Saturday, May 29, 2010

Could you be trusted ?

Black hair your high heels clitter clatter
Down there on the pavement where it matters
I turn to watch your ship just sailing silently by
Brown hair and my teeth chitter chatter
Two jumpers a scarf and a sweater
Up here I watch your ship a sailing silently by
What is your name, I wonder
Are you Gemini or Libra ?
Could You Be Trusted with my heart
Haven’t felt my toes in quite a while
All I need is more than just your smile
Did i mention i saw you sailing by byby bybyby
What is your name, I wonder
Are you Gemini or Libra ?
Could You Be Trusted with my heart
I loved you in a second
Won’t need so much reflection
Could You Be Trusted with
Could You Be Trusted with my heart
Now you’re gone, the crocodiles are crying
You’re the greatest that could have been, that ever was, I’ve ever seen
What is your name, I wonder
Are you Gemini or Libra ?
Could You Be Trusted with my heart
I loved you in a second
Won’t take so much reflexion
Could You Be Trusted with my heart
I loved you in a second
Could You Be Trusted to my heart
Could You Be Trusted
Could You Be Trusted
ho ho ho ho hooooooooo
Could You Be Trusted with
Could I be trusted with
Could we be trusted with our
Could You Be Trusted with
Could I be trusted with
Could we be trusted with our hearts

Friday, May 28, 2010


Little guide to know where It is good (or not) to smoke

I smoke. Not a heavy tar smoker (I try to not disturb my man with it or the non-smokers around me) but one thing I hardly can stand, is to not be able to smoke when I want to. So for me and you, this is a quick European guide where you can smoke (or not). Lately, several European governments decided to repeal or to push away the application of the laws relative to the ban to smoke in the public places. Bulgaria obtained the title of chief of the renegade when, on April 28th of this year, its Parliament voted against the projects aiming a total ban to smoke in cafés, bars and restaurants. It claimed that it was going to weaken a little more this sector already got by the crisis, although to smoke was forbidden since 2005. In Hungary, the ban is at the moment in wait and Croatia postponed for six months to bars and to cafés (this period has hardly just come to an end). Meanwhile Spain pushed away úntil 2011 its proposition of ban, which raises certain doubts on his real will to forbid one day the cig. Nevertheless 7 Spanish on 10 are in favour of a ban to smoke. Smokers of Gitanes or Gauloises : endangered piecies ¦ The cigarette without filter is particularly harmful for the health … The first countries which ban smoking in the public places are not necessarily the ones which apply the law most severely. Nevertheless, when it is a question of banishing the cigarette, Ireland and Italy lead the dance since 2005 and take place respectively in the third and in the fourth world place (after Iceland and Canada). Ireland even created the Office of Tobacco Control so that the accommodating non-smokers can indicate malpractices. If you are smokers, you will certainly prefer to go to Italy and so to smoke while taking advantage of the sun in the numerous bars, the restaurants and the clubs possessing an outside terrace. It would not then be surprising that France claims to have been the first one to establish a limitation with the law Evin of 1991 which aimed at forbidding to smoke in all the public places, with the exception of bars, cafés and of all the "cool" places. In 2008, It aligned itself with Italy and Ireland with a complete ban. But, altogether, the French people are not totally dissatisfied with the change and these eternal smokers of Gauloises (at least according to their reputation) take advantage even of these fortuitous conversations begun on the occasion of a break cigarette. In