Friday, April 29, 2011


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And don't forget today :

Gallery weekend

The Gallery Weekend is taking place for the sixth time. This year, 40 Berlin galleries are hosting openings and special events and many gallerists are using the opportunity to premiere their new exhibitions throughout the weekend. Beyond the usual opening times over three days and nights, those interested in art have the opportunity to experience and purchase from a large selection of art.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

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Beelitz Heilstatten April 2011


We had planned this visit since last year but never found the opportunity to do it until yesterday. We still have to go back because we didn't manage in the whole day to visit the complex. What fun makes the search for the entry in each building. Sometimes It is real adventure to climb on walls or hole in tunnels to find a way in. But between everyone you meet there, It is fun to share informations. This is what I'm talking about : Beelitz-Heilstätten, a district of the town, is home to a large hospital complex of about 60 buildings including a cogeneration plant erected from 1898 on according to plans of architect Heino Schmieden. Originally designed as a sanatorium by the Berlin workers' health insurance corporation, the complex from the beginning of World War I on was a military hospital of the Imperial German Army. During October and November 1916, Adolf Hitler recuperated at Beelitz-Heilstätten after being wounded in the leg at the Battle of the Somme. In 1945, Beelitz-Heilstätten was occupied by Soviet forces, and the complex remained a Soviet military hospital until 1995, well after the German reunification. In December 1990 Erich Honecker was admitted to Beelitz-Heilstätten after being forced to resign as the head of the East German government. Following the Soviet withdrawal, attempts were made to privatize the complex, but they were not entirely successful. Some sections of the hospital remain in operation as a neurological rehabilitation center and as a center for research and care for victims of Parkinsons disease. The remainder of the complex, including the surgery, the psychiatric ward, and a rifle range, was abandoned in 2000. As of 2007, none of the abandoned hospital buildings or the surrounding area were secured, giving the area the feel of a ghost town. This has made Beelitz-Heilstätten a destination for curious visitors and a film set for movies like The Pianist from 2002.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


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Easter eggs

Just read in the paper thatfor the next days during this week-end of Easter, Berlin is expecting more than 2 millions tourists ! you read well : 2 millions tourists. For a city that counts 4 millions people, that means we will hear a lot of foreign languages. And this is true. We had a drink outside last evening in Kreuzberg, the weather is amazing thse days, and we hardly could speak together because of the noise of the street. People passing by, ordering a beer, some already drunk falling on the street, the outside metro running every 3 minutes, ambulances, young queuing for the discos, this is amazing. Back to our beloved Fridrichshain, we drive with the bicycle through Simon Dach Strasse and I can tell you, It has nothing to envy to other ones. The difference is, the inhabitants tried to settle an arrangement with the bar owners, meaning they should close the terrace at 11:30 p.m at the lastest. It works well during the week. But on week-ends, forget the whole thing. People just do not want to leave their spot on the street. We passed by last night at about 1:30 a.m and all terraces were still open. This week-end is also a special one on the agenda of the gay fetish people : this is the meeting of the fetish of the world. It is organized by BLF, for Berlin Leder und Fetisch, and if you are gay and have any kind of fetish, this is the right place to be at Easter time. I used to go every year to the Snax party in Berghain but after a while I get bored. This is a sex supermarket and once the effect of surprise gone, and your envy of sex satisfied, It is completely frustrating because your mind says More More More ! when your body can't. I guess that is why a lot of men during this party take drugs, just to let their body satisfy their mind. From my side, It was a repeating scenery and got bored the last ime I went there so I let my fellow gay people staisfy their needs when I still enjoy my glass of wine with friends at the terrace.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


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I'll be 45 years old this year. Although everyone agrees to say that I look much younger and I act the same, smoking and drinking almost every day and sometimes until early morning (last dinner last until 9:00 a.m. !), I start to think about me myself and I. I guess It comes with the age, really. There is a big difference between how you look and how you feel. People I know in the city are, for most of them, much younger, and It is obvious that It exists a gap between us sometimes : the way they act, they go out, they live as there was no tomorrow when I ask myself every month how will I be able to carry on renovating my flat or pay the taxes, the way they flirt or their non-comitment with any lover they can meet or their non existing worry if they don't go to work the day after because they went out until too early this morning. I start to ask myself if I will have enough time to do everything I plan to before dying or getting too old. Will I have enouhg strenght as well ? Being able to make choices ? Do I want to stop a nice and trustfull relationship from someone who deeply loves me just because I openly want to live my fetish ? having sexual intercourses that I never had before ? meeting someone even better from my point of view ? I sometimes have the feeling being dual, which is very strange because It does defintely not belong to my way of being. The past two months, I rented a room in my flat to a woman, nearly my age, who quit everything she had to start all over again. She now wants to become a costume designer for the movie industry and I am pretty sure she will soon succeed. I did change my life many times but am I able to take the chance again if It knocks on my door once more ? Let's see what happens at 5:55.