail of financial break and to choose an eco-friendly bank and to save united (because it is the key of a healthier économy). Let us go farther. Rather than to make the revolution át the bar, you can play it like a Robin the Bank. A Catalan, an anticapitalist activist in favour of the decrease, member of the collectives Time of re-voltes and Infoespai. This man, middle of September, announced publicly that it had just swindled 492 000 euro from various financial entities with the aim of denouncing, in these terms, a system which urges to borrow ceaselessly and to mortgage up to his own mother! With this swindled vargent, the " Robin of forks out " financed the publication of a free baptized newspaper "Crisi" made to 200 000 copies and distributed by volunteers in Catalonia. Arrested then released a few months later, he dashes now in a new campaign " a strike of the users of bank "... Here is for the Catalan and radical version. You can also play it the American way with "Move Your Money". Another form of boycott of the Big Banks. The site " move your money " allows the citizens to move their "nuts" in a local and reliable bank - noted well by the Institutional Risk Analytics (IRA). Then move your money in the Nave or in the Credit Coopértif for example. If the movement of capital becomes massive, the big banks are going to have to revise their way of functioning or disappear... Look at the video campaign of "Move Your Money", which is inspired by Kapara's The Life is beautiful.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Television the drug of the nation

How green is your pet?

Meeting all these pets, mostly dogs, in the city and the bio fashion worldwide (I even found some bio lube ! ) I can't help delivering this article. Kate Ravilious is a science journalist based in York, UK, and the guilty owner of a medium-sized dog. She writes for the New Scientist : "Should owning a great dane make you as much of an eco-outcast as an SUV driver? Yes it should, say Robert and Brenda Vale, two architects who specialise in sustainable living at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand. In their new book, Time to Eat the Dog: The real guide to sustainable living, they compare the ecological footprints of a menagerie of popular pets with those of various other lifestyle choices - and the critters do not fare well. As well as guzzling resources, cats and dogs devastate wildlife populations, spread disease and add to pollution. It is time to take eco-stock of our pets. To measure the ecological paw, claw and fin-prints of the family pet, the Vales analysed the ingredients of common brands of pet food. They calculated, for example, that a medium-sized dog would consume 90 grams of meat and 156 grams of cereals daily in its recommended 300-gram portion of dried dog food. At its pre-dried weight, that equates to 450 grams of fresh meat and 260 grams of cereal. That means that over the course of a year, Fido wolfs down about 164 kilograms of meat and 95 kilograms of cereals. It takes 43.3 square metres of land to generate 1 kilogram of chicken per year - far more for beef and lamb - and 13.4 square metres to generate a kilogram of cereals. So that gives him a footprint of 0.84 hectares. For a big dog such as a German shepherd, the figure is 1.1 hectares. Meanwhile, an SUV - the Vales used a 4.6-litre Toyota Land Cruiser in their comparison - driven a modest 10,000 kilometres a year, uses 55.1 gigajoules, which includes the energy required both to fuel and to build it. One hectare of land can produce approximately 135 gigajoules of energy per year, so the Land Cruiser's eco-footprint is about 0.41 hectares - less than half that of a medium-sized dog. The Vales are not alone in reaching this conclusion. When New Scientist asked John Barrett at the Stockholm Environment Institute in York, UK, to calculate eco-pawprints based on his own data, his figures tallied almost exactly. "Owning a dog really is quite an extravagance, mainly because of the carbon footprint of meat," he says. Then there are all the other animals we own. Doing similar calculations for a variety of pets and their foods, the Vales found that cats have an eco-footprint of about 0.15 hectares (slightly less than a Volkswagen Golf), hamsters come in at 0.014 hectares apiece (buy two, and you might as well have bought a plasma TV) and canaries half that. Even a goldfish requires 0.00034 hectares (3.4 square metres) of land to sustain it, giving it an ecological fin-print