Monday, April 26, 2010

Boy meets Boy (1st part)




Like every year, same time, same place, I buy my ticket for the Gay Propaganda night, meaning the short film event, taking place in this Verzaubert festival that I much appreciate. I never was disapointed and hope never will be, though this year, the french selection was bad. Love and other catastrophies, coming out and cuddling, sex dates and sweet whispers at night. Sometimes serious, sometimes silly, GAY PROPAGANDA NIGHT brings together the best gay short films world-wide. Take a chance and a date, bring a friend or 10 and dive into this cineastic pool of short delights: We have an AWAKENING and TWOYOUNGMEN in Utah, we take a CAMERA and a GUITAR. When you are not loved very much you might be called FRIDAY’S CHILD. And who knew what hidden pleasures can be experienced by a FREQUENT TRAVELLER? Sometimes a NAKED NIGHT can lead to BOY MEETS BOY... I give you my selection from this event : Awakening, starring Allan Hyde. If you a series fan like me, you have noticed he played in True Blood. Dänemark 2008 / 38 min / dänische OMEU REGIE Christian Tafdrup KONTAKT Bildkraft. Boy meets Boy, the funniest, Südkorea 2008 / 13 min / ohne Dialog, REGIE Kim Jho Kwang-soo KONTAKT Bildkraft. Frischluft-Therapie, Deutschland 2009 / ?? min / deutsche OV, REGIE Christoph Scheermann.

Friday, April 23, 2010

The XX

Sables d'Olonne

The tourist pole of Sables d'Olonne, been used of unusual communication campaign, suggests this year " the job of the summer, 2010 " which consists in spreading some solar cream on the tourists' body for 850 euro a week. " It is a new service proposed to the tourists: we are going to recruit two young people who will come to give some solar cream and especially to advise the tourists on the solar protection ", explained François Boche, manager of the Tourist information office of Sables d'Olonne. Classified ads are going to be published in universities and schools connected to the health to recruit both " Creamers ", via an employment agency, for a summer job which will last from July 10th till August 22nd, that is six working weeks paid 5 000 euro. Based in a kiosk on the beach with the colors of the partner who will supply 30 000 samples of solar cream, both candidates will give cream " firstly to the children in the presence of the parents, and on the top of the back and forearm " adults to avoid any problem. The recruiting web site will be opened until May 26th. It will receive CV and videos of 45 seconds from the applicants for whom, besides some medical knowledge, It is also asked some capacities of animation. After a preselection on the net from May till June, 10 applicants will be held for an ultimate selection of two days, in mid-June, in Sables d'Olonne in front of a jury which will decide for both winners.


How can Icelandic volcano paralyzes the European sky

The airports of the North of France will remain closed and more half of the European flights are cancelled. The cause: a big cloud stemming from the eruption of the volcano situated under the glacier Eyjafjallajökull, in the southwest of the island. These disturbances " could last another 24 hours ", confirmed on Friday morning Eurocontrol the European company responsible of the flight safety. " It will depend on the way that evolves the cloud ". Nobody was really interested in the eruption started on Wednesday and which caused the evacuation of 800 persons in a region from the east of Reykjavik. It is nevertheless impressive, when you look at the images shot in Iceland.
• In one day, the winds transported ashes at 11 km of the ground, where fly the long distance flights. The authorities of the aviation do not want to be at risk that planes cross its road. For two reasons:
• The clouds of volcanic ashes include some sulfur, which risks to make the windows of the cockpit opaque. But aircrafts fly by instruments and this point would be surmountable.
• Especially reactors run are at risks: the silica contained in ashes can provoke the stop of the engine.
It happened before. An episode stays in the memory of the air authorities: on December 15th, 1989, a Boeing 747 of the company KLM crosses the panache of volcanic ashes of the mount Redoubt during the approach of Anchorage, in Alaska. Having ingested quantities of ashes, reactors stop working, the plane made a fall of 4 000 meters and eventually landed. But the four reactors had be changed. The Civil Aviation recommends to the travelers to contact their airline company. We cannot plan how is going to evolve the situation at the moment. We wait for samples to analyze the magma, but It comes back to normal step by step.