English, we moreover invented a word for this new dimension of seduction, the "smirting", contraction enters "smoke" and " flirting ". In certain countries, the ban was not very well welcomed. It is in particular the case for Cyprus ( 2010 ), Austria and Greece (on 2009 - according to a report dating 2009, half of the adults in Greece smokes), Estonia, the United Kingdom and Slovenia ( 2007 ) and finally Malta ( 2004 ). In Sweden ( 2005 ) the proposition was subjected to a vote by approval which led to the ban to smoke in prisons. In Finland and in Lithuania ( 2007 ), it is possible to smoke in certain cars of trains provided that no food is consumed there. Most of these countries authorize the cigarette in bars, clubs and restaurants which are very often tiny places welcoming many people. An additional way to make unexpected meetings, if you are not afraid of the passive smoking. In Luxembourg and in Belgium, restaurants become non-smoking during the business hours Certain countries set up light versions of the ban, limiting it to places serving food. In Luxembourg, the law adapts itself to the schedules of the meals. In the establishments of catering, it is non smoking between 12 am and 2 pm then between 7 pm and 9 pm. Belgium applies the same model but did not define time slots so rigorous. Other countries opted for an ambiguous interpretation of rules. In Portugal, the smokers can devote themselves to their pleasure in places where "suitable systems of ventilation" is to be found. If they do not respect this condition, the penalties are exemplary. Softer version, bars and restaurants of Czech Republic do not possess non-smoking rooms, but their managers must indicate their polícy to their customers by a small word on their shop window. Since the ban to smoke in bars in France, local residents' associations disagree even more with smokers. According to them, the smokers make too much noise outside bars. Soon the ban to speak ? Sometimes, a law is complicated because the political organization is. Germany being a federal country, there is as many as law about the cig as there are Läner in the country. For example, in Hamburg the bill is always subject of negotiations while in Berlin, the law was introduced then repealed. Bavaria had the strictest legislation but clever bar owners found a fault there and transformed their establishment into "private club" and were no more subjected to the law. Naturally these liberal renowned countries are the closest to what an European tourist could qualify as "paradise of the smoker". For example, the law was introduced in Denmark in 2007 but it does not apply in the free Municipality of Christiania (as a lot of other laws). Luckily, the more we move in Europe and the more the situation becomes liberal. Let us take the example of the Netherlands: in spite of the fact of having been the first country to forbid to smoke in its main airport, it is always possible to go in coffee shop and to find alternatives to the cigarette, which, according to the law, must be consumed without being mixed with tobacco. It is not certainly the most liberal situation, but it allows you to forget a little bit this restriction. Altogether, places in Europe welcome less and less smokers. And the amount of the fines make you respect these laws. Owners of bars and clubs know very well that by being too strict they will harm their business, but most cannot allow themselves to be indulgent towards their customers. If you are a smoker, just make sure to know how to protect yourself from the sun (or the rain) when you will have to use the smoker area outside. And if you are non-smoker, you can be delighted because, sunny or not, your summer will not (too much) be filled with smoke.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bat fellatio