equal to two cellphones. This kind of analysis appeals to David Mackay, a physicist at the University of Cambridge and the UK government's new energy adviser. He believes we should put as much thought into choosing a pet as we do into buying a car. "If a lifestyle choice uses more than 1 per cent of your energy footprint, then it is worthwhile reflecting on that choice and seeing what you can do about it," he says. "Pets definitely deserve attention: by my estimates, the energy footprint of a cat is about 2 per cent of the average British person's energy footprint - and it's bigger for most dogs." Alternatively, consider the cumulative environmental impact of our furry friends. The US, which tops the list for both cat and dog ownership in absolute terms, is home to over 76 million felines and 61 million canines. Taking the estimated cat population for the top 10 cat-owning countries, the Vales calculate that the land required just to feed these cats is over 400,000 square kilometres. That's equivalent to one-and-a-half times the area of New Zealand. A further five New Zealands are required to feed the pooches living in the top 10 dog-owning countries - which, perhaps surprisingly, does not include the UK. Then there are the other environmental impacts of pets. Every year, for example, the UK's 7.7 million cats kill over 188 million wild animals (Mammal Review, vol 33, p 174). That works out at about 25 birds, mammals and frogs per cat. Similar figures have emerged from surveys in the US and Australia. There is also a knock-on effect because cats feasting on wildlife can leave wild predators such as hawks and weasels short of food. Every year the UK's 7.7 million cats kill over 188 million wild animals. That's 25 per cat. Dogs are not entirely blameless either. In 2007, Peter Banks and Jessica Bryant from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, monitored bird life in woodlands just outside the city to assess the impact of dogs being walked there (Biology Letters, vol 3, p 611). They showed that bird life in areas frequented by dogs, even when kept on a lead, had 35 per cent less diversity and 41 per cent fewer birds overall. Areas with off-lead dogs seem to suffer even more: ongoing studies in the UK indicate that dogs are aiding the decline of some rare species of bird, such as European nightjars. Another major environmental problem, particularly in urban areas, is pet faeces. A study carried out in Nashville, Tennessee, indicated that it is a significant cause of high bacterial levels in local rivers and streams, particularly after heavy rain. As well as making the water unsafe to drink, high bacterial levels can starve waterways of oxygen and kill aquatic life. Cat excrement is particularly toxic. In 2002, it emerged that sea otters along the Californian coast are dying from a brain disease caused by Toxoplasma gondii. The parasite, which is found in cat faeces, ends up in rivers and estuaries thanks to cat owners who flush their cat litter down the toilet or allow their cats to defecate outside. Dolphins and whales are also affected. So what is an eco-friendly animal lover to do? If you already have a pet, then changing its diet can help. Meat is the key, since its production is so energy-intensive. You can almost halve the eco-pawprint of your dog simply by feeding it many of the same sort of savory foods that you eat, which are likely to be far less protein-rich than most dog foods. As well as quantity, think about quality. "If pussy is scoffing 'Fancy Feast' - or some other food made from choice cuts of meat - then the relative impact is likely to be high," says Robert Vale. "If, on the other hand, the cat is fed on fish heads and other leftovers from the fishmonger, the impact will be lower." Dog owners might also want to avoid walking their dog in wildlife-rich areas, and cat owners could consider keeping Tiddles indoors. "Cats are nocturnal, so the single most important thing people can do to reduce predation is to keep cats in at night," says Michael Woods of the Mammal Society in Southampton, UK. And if you are thinking of acquiring a pet? "Shared pets are the best - the theatre cat or the temple dogs," says Robert Vale. But if you must own your own, think about getting an animal that serves a dual purpose. He recommends hens, which partly compensate for their eco-footprint by providing eggs. Or there is an even better alternative, if you can stomach it. "Rabbits are good," he says, "provided you eat them."