A day in Paris


After a 20-year relationship and setting up legal documentation for him and his partner to care for each other in their final days of life, 88-year-old Clay Greene ended up financially wiped out and in the middle of a legal battle against his California county. Greene's partner, 77-year-old Harold Scull, became ill and then was injured in a fall at the men's home in Sebastopol in April 2008 and was hospitalized. Despite their official power of attorney documents, which delegated health care responsibilities to each other, Sonoma County officials denied Greene's requests to care for and make decisions for Scull. As a result, Greene has filed a lawsuit against the county. According to the National Center for Lesbian Rights, while Scull was in the hospital, deputy public guardians went to the men's home, took photographs, and commented on the desirability and quality of their shared furnishings, artwork, and collectibles. Though their legal documents affirmed his right to do so, county and health care professionals refused to allow Greene to assist in making medical decisions or to even visit Scull in the hospital. The county is said to have involuntarily committed Greene, who was healthy, and then placed the couple in separate nursing homes. County officials then went to court to testify that Greene was simply Clay's "roommate" and sought full rights to make financial decisions on his behalf. The court denied their request but did grant them limited access to a bank account to pay for care. After the men had been placed in nursing homes, the county terminated the couple's lease and liquidated all of their assets without any effort to differentiate the ownership of items. According to the National Center for Lesbian Rights, which is assisting in the case, Greene was left only with a photo album put together during Scull's last three months before he died in his assigned nursing home. Greene's lawsuit names the auction company and a nursing home as defendants, in addition to several county officials. A hearing in the case has been set for July 16 in Sonoma County superior court.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

10 drugs to not take while driving

Put the sex smell in a flask

Did you know that in man perfumes, to give them an animal note, we find some chive, a faecal smell? There is something dirty in the sexuality and it is exactly it, maybe, which gives to the desire all its power. We like, beyond the good and beyond the evil, flavors mixed by stench. Ritually, the lovers exchange a garment when they part. A for a long time worn T-shirt, for example, filled with the beloved smell, the mixture of sweat, excretions and of all kinds impalpable things … Imagine that it is possible to create a perfume which is exactly the one of your lover. You would not then have to concern any more about a T-shirt, but put directly its smell on your skin, to feel him close again to you … For Hervé Mathieu, leader of the company Fragrance forward, it is possible. “ We use for it a technology named Head Space, invented in the 70s and widely used since the end of the 80s. “The object of which we want to reproduce the smell is placed in a bowl of glass adapted to its shape, to avoid every risk of bruises. A micro-sensor, placed inside the bowl, absorbs during several hours the air around it. The sample obtained is then studied by a technique which we call chromatography in gaseous phase to separate the various molecules of the others, as well as by mass spectrography to know the proportion (molecular weight) of each in the total sample. Then, the human being intervenes and identifies, thanks to databases and to his nose, the multiple components of the smells. « Just a flower can make 400 different olfactory molecules. Imagine what a human skin may produce, especially when taking into account the activities in which they engaged prior to analysis ... Now imagine that we can reproduce the scent of a woman (a man) who just made love. With this technique, the perfumers can virtually reproduce all existing odors, "says Hervé Mathieu. The smell of bodies which have made love is without doubt possible to capture, if we nuance this by the fact that there probably are not two similar odors during a lifetime of love ... is a perfume that will arise from the combination of two smells very personal, intimate, make the skin smells of sex, sweat, saliva, the excited state, which will join together. The fragrance will also be different depending on the time of the day we made love, what we ate, drank or smoked before or during, not to mention the hugs we exchanged, or of course, the woman's menstrual cycle ! The combinations are endless, and probably unique each time. This could be a kind of loving "ID", unique as a fingerprint and changing the code as a digital encrypted software. "Like many perfumers, Herve Mathieu pays attention to the scent a bit brutish sometimes which determines love at first sight or breaks .... When two people do not matched, they often mention the discomfort of the skin that sticks at night. Odours and skin temperatures are not necessarily compatible, which can sometimes mean a person that we "do not feel it." On the contrary, when two people get along well ... drunk thanks to the chemical reaction and smell from their grasps, they seem to want to "tag" the other in the manner of dogs, rubbing himself (herself) with the other one until you can’t distinguish his (her) own smell from the other... Maybe that’s why we call love, finally? One way to "feel" at home, in the other. "I like this thesis, I fairly believe in it, admits Hervé Mathieu. One woman I loved made 2 things: she licked the palms of my hands (like a feline licking salt plates) and rubbed her cheeks hard against my beard so her skin was reddened, even marked with small blood stains, scratches. Personally I love to discover under my nails the smell of sex, it remains a long time ... . So many little ways to keep the other by his (her) smell, by the intimate. Marking territory like cats do? "Why not, answered Hervé Mathieu. I do not think we can conceive love without wanting to one degree or another, to appropriate the other. The kiss as a kind of aborted cannibalism, the touch to keep the smell of the skin of the other, the rooting of the nose or the face between the legs, the scent of clothes, the smell of the sheet or pillow ... After all, we speak of "sensors" ... ". Herve Mathieu creates perfumes not only for luxury brands but for architects, rich Emirati and artists. His site is called "breathe - see - feel". This means it gives the nose a vital role in life. He led a project that should be talked about soon.