I’m ba bat, I’m Batman

From NewScientist : Oral sex is widely used in human foreplay, but rarely documented in other animals. Fellatio has been recorded in bonobos Pan paniscus, but even then functions largely as play behaviour among juvenile males. The short-nosed fruit bat Cynopterus sphinx exhibits resource defence polygyny and one sexually active male often roosts with groups of females in tents made from leaves. Female bats often lick their mate's penis during dorsoventral copulation. The female lowers her head to lick the shaft or the base of the male's penis but does not lick the glans penis which has already penetrated the vagina. Males never withdrew their penis when it was licked by the mating partner. A positive relationship exists between the length of time that the female licked the male's penis during copulation and the duration of copulation. Furthermore, mating pairs spent significantly more time in copulation if the female licked her mate's penis than if fellatio was absent. Males also show postcopulatory genital grooming after intromission. At present, we do not know why genital licking occurs, and we present four non-mutually exclusive hypotheses that may explain the function of fellatio.

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Is mummy sexy ?

Because they like the contact of Cellophane, certain fetishists literally are plasticized. We call them " cellophiles ", not to say "pervert-polymer". For them, nothing more exciting than a transparent spool : they themselves wind inside and are transformed into mummy, the body wrapped up head to toe. In France, the most known cellophile is called Hotskin. On his web site, we can read slogans : " completely cellophane-wrapped, an intense pleasure ". Hotskin praises virtues of the packaging, with a contagious enthusiasm. For a very good reason: the Cellophane presents many sorts of advantages. It holds very warmly and makes an excellent isothermal garment. Ít adheres to the skin as an electrostatic veil, getting a delicious sensation like a kiss. And especially, It grinds erotically the body in the fascinating and transparent girdle. " We can carry the Cellophane as indoor clothe, explains Hotskin. It is rather sexy because we see the naked body through ". Last advantage, and not the slightest: that costs ten times cheaper than lingerie. " The cost price of the Cellophane: from 3 to 6 euro the roller. As a general rule, for a person of a size of 1 meter 80, a single roller (30 meters) is enough for covering the body with a perfect waterproofness ". Over and above the fact that no need of maintenance. Saving the washing powderand the ironing, you use every time a new roller of plastic, which adapts itself perfectly to your morphology. Hotskin has not enough words to describe the benefits of Cellophane. For him, that goes back up when he was a teenager : " I was 14-15 years old, he explains. I had my first enjoyments by masturbating me with a plastic bag. But it's when I was 16 years, I discovered the Cellophane, a more attractive material". The Cellophane, as a placenta molds the body like in a liquid and warm cocoon, which reminds unconsciously memories of pre-natal happiness … As most of the cellophiles, Hotskin likes the feeling of being tightened well in a second skin. That calls back him when he was a baby, in the belly of his mother. Covered by cellophane, he remains untouchable, protected from the outside world, in a state of incredible well-being. " Another magic moment, it is when I tear the packaging. I have the feeling to be reborn ". As a butterfly who goes out of his chrysalis, Hotskin is happy to be freed. " On average I remain three or four hours packed in the cello, and It feels good after all this time. But I remain longer cellophane-wrapped: I already stayed almost 10 hours like that. " Every time, (that is as soon as he can make it (discreetly), Hotskin realizes his fantasy: he warpes himself, at night, stays a long moment in his bed, wrapped up strictly in this plastic film, then - as a snake which makes its metamorphosis, he extracts of the envelope. In the 40s, the sessions with mummies obtained such a success that curious paid a very high price to see an Egyptian corpse be unswaddled. The final stage, when we saw appearing the stiff penis mummies (made moreover bigger and longer by petrified asphalt), hardened like by imitation the anatomy of certain spectators. "The internal experiment of the man is given in an instant when, breaking the chrysalis, he is conscious to tear himself", writes Georges Bataille in his book The Erotism. Translation: nothing more brilliant that to imprison itself in a material very close to the body. When we go out of it, we break the mould. We feel free. " In psychiatric environment, the use of wet envelopes reminds to sick people its outline and its border with the outside world ", explains François-Paul Cavallier, trainer in psychology. The mummification by Cellophane allows in the same way to re-appropriate its body: " he can then say himself, dream, be allowed to go to his fantasies, to invent himself ".