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All about love

I give you an article of the Washington Post. I am afraid this is all about money when I thought It was about love and acceptance but true, there is a market to take with gay marriage ! "Georgetown residents Christopher Cahill and Richard Marshall consider the $75,000 wedding that they're planning for June to be their own "personal stimulus package" for the District economy. And local businesses are already seeing the dollar signs.They originally intended to have their wedding in Provincetown, Mass., in a state where same-sex marriages have been legal for nearly six years. But as District recognition crept closer to reality, they brought the party back home: They have contracted with nine local businesses to handle flowers and photography and party favors. About 130 guests are expected for their six-course dinner and reception at the downtown W Hotel. And Cahill said he expects their budget will only get bigger. As the first same-sex couples married in Washington on Tuesday, the city is in the national spotlight as a pioneer in the gay-rights movement. But local officials say the historic event also has more practical implications for a city grappling with 12 percent unemployment: jobs. A study by the nonprofit Williams Institute predicted that legalizing same-sex marriage will create 700 jobs and contribute $52.2 million over three years to the local economy. "We think it's a great opportunity to capitalize on groups that will be coming to Washington," said Elliott Ferguson, chief executive of Destination D.C., the city's tourism and marketing arm. "It's the nation's capital. It's symbolic." Businesses are already lining up to cater to what Forbes estimated is a $16.8 billion national market. A local restaurant answered the phone Tuesday with "Happy gay marriage day." Organizers of the city's first gay and lesbian wedding expo, planned for spring at the Renaissance Hotel in Dupont Circle, said hotels were jockeying to host the expo -- a dramatic change from the days when hotels were reluctant to put signs with same-sex couples' names in the lobby. The Ritz-Carlton in Georgetown has sent out invitations for a celebratory cocktail party and is expecting 200 attendees along with tax attorneys, travel agents and other vendors who will mingle with the crowd. Other businesses are offering discounts as high as 50 percent to win over same-sex couples.Mervis Diamond Importers launched a line of wedding rings targeted to gay couples just in time for the first "I dos." The 18-karat gold rings -- thick bands without diamonds and made to match -- run $1,000 to $3,000. "We're in the business of love," said Jonathan Mervis, the company's digital strategist. "This is just an extension of what we've always been about." Courting the gay community can be a delicate dance. Although many of the staples are the same -- invitation, cake, flowers -- there are subtle differences. Many of the couples are older than traditional newlyweds and have been together for years. Web sites have sprung up selling groom-groom and bride-bride cake toppers. Cahill said many vendors' standard forms ask for the names of the bride and groom. "It's not like a prejudicial thing," he said. "It's the nature of it all." At the same time, the issue of same-sex marriage remains highly politically charged -- the influential Catholic Archdiocese of Washington remains staunchly opposed to the law -- and businesses could risk alienating some customers. Hyatt Regency spokeswoman Tammy Hagin said one guest canceled a room reservation after seeing the hotel's promotion for discounts on gay weddings on its Web site. The ad has since been moved off the front page. But the potentially lucrative market for gay weddings is tough to resist. The average heterosexual wedding cost $19,000 in 2009, according to the Wedding Report, a market research firm, though the average in the District was closer to $40,000. Marianne Puechl, co-founder of the Rainbow Wedding Network, said she generally estimates that gay marriages cost half of traditional ones because they tend to be smaller.The Williams Institute study, issued last spring, predicted that nearly 2,000 District couples would marry if the option were available, generating about $18 million in new spending and $1 million in sales tax revenue over three years. The bigger windfall is expected to come from out-of-state couples -- particularly from New York -- seeking to get married in the nation's capital. The report estimated 12,500 such couples would travel to the District in three years, boosting the economy by $34.3 million and contributing $3.8 million in taxes. A 2004 Congressional Budget Office report estimated that legalizing same-sex marriage across the country would generate about $1 billion annually in new federal revenue through taxes and other fees. Local companies are clamoring to claim what they hope will become a new revenue stream. At MallowDrama bakery in Reston, owner Mary Supley Foxworth and her husband, David, are busy designing as many as 400 miniature wedding cakes for a same-sex group wedding March 20. The event is scheduled at the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium in downtown Washington, and organizer Mike Wilkinson said it could break a world record. Supley Foxworth began advertising the bakery on Arlington County-based last summer and then began working on the group wedding. She and her husband are hoping to personalize each couple's mini cake, perhaps with their names or initials. Although she's providing the cakes for free, Supley Foxworth said she hoped it would be good advertising. "We just wanted to make sure that any couples in our area knew about us," she said. At the Ritz Carlton in Georgetown, the cocktail party next week ostensibly celebrates gay marriage in the District -- and showcases the exposed brick walls and vast windows of its chic Fahrenheit dining room. To reach its target audience, the hotel partnered with well-known figures in Washington's gay community to host the event and, hopefully, invite their friends. "It's hard to pull out the divining rod and know exactly how it will go," said interior designer Skip Sroka, one of the hosts. "But as people look back, they'll recognize how strong the wave was that came through."

