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It's very strange but everytime I fly and we are about to land, I hear this in my head, can't explain :


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Don't it drive you crazy


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Scream Baby, I'll tell you who you are

One might think that the slab only concerns the deer and yet ... A recent study has established that we could also react to the sound of a single voice as if it were an aphrodisiac. Eyes closed, if we listen to someone talking, we can evaluate his physical power. Close to the muscle. In late summer, early fall, the deer goes through a rut period, and humans only hear the haunting echoes. These screaming animals until losing reason, have a sound called sis, rather unpleasant, that we could compare the efforts to a human vomit. Their raucous roar echoing the early morning and evening twilight. But at the peak of the rut, males don’t stop all day long and prevent sleeping women and men tormented by loneliness.With each season, sometimes man, sometimes woman, suffers from being abandoned by listening to the sounds of other living beings stirred with passion. Females who listen to these screams receive also indications about the male body calling and head naturally to the more powerful ("reassuring"?). Deeper is the scream, the more they seem irresistibly attracted. And for good reason: Because of the testosterone, the male vocal cords thicken and cause an immediate sound with serious overtones, showing a power such as the female, when she hears it, feels safe. In a fascinating article devoted to the latest study on the human voice, a journalist compares the rutting deer vocalizations with Rocky Balboa ("Adrienne" Adrienne! ") Based on a study conducted entirely by a team of the University of Santa Barbara. This study demonstrates, without a doubt that we are perfectly capable of assessing the physical power of a man by only hearing his voice. This does not necessarily mean that all Musclors have hoarse throat, but our ears can detect elements (yet unknown) in his voice betraying the hormone levels and / or size of the biceps ... Human beings are mammal too and we can see in it a sort of legacy of our ancestors. It was probably a time when it was useful to have several possibilities (including nights and at far distance) to identify a dangerous rival for men, or a strong partner for women.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Yes we can can

The conquest of worlds

Under the title "The priciple of tree house" or : "The conquest of the worlds", betahaus shows that Berlin is a cross-section of the work of the artist Miriam Dröge from 2004-2007. The photographs show multifaceted "built" situations / dwellings, which are all under the principle of "in his own world". The principle tree house called first, the need to tap into his own world and, second, interpreted the title of Ernst Bloch's work, The Principle of Hope. On display are in addition to tree houses and entrenchments and booths, a series of interior men-recording, which remind you that we are not only in our childhood cavities.

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Without you


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20 years of reunification

After celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Berlin Wall, Germany on October 3rd has another anniversary to celebrate : the reunification. Twenty years later, the economic promises made to the East Germans have been held. However, unification is far from complete ... in the people's head.The inflated optimism that Chancellor Helmut Kohl had presented to Germany's future income is the unification of East Germany to the east and west Germany. When presenting its annual report on the state of German unity, Thomas de Maiziere, the German interior minister, did not hide his satisfaction, declaring : "The united Germany has done great things. This is a great success story. "If little by little, the economic differences are fading, it is clear that the West is still very attractive. Since reunification, it is not less than 2.6 million East Germans who joined the West. However, the former GDR still shows somewhat nostalgic about his past. The reality of this phenomenon, which is described in Germany as "Ostalgie", has been further confirmed by a survey by the Emnid institute for the daily Berliner Zeitung. It reveals that a majority of East Germans still think the former GDR had "more positive than negative." "The situation in practice is better than the atmosphere,". Even if it appears statistically the positive balance of reunified Germany there is still reported some difficulties. As revealed in a study by the Institute for Demoskopie Allensbach, published by the daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, the pictures have not disappeared. 69% of East Germans still feel that their compatriots in the west's are "arrogant". 54% think they think only about money. To the west 49% of Germans associate the inhabitants of eastern Germany at the end of "dissatisfaction". All is not completely rosa. According to the study of the Institut für Demoskopie Allensbach, 41% of respondents also say that "the differences outweigh the similarities" between the people of both parts of the country. Figures that are being told to Thomas Petersen, researcher of the Institute, that "the propaganda apparatus of the GDR was excellent, unfortunately. It still has the effect and can not get rid of it easily." "But the Germans are clearly tired of discussions between East and West," he says. For 64% of respondents to its study it seems absurd, twenty years after unification, to dwell on the differences between East and West. And only 20% of respondents indicate to feel "a little stranger."

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07. Berliner Kunstsalon

This autumn, Berlin is flowering with art. With worldwide famous artists, the 7th Berliner Kunstsalon opened in the unique monument dedicated to Art at the Landsberger Allee 104. Building on the successes of recent years is the BERLINER KUNST SALON again this year on an exceptional exhibition center : Under the direction of Roland Kluempen more than 100 artists exhibit their works in the former, created in 1881, central stockyard and slaughterhouse. The unique concept of the exhibition attracts each year more than 12,000 art lovers, gallery owners and collectors. Die Idee zum Berliner Kunstsalon entstand bereits in den 20er Jahren und zielt seither darauf ab, Künstlern eine Plattform für den Austausch mit anderen Künstlern, Kuratoren und Galeristen zu bieten. Im Bereich der zeitgenössischen Kunst zählt der Berliner Kunstsalon zu einer der größten Veranstaltungen, neben dem Art Forum Berlin. The idea of the Berlin art salon was already there in the 20’s and since then aims to provide artists with a platform for exchange with other artists, curators and gallery owners. In the field of contemporary art is the Berlin art salon one of the largest events, in addition to the Art Forum Berlin.