Friday, May 21, 2010


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Berlin, cycling paradise

France may bang with its self-service bikes, it is far from equalling Berlin, European champion of the bicycle. In France, the bicycle is not yet another real mode of movement. The German capital, despite of its size, its chilly climate and its charming pavements, is, with Copenhagen, Amsterdam or Munster, the paradise of the cyclists. The whole thing without big statements of the mayor in favour of this non-polluting and good "for the health" way of transporting. Here are ten reasons for which the bike in the country of Angela Merkel, it is "sehr gut” (very good).
You find bicycle paths everywhere :
With the exception of Strasbourg, none of the French cities which I visited do not consider the bicycle as a mode of movement. Naturally, every mayor owes a small genuflection in front of Holy Sustainable development. So, many towns develop cycle networks, regrettably often pathetic and splited. Not really effective and little scary, they are quite logically little taken. In Berlin, bicycle paths are everywhere : in secured lanes; on pavement; in ways shared with buses … Faster, more comfortable, more reassuring. Who spoke about German efficiency?
The city is flat :
It is true that using your bicycle in Lisbon, Croix-Rousse in Lyon, in northern districts of Marseille is possible for professionals. Not for the common of people. Despite of its big size, 39 kilometers on 45, Berlin has no inconvenience to impose us too many efforts nor of change of gear.
Buildings have parking lots with bike fitted out :
Visionary, my owner - when I lived in France - threatened me to end my lease. My crime ? I persisted, subversive naughty boy I am, to park every evening my bike into the spacious and empty courtyard and of my building. So much to say to you that my German friends look at me with an ironic compassion when I tell them my misadventure " typisch fransözich ". And for a very good reason. The Berlin inner courtyards, in their immense majority, are endowed with parking lots for bikes, in particular thanks to the renovation of the real estates at the east of the city after the German reunification. And their inhabitants with a turn of mind a little more evolved than the one of my previous owner - very kind in fact. These parking lots are even sometimes covered. So, your faithful bicycle is protected from the bad weather, the thieves or the damages. If however a building does not arrange parking places, nobody will come to annoy you if you leave your bicycle in the courtyard or the hall. Other country, other standards.
Bicycles can use public transports :
You read well. And it is the rule, not the exception. The S-Bahn, the U-bahn, Strassenbahn or Regionalbahn ( TER have spacious reserved places in which we can transport our bike, for an additional ticket costing 1,50 euro (a normal ticket is itself 2,10 euro). Nothing to do with two poor pitiful and little functional hooks which the SNCF (French national railway) gives in some of its trains. Easily, we can come to the station with the bike and once arrived at destination, ending your route on two wheels. Good in terms of time of transport. Not bad either to accommodate a baby car. No need to say to you that in the trains which lead to the places of bathings of the surroundings of Berlin during the summer weekends, bikes are piled up in a totally grotesque way.
We can drive in parks :
Contrary to numerous French public gardens, the Berlin parks are opened at night. We can even make barbecues. And on top of the crazy freedom which reigns in the Teutonic capital, we can walk on the grass without being whistled by a guard. Yes. In Berlin, the public place belongs to everybody. In France you have the feeling it up to nobody. Result : you can cross a park on your bike without having the feeling to be a dangerous delinquent. In Paris, you risk in theory a 38-euro fine.
Automobiles do not want your death (not always) :
Do not believe that the French drivers are ill-intentioned (although sometimes ...). Simply, their Berlin congeners are often themselves cyclists. They master the reflexes of caution allowing to avoid accidents, as for example to glance behind at the time of turning to the right. And more the cyclists are, the more the car drivers are used to their presence.
Taxis which embark them with you :
Only Copenhagen allows, to my knowledge, to transport your bicycle by taxi for half an additional euro by fare (the driver cannot refuse to embark your bicycle at the risk of a fine). What is very practical when you go to a party with your bike and between drinking or driving your bike, you chose to raise the elbow. Nobody's perfect, Berlin no more than another city.
Detours, even for bicycles :
In case of works, detours include also the paths for the bicycles. So much consideration is almost moving !
A lot of places to park :
Arches allowing to hang on bikes are many. But especially, they are placed where you need them, near public transportation, business centers or universities for example. An element of reassurance in front of risk of theft. Regrettably, in France, roads offices arrange them roughly at guess - when they make the effort to make it.
The beautiful calfs :
Fortunately Berlin's winter is long, because no need to say to you that when are discovered the beautiful rounded calfs of people cycling, It deconcentrates you. And I do not even speak to you about beautiful firm thighs … It is the most beautiful doubtless success. The feeling to make sustainable development, Berlin makes in reality some desirable development!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


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Inside the gay baby boom

America's got a bad case of gayby fever. In the past few years, we've been subjected to countless trend pieces about the growth of gay parenting and its remaking of the American family. Censuses have shown a dramatic increase in the number of gays and lesbians living with children, and, most recently, high-profile gay celebrities, like Ricky Martin and Clay Aiken, have adopted children of their own. Of course, gay parents have been around as long as there have been gay people, but their recent prominence (see: the upcoming "The Kids Are All Right," the "gayby" neologism, "Modern Family") suggests that a new cultural moment is afoot. Amie Klempnauer Miller's delightful new memoir, "She Looks Just Like You," offers an engrossing, funny and eminently readable new take on the subject of gay parenthood. The book tells the story of how Miller and her long-term partner, Jane, came to the decision to become pregnant (having the "lesbian love of process" they went on a retreat to discuss the subject), their failed attempts at insemination (after Amie proved unable to get pregnant, Jane carried the child) and the stress of their daughter's early years. Along the way Miller plumbs the meaning of her strange new identity -- non-biological lesbian mother -- and the ways it challenges our conventional ideas about motherhood, fatherhood and the American family. More on reading Salon