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Logorama: Part 2 Short film Animated that won the Oscar 2010

Logorama:Part 1 Short film Animated that won the Oscar 2010


But of course, France won an Oscar! The Americans avoided " A Prophet ", but they greeted "Logorama", a hallucinating animated short film, diverting hundreds of logos. Its hero: Michelin's Bibendum, engaged in a pursuit race with Ronald McDonald. This Oscar should put on ease the directors, who had violated the rights of the brands with full knowledge of the facts. The Oscar of the best animated short film consecrates definitively "Logorama". Since the Cannes film festival 2009, the movie of François Alaux, Hervé de Crécy and Ludovic Houplain chain up the awards. Logorama, it is thus 17 minutes of pursuit race and shooting, in a decorationset underlining the presence of the commercial logos in our landscape. Problem: before using these logos, the directors and the producers had not asked for the authorization of the brands. Would they have obtained these authorizations? Probably not, or not of all the brands. The role of the bad guy is for McDonald, and Haribo is not as nice as the children can think of him. "Logorama" was " a gamble ", explained the producer Nicolas Schmerkin to the site in February: "If the movie makes a success and if it has a good career, the brands will follow. It is clear that we knew the risks from the beginning : 3 000 trials! But we also had arguments for our defense with the right for the caricature, which exists in France. Our lawyer possessed a whole file of cases concerning the diversion / caricature / right in the parody. But everything went well! The brands understodd that it was not bad for them. " Michelin did not intervene with the directors, explains a spokeswoman, because " it was creativity. " And maybe also because its logo has the good part. It is not the case of MCDONALD. Contacted also by Eco89, the group has not answered yet. Ronald McDonald plays effectively " the psychopath ", admitted the directors of "Logorama" in le during the Cannes film festival. But only because of his film qualities, " because the clowns frighten, it is liek the Joker in Batman ". Logorama would not be an anticapitalist piece, just an action movie with stars of another kind. One of the three directors, Hervé de Crécy, explained to le "It is not a pamphlet, but a right of reply to everything we are daily subjected. We are allowed to caricature the president, the pope, Mahomet. On the other hand, there is nothing more protected than a brand.

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55 love and sex

Men have twice more chances than the women to be sexually active at advanced ages, but, whatever is the gender, to be healthy is determining for the sexual good behaviour once at these ages. Basing itself on two inquiries with the American population, the study shows that the ditch, which racks itself with the age, is sharply deeper among 75-85 years. About four men on ten in this age say themselves sexually active against less than two women on ten (17 %). To be married or to have an intimate partner reduces however these differences. A survey (1995-1996 ) was made on about 3.000 persons from 25 to 74 years old and the other one (2005-2006) on an equivalent number of people from 57 to 85 years old. The vast majority (95 in 97,8 %) define themselves as heterosexual. At 55 years old, men have still have an average sexual life of about 15 years against ten and a half years for the women. Among the 75-85 years old, 41,2 % of the men say themselves interested in the sex against 11,4 % of the women. At this age, among those declaring a sexual life, 70,8 % of the men consider it satisfactory against hardly more than a woman on two (50,9 %). The survey confirms that these differences are partially explicable by the conjugal status (be married or have a partner or not). Almost three quarters of the men, in all the age groups, indicate having a partner. While this proportion falls at less than four on ten (38,5 %) to the women of 75 and more years old. The healthy persons have practically twice more chances to be interested in the sex compared with those in poor health. However, if the sexual active life expectation is bigger on the men's side, these last ones lose more years of active sex than the women, because of a poor health, according to the study. The sexual activity corresponded to at least a sexual intercourse within the six months for the first survey and one in the previous 12 months in the 2nd survey.

Militate on sexual networks

Using on-line gay sites to fight against criminalization of the homosexuality worldwide, that is an idea. The journalist and the photographer Philippe Castetbon is a pioneer in this domain. At first : just a connection without militant motive. Castetbon discovers ´quickly that he can be in touch with gays of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Comoros, the Lebanon, Kenya, Jamaica, Uganda, Ethiopia, Gaza of Pakistan. Countries, approximately 80, where homosexuality is reprehensible and condemned. Punished by prison for 10 years, corporal punishments, death penalties also (in Iran for example). On gay web sites, men display their face hidden in order not to be recognized. Sometimes in postures which let, at least a bit, guess their sensuality. Thanks to all these meeting websites, Philippe Castetbon was able to collect testimonies of those who are reduced to silence. For example a Malaysian gay man : there is a lot of ignorance in Malaysia about gays, and about what they are. Quite a lot of people still associate homosexuality with words like "dirty " or " immoral". Moreover, every person who flirts with someone of the same sex risks until 20 years of prison, and will receive boosts. You too you can militate on gay web sites, inspired by the work of Philippe Castetbon presented in a book published by H&O " The condemned : in my country, my sexuality is a crime " and try to discuss with those we talk a lot but we never hear of.