Blind porn

Starting from the unfortunate report that the "blind persons were excluded from the culture saturated by sexual images ", the rascal Canadian artist Lisa Murphy worked out the book Tacticle Minds, to warm up visually handicapped people by the fingertip. A collection of seventeen relief erotic faces : tactile bottom in a way. The fantasies of Stevie or Gilbert will finally be taken into account with for example the naked woman in stiletto heels, or the satanic with its horns. The explanation is in language for the blind people, so forget. Lisa J. Murphy is a photographer with a certificate in Tactile Graphics from the CNIB. She has photographed, sculpted, thermoformed, & self- published a book of nude photographs for the blind. Pictures and grade- one Braille accompany the images, so blind, vision impaired and sighted individuals can enjoy this work.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The 5000 fingers of Dr. T

Possibly THE gayest non-gay Hollywood-based children's fantasy film EVER made, The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T. ranks high among the flat-out weirdest major-studio releases of all time. It's one of the most jaw-droppingly FABULOUS movies I've been lucky enough to see, and a cherished favorite! Wait until you see our hero Bart (played by Tommy Rettig, the first Timmy from the "Lassie" TV series) hunted down by identical twin assassins who are conjoined by a 10-foot beard... and get around on roller skates! Wait until you see the "dungeon" of non-piano-playing lost-boy musicians (quite a few of them bare-chested, thank you very much!) in a homo-erotic ballet-cum-orchestral fantasia!! Wait until you see (and hear) Hans Conried (eccentric "Uncle Tonoose" from TV's "The Danny Thomas Show") as Dr. T. sing his big "Doe Mi Doe Duds" number while being dressed in his "undulating undies with the marabou frills" and his "beautiful bolero with the porcupine quills"!!! And wait until you see the grand finale: 500 little boys (with their 5,000 little fingers) seated at a split-level, curved, grander-than-grand piano... and the "very atomic" noise-sucker that ruins Dr. T's nefarious plans!!!! They simply don't MAKE movies like this anymore!!!!! What does it all MEAN? I don’t know... I don’t care... just watch it and laugh. The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T. is a 1953 musical fantasy film. It is best known for being the only feature film ever written by Theodor Seuss Geisel ("Dr. Seuss"), who was responsible for the story, screenplay, and lyrics. It was directed by Roy Rowland. The film was rereleased in 1958 under the title Crazy Music. Plot: Young Bart Collins lives with his widowed mother Heloise. The major blight on Bart's existence is the hated piano lessons he is forced to endure under the tutelage of the autocratic Dr. Terwilliker. Bart feels that his mother has fallen under Terwilliker's sinister influence, and gripes to visiting plumber August Zabladowski, without much result. While grimly hammering away at his lessons, Bart dozes off and enters a fantastical musical dream, in much the same fashion as Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz. In the dream, Bart is trapped at the surreal Terwilliker Institute, where the piano teacher is now a madman dictator who has locked up all non-piano-playing musicians in a dungeon and constructed a piano so large that it requires Bart and 499 other enslaved boys (the aforementioned 5,000 fingers) in order to play it. Bart's mother has been turned into Terwilliker's hypnotized assistant and bride-to-be, and Bart must dodge the Institute's guards as he scrambles to save both his mother and himself. He tries to recruit Mr. Zabladowski, who has been hired to install all of the Institute's sinks ahead of a vital inspection, but only after much skepticism and foot-dragging is the plumber finally convinced to help. The two of them empty their pockets and construct a noise-sucking contraption which ruins the mega-piano's opening concert. The enslaved boys cheerfully run riot, and the "VERY atomic" noise-sucker explodes in spectacular fashion, bringing Bart out of his dream. The movie ends on a hopeful note for Bart, when the real-life Mr. Zabladowski finally notices Heloise, and offers to drive her into town in his jeep. Bart escapes from the piano, and triumphantly runs off to play. Reaction: Although he had written the original treatment and all the song lyrics, Geisel regarded the finished film as a "debaculous fiasco" and omitted any mention of it in his official biography with Random House.[1] At the film's Hollywood premiere, it was reported that patrons walked out on the film after 15 minutes, and box office receipts were equally disappointing.[2] Nevertheless, the film has gained a cult following over the years, and has been favorably compared to the live-action adaptations of Seuss's works made since his death.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Looking for dynamic, reactive and effective assistant