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Then the silence increased

Call me the breeze

This evening, among other activities in the city and because tomorrow is a bank holidaw, we go out. My friend S. is a fan of Ben Gwilliam and suggested that we all meet at the tonight's concert at the theaterkapelle. It's good, It's round the corner so even if we don't like, we still can go in a bar having drinks waiting for the other. Ben Gwilliam (b 1980) is a sound artist and improvising musician currently based in the UK. He describes his practice as drawing attention to those sounds between things, be it objects, spaces or recordings. It is these sounds and their contexts that reveal visual and musical processes of listening and looking. It is from this curiosity about sound-making/recording/finding and how abstract/descriptive that sounds can be, that he makes parallels and similarities unpicking the relationship between those uncovered sounds and moments of primary experience. Since 2003, his music has been developing an improvisational relationship with open reel magnetic tape, inherent magnetics and prepared sound recordings, exploring decay, silence and harmonics in solo and collaborative arrangements. Ben Gwilliam will play duo with Michael Vorfeld, born 1956, who works as musician and visual artist based in Berlin. He plays percussion and self designed stringed instruments. The combination of these instruments with various and unusual playing techniques, allows him to create an exceptional variety of sounds. Michael Vorfeld works as an improvisor, composer and sound artist and is often involved in site specific art projects. His visual works are focusing on the use of light in relation to architecture. Besides solo activities he is a member of various ensembles and collaborates with artists of different art forms. Let's be tempted.

Friday, May 7, 2010

schoking blue

WORLD WIDE | Novaplanet

WORLD WIDE | Novaplanet

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A spray to make men weep

If you read the Independent, you probably had an eye on this article :
"According to a research team in Germany, a nasal spray with the hormone oxytocin, known as the bonding, love, trust and non-cheater hormone, made men more empathetic. The findings published in the April edition of Journal of Neuroscience detail the results of 24 men who used the spray and wept while viewing images like a girl crying opposed to the group of men not sprayed. This study is the first to link oxytocin levels with empathy. Oxytocin, known as the natural bonding chemical, is naturally present during orgasms and women have high levels after giving birth. On April 26, an American television talk show host and former psychologist linked low levels of oxytocin with a man's inability to be faithful to a partner. Men might want to stock up on Verolab's Liquid Trust, available in a two-week supply for $29.95 (€22.63) or a one-year supply $179.95 (€136) made with water, alcohol and oxytocin. A spray lasts two-four hours and can be sprayed on clothing to "create the environment within which you are more attractive to people you previously had no luck with - Trust is relaxing and helps ease tension in the atmosphere - Trust plays an important emotional role in forming opinions about you, what you do, what you say and in whether they respect or value you," say the makers of Liquid Trust. OxyCalm can also deliver the same benefits. The nasal spray is available online with a special at $19.95 (€15) for a four-month supply. Probably best to avoid Syntocinon as it is used to induce labor. Should you want to keep track of the times when you should show extra empathy towards your female partner, whatever you do, do not download the application iamaMAN, that charts multiple ladies' menstrual cycles for €1.59. It may illustrate when to show empathy (or reach for the nasal spray) and buy flowers but if she sees the application you will be the one in need of empathy. Gizmodo, a gadget guide site, makes the point, "If you buy it, you're officially a sad little man. And an asshole."

