Monday, October 31, 2011

Tante Horst

Always on the thirst to investigate new bars, I was appointed 2 weeks ago on Saturday evening at Tante Horst, in Oranienstraße, Kreuzberg. I talked with friends about it after my wild night and this understated and modestly-priced café happened to be famous, that I didn’t know before. Anyway, when the meeting was set up, I liked spontaneously the name of the bar : Tante means aunt and Horst is a male name. So I wondered what kind of bar could be named with a male aunt ? Well, I was not disappointed : It’s a queer bar, meaning all kind of people can meet there and It’s no cliché : LGBT welcome and hetero friendly, let’s say. When I saw those boys with full make up and silver dress, I thought “they’re going to a party afterwards” but no, the party was meeting friends at the bar. Oups. When the students request free seats at our table, I thought “there is a birthday party upstairs” but no they sat next to us and ordered beers. When the DJ played louder the music, the mood really rises and changes from a nice and gentle start sipping caperihna to dance floor, which was good because after that we had to join a lesbian party called “mermaids” (didn’t see many, really, but It is another story). For the record, the bar, where like Bloona you can stay at the bar, is located on the less-trod side of the Oranienstraße, near Moritzplatz where Prinzessingarten is, closed now for winter : don’t forget to make yourself a note for next spring to go there (and It’s again another story). Drawing its entirely mixed crowd, Tante Horst prides itself on being a Likörchenkollektiv, which translates as a schnapps collective, offering an array of liquor that includes, but luckily is not limited to, sheep’s milk schnapps.With a rotating display of artwork by various local artists, the café creates a comfy atmosphere, ideal for unaffected cups of tea or glasses of beer. Every Sunday, Tante Horst hosts a vegan/vegetarian brunch buffet (12:00-16:00), whereas every Saturday night a DJ spins the crowd into a tizzy. We couldn’t stay too long and moved on to GoldenFinish before visiting the Mermaids (still makes me laugh) but I went back last Tuesday for apéritif. It’s of course quieter but you will appreciate the good mood of the bar to make a good start in the week.. I also read they are linked with other “Kollektiv” like Silver Future in Neukölln, but this one I know already. Didn’t I write about it? OK, next time then. (But it’s another story).

Sunday, October 30, 2011


I thought I knew every bar in my neighborhood but no, there are still some I have to discover. Coming back from drinks at Place Clichy the other day, we wanted to have the “one for the road” drink. I didn’t have the bike so walking through Boxhagener Platz, I noticed that between Schlecker and the Ampelman shop, there was a bar, with nice lights, a real big wood bar with stools. And people were smoking inside. My kind of place. They have also a very nice room behind the big tables for a more comfy living room atmosphere. But It’s also the room where you can book to launch your private party. OK, if you’re at the bar and want to go to the toilets, you will have to cross the crowd of screaming girls and boys with strange hats maybe but It’s part of the fun and you can make nice acquaintances. They have everything you like to drink from beer to wine and Ricard to Absinthe, I guess they also can make cocktails but I’ll stick with the standard, though the Riesling was a bit sour. During the week, It’s of course quieter but there is a big chance that you’ll meet the barfly. I was there twice this week and he was twice there. I wouldn’t say It is a coincidence because he talks a lot with the (nice and smiley) waitress and always tries to make conversation with the others sitting next to him, same chair, same place, same drink, same attitude.You want to be at Bloona's because you like it. Simple as that.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Need a drink

Honey, I ordered you a gimlet. I know you don't drink in the afternoon but you will eventually so why not starting now ?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Call me daddy

Those new ways of communication are truly a blessing

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


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Today at work I felt sexy and attractive with the perfect match with my clothes. It simply makes happy and spend a good day with your colleagues and boss and appointments and presentation and deadlines and lunch break and coffee break and breakfast break and no cig break and you just wonder when you will be able to switch off your computer to go back to normal life again safely at home.

Monday, October 10, 2011

So I'm back from all the family thing and today is the first day I put the heating system on. It's definitely the start of the cold season. Need a cig.