Job offer of a big banking group, read in a French classified adds paper. It is crazy what we can find in a waiting room.
What is written :
Looking for personnal assistant M/W.
What is to understand :
They’re looking for a female assistant. For the most avant-gardist, a transsexual.
What is written :
Within the operational management, you are the secretary of the managers of the departement and manage a team of three persons.
What is to understand :
This department is infested with persons in charge, apprentices persons in charge, responsible officer cadets, who wait only for an assistant to quarrel her, divide her rests and prove through her intermediary their importance. She will also manage during her breaks and hours of lunch three other executives which will have in heart to give the illusion to work like the big ones, which have their names on the door of their office.
What is written :
You manage the mail, the schedules, the appointment setting. You organize the internal seminars of the department (logistic organization, participation in the elaboration layouts for meetings).
What is to understand :
Knowing by heart the schedule of 49 co-workers, sell yourself to delay the closing of the Post office, tattoo on your forearm the address and phone number of the important customers … The assistant will motivate herself by deciphering the hieroglyphs of the manager to retranscribe the reports of the meetings to which you will never be invited.
What is written :
You take care of the logistic follow-up (management of stationery, order iin tensed flows, manage workspaces, manage the office tools).
What is to understand :
The assistant will handle the constant supply with fine point pens, with world peace and the global warming, with for unique Graal that to be managed by panicked managers with the idea of opening their mailbox without her warm support.
What is written :
Two or three years' university degree, first job or with experience, you possess a very good level of written and oral expression in English.
What is to understand :
It is imperative to have a diploma, otherwise the manager would feel a lesser satisfaction to flog publicly his assistant with his +30 years degree. The wealth of her first work experience will compensate widely the funny proposed salary, as far as she will have the satisfaction to complain about its standard of living in several languages.
What is written :
Dynamic, you are reactive and effective, and know how to manage the priorities. Your relational qualities and your ease of contact will be main advantages to evolve and win in responsibility in a demanding international environment.
What is to understand :
Anticipation's Davis Cup on beaten carpet, the assistant will never take offence at the dry tone of its new superiors, which will slap her to be priority. She will accept with gratitude a working mass in constant increase and a salary in constant stagnation.
What is written :
Thank you for applying directly on our site: [main Characters: Michael Scofield's blue eyes and his back covered with tattoos, supposed to divert the attention of its oversize abs].
What is to understand :
To apply on-line will ask the assistant three hours of relentless work, because it will be impossible for her to attach her CV in Word format, the site being programmed to accept only the format RTF by full moon. Anyway, Internet Explorer would have preferred to shut down rather than to participate at this masquerade.
The assistant, finally taught, will never be the willing victim of sneaky and deceitful announcements.
Let us laugh about such adds. But do not forget that sometimes, there are no job adds anymore.