Monday, May 3, 2010


With Gustav Holst's opera Savitri proposes the Rundfunkchor Berlin crosses the bridge to the techno-culture. The Berlin choreographer and dancer Lars Scheibner stages the work with contortionists, so-called snake people, in the imposing factory buildings of the former heating plant and the world's hottest techno club Berghain next May 10th and 11th.. By 1900, the British composer Gustav Holst (1874-1934) looked for alternatives to the Victorian lifestyle in the literature of India. In his opera Savitri (1908) after a famous episode from the Mahabharata, he showed with unusual invention of shapes and tonal language, Savitri, a woman who reclaims to the beautiful god of death Djamal her husband Satyavan. To acquire this power, they fasted and meditated 72 hours to come to terms with the existential experience of body and mind in its purest form in contact. One hundred years later, Lars Scheibner and his team are experiencing comparable work to the 50-hour needed for a techno-rave. For Scheibner Berghain is the place in Berlin, where phenomena such as transgression, ecstasy and transcendence are lived out today. Each week-end celebrate here people from around the world in a state of exception. The ground in the bunker-like walls of the invention to the Party Temple redesignated cogeneration plant is a world beyond the world. On minimalist rhythms dance the visitors into a trance-state in which they experience their body, their senses beyond middle-class standards and restrictions. The search for border experience has become a philosophy that radiates far beyond the rave culture. “Savitri is among us"Lars Scheibner is convinced. With dancers, whose physical Flexible speed exceeds any normal limit so far, he staged opera Gustav Holst and Holst's Choral Hymns by expanding it from the Rig Veda. The female of the Berlin Radio Choir embodies the "veil of Maya", the following beängsti world of delusions, illusions, apparitions. Before and after the show puts on classic DJ David Canisius, VJs stage the place, invite the audience to plunge into the maelstrom of sound, images and space.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Karaoke time


Not simply satisfied with plastic flowers, pop art Virgin Marys and other such bric-a-brac, if the decor doesn´t glitter, sparkle, blink or flash at you, you´re not in Rose´s. This classic Kreuzberg bar has taken Kitsch to a higher level. A lively, mixed and unusual crowd packs the two rooms chattering over the sound of classic house tunes. A popular stop before, after or during a night at the So36.

May 1st

This date in France is very traditional. International Workers' Day (a name used interchangeably with May Day) is a celebration of the social and economic achievements of the international labor movement and left-wing movements. May Day commonly sees organized street demonstrations and street marches by millions of working people and their labour unions throughout most of the countries of the world — though rarely in the United States and Canada. But It is in Berlin one of the only of the year that I stay home and nobody will make me out. I live in the area where most of the fights "traditionaly" take place and I know (now) that from Fridaw afternoon to Sunday morning, most of the faces I could see on the street would be policemen or masked people throwing stones or cocktail molotov. Yesterday afternoon, coming back from work, the policemen had already invested the Boxhagener Platz and I had to open my bag to let the policemen looking at it if I had any bottles in it. Then later on in the evening, while laying on my couch, I could hear from the open window the sound of the megaphone urging people to remain calm. When I had to join my man and friends for drinks later on in the evening, I made a detour to go to Roses (next article) in Kreuzberg. Today the demonstration are in the city and most of all in Kreuzberg, near Görlitzer Park told me a friend. This is what France Info reported early afternoon : "In Berlin, 34 people were briefly detained in incidents involving throwing stones and bottles in the neighborhood of Prenzlauer Berg and Friedrichshain. A handful of right-wing activists were arrested when they tried to prevent a demonstration by left-wing activists Friday night in Treptow-Köpenick, police said. Some 5,800 police, including reinforcements from other regions, including Bavaria, in the south, were raised in Berlin, nearly 800 more than last year, to head off violence. Violent clashes had occurred last year between police and hundreds of "independent" of the extreme left-wing, especially in the Kreuzberg neighborhood, where fights at May 1st and burned vehicles are a tradition since 1987. The police feared possible overflows during demonstrations of the extreme left and extreme right in various parts of the capital later on Saturday."

You've Made Me So Very Happy

I lost at love before
Got mad and closed the door
But you said “Try, just once more”
I chose you for the one
Now we’re having so much fun
You treated me so kind
I’m about to lose my mind
You made me so very happy

The others were untrue
But when it came to loving you
I’d spend my whole life with you
Cause you came and you took control
You touched my very soul
You always showed me that
Loving you was where it’s at
You made me so very happy
I’m so glad you came into my life yeah

I love you so much you see
You’re even in my dreams
I can hear you, I can hear you callin me
I’m so in love with you
All I ever want to do is
Thank you baby, thank you baby

You made me so very happy
I’m so glad you came into my life
You made me so very happy
You made me so so very happy baby
I’m so glad you came
Into my life
I want to thank you girl
Every day of my life
I want to thank you
You made me so very happy