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Holy gay sex

After the scandal about children that started 6 weeks ago in Germany within the catholic church, here is the one from Italy, more specific in the Vatican (not surprising, hum ?). A homosexual network surrounds pope Benoît XVI, and it is the nth sexual scandal which takes place Vatican. The Italian press tells that a chorus-singer has just been dismissed by the church because he supplied male sexual partners to a member of the circle close to the pope. Angelo Balducci, honored with the title of " Gentleman of His Holiness ", is the man to whom the partners were supplied - he was imprisoned in mid-February for a business of corruption (!!). Among the recordings of his´conversations which the police has, fragments were discovered which show that Balducci engaged services of touts to have gay sex. Among his touts, a Nigerian chorus-singer was identified: Thomas Chinedu Ehiem. The Italian newspapers retranscribe a part of the conversations. Corriere (a tout, addressing Balducci): " Angelo... I do not say more to you about it. He is two meters high, weighs 97 kg, he is 33 years old, very active. " On other recordings, we can hear : " I have a German who has just arrived from Germany. " " I have one of two meters. " " I have the football player. " " I have one from Abruzzi Mountains. " But there are also young monks: " but he, at what time must he return to the seminary ? ", asks Balducci. Some people would like not to believe it, as Pablo Colino, choirmaster highly skilled in the basilica Saint-Peter, who managed the choir of Chinedu Ehiem. " he is a great tenor, he sings like an angel, he is an angel. You know what he said to me once ? That his place is in paradise, at his death, he wants to go there... " But Chinedu Ehiem admitted. He gave to the weekly Panorama his version of the facts. " It is a friend who was escort who presented him to me, more than 10 years ago. " The chorus-singer was then a waiter, he was younger, poorer, had to help two sisters and four brothers... He eventually gave up to the advances of Balducci, and started to supply him. He claims that he did not always make it willingly, and that all were major and willing. " For Balducci, a 26, 27-year-old man was already too young. He preferred the mature men, from 40. " Time to resign if you’re catholic. How can you have faith with men who pronounced their vows ? Or make church accept that man is only flesh and bones. That would maybe help the ones who live with aids and were condemned by the same church who never help them.

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Why Xynthia has such a name

Last week-end in France there was a terrible storm, named Xynthia, that destroyed part of the west coast and cost live to 50 persons. We saw that in Berlin for 2 days when suddenly, after a few days of snow melting, we lived a time wind and snow for hours. I noticed that each storm has a name and the question is now : Why storms are called Günter, Klaus or Lothar... ? Before, to make a long story short, a storm was called according to day saint, locality which it had demolished or the humor of the meteorologists. Since the fifties, storms and cyclones are named according to preestablished lists of first names (but also names of flowers, trees, birds), established by country committees which composition varies according to the concerned region, and validated by the world meteorological Organization of United Nations. National cyclone center of Miami has so six lists of first names. When lists are finished, we take the same and we start from all over again. Except for the particularly murderous storms: their names are then eliminated of the list, in order to not meet a second Katrina or a Mitch junior.. For the North of the Atlantic - and thus storms, but also important anticyclones which get Europe - it is the Institute of meteorology in Berlin that takes care of it since 1954. So a tendency for the Germanic consonances: Klaus (in January, 2009), Lothar (in December, 1999)... Lists follow the alphabet, by alternating first names male / female, parity obliges: before Xynthia there was harmless Günter, Isidor or Wera. Later will come Yve and Zana. In 2004, the students of the institute have the idea to suggest to the public to adopt a storm by baptizing it. Or how to make sensitive the opinion about meteorology while financing the programs of research and meteo observations. Because to baptize a storm of the North Atlantic has a price: 199 euro for a depression, 299 euro for an anticyclone, which are also named. And so we owe the choice of Xynthia to Wolfgang Schütte. The happy (or unfortunate) godfather gained the right to baptize his storm without paying out anything via a lottery organized by a web site dedicated to the climate. The first names have to answer certain criteria: to be registered on the register of the "acceptable" first names, no hyphen, no special signs... Which does not prevent any curiosities and a singular preference for the first names, let's say, old fashioned, at least for a French ear. If a letter is not attributed, it is auctioning on e-bay. For those who would like to let something to climatic posterity, remain to name some storms beginning by Q, W, X and Z. Knowing that, as It is good to know reading the site of the Institute, " you will have no influence on the climate ".