Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mayor of the bar

This week, I checked 3 times in a row in the same bar. Do I drink too much and/or do I go out too many ? Tuesday because I was stressed from work, Wednesday because I wanted to celebrate the fact that I am alone for a week (my boyfriend is on holidays to his family for Christmas) and Thursday because I met my neighbor on the street and we decided to catch up. Actually, it was funny because we didn’t end up the two of us but 6 as we met some other people we know. The advantage to (very often) go at the same bar round the corner is that ye start to know people. The waiter knows you and your drink, the place where you like to sit, the people you meet there. Thanks to my mobile phone and the app Foursquare, I just discovered that I am the mayor of Bariton because I’m the one who checked the most. Not saying I have the most checked points because probably no one else does., or not that many. This is why this evening, I am not going at the same bar ! I’m going to join a friend (who’s in town for Christmas with his family) at Golden Finish. Tonight the motto is regenerate drinking against the Christmas’ stress. I like the idea as I have no stress at all for this period of the year that I spend most of the time alone, having all my time for me. The city is nearly empty because they all left for their family until next week. I miss the snow though. Because of this climate changes, where we used to have snow from October to April, this year, not a snowflake. But rain and grey light without end. So I’m not surprised when one is saying that no one was ready for Christmas this year because we don’t have the feeling at all. No rush for presents, no snow, even the Christmas markets were not in the mood, so this year will not be a highlight. It makes no difference for me anyway. Maybe I will cook and bake more, that’s all. For me.

Sunday, December 18, 2011


I know it is in many countries the same : Christmas decoration all over the city, on every house, on every balcony, on every tree, every year the same and even more and more each year. I remember having been in L.A. some years ago and lost with the car in Beverley Hills and then saw all those big houses completely decorated with lights, the same in Miami, the same in Karlsruhe, the same in Berlin. If you were leaving near my place, you wouild notice this balcony. Why ? because Isince I live in my flat, I take this picture every year, the same. But there is always a difference every year. There are more and more decorations, more Santas, also with lights, and they move, balancing their head from right to left. This year, the novelty are those lines of lights coming from one floor up. Don't ask me how they manage to do this but It seems very popular this year. Looking at this and many others every day, almost on every window in the city, sometimes nice, sometimes not, I can't help thinking how much it must cost, can't imagine the increase of the electricity invoice raising up for one month. Furthermore, if you think further, how much energy It costs to produce, for nothing actually, because I still wonder why families do that. I am not even sure the kids are thrilled about those illuminations all night long. I understand the city of Berlin does no effort to decorate the city, the citizens do it themselves all over the place. I think only on Ku'dam, you can find something but I didn't go this year, and with the wind, not sure it survives. Go to Paris to see the difference where the department stores are or on the Champs Elysées. This is very nice. So I am happy that here in the city some put all their efforts in some lighting for this time of the year, waiting now that we had the view, for the noise, that will come next week with New Year's Eve and all their petard everywhere. I wish you all a Merry Christmas.

You'd better have a good story ...


So it was again yesterday the Christmas party of the company to celebrate its employees. 4 hours of speech and then dinner with open bar. Until midnight. But during this time, we all love each other when at the office we hardly say good morning. It's every year the same, more people maybe as the company is growing, more young people as I am getting older, same speech, same wine, same food, same place, same rain. One detail changes every time. I have noticed I go away earlier. Either I'm drunk earlier or I get bored after having done what I call my "public relations". We never know. After that ? I need a drink of course and that's when the party really starts. I came back this morning, not really fresh I must say, and this evening, though invited at friends' place for dinner, not a drop of wine nor one cigarette. And this is interesting because I noticed that 1) when you are a non smoker, I understand smoke disturbs you and irritates your throat and 2) when people starts to get drunk, you are not in the mood and only wants to go home. When you look at your friends having fun and laughing for nothing, you just behave trying to understand the words they try to articulate, not with really much success. Then you say goodnight. Goodnight.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Stairs 1

Well, this is it : I have to talk about my stairs. The one in my edroom. I(ve waited 3 years to have it. I had such a precise idea of what I wanted (and I have now) that the most difficult part of all, was to find someone who would be able to build it. I found beginning of the year. It took almost a year to have it, just put it in the room yesterday, but I am now so happy. To be continued.

Sunday, December 11, 2011



I love my flat. It costs me a fortune but I just love it. It's the reason why I didn't go far away on holidays since two years, no sun, no sea (I miss that so much) but hey, no risk no fun. And I have many. It's my choice and I'm not complaining. On the contrary, I feel myself lucky to have a roof above my head. Anyway, It has 3 rooms and one I used to have as a bedroom. But I did some renovation and since then my bedroom is somewhere else. So I have a spare room that friends use when they come to visit but most of the time It is empty. I did move the computer room and my desk also somewhere else in the flat. So I figure out I could rent it. Not for long term but for week-ends or a week or two when tourists or business (wo)men are in town. So I started to renovate it. The furniture are all here so no bigy but the initial colour I put when I moved in, well, It's easy, I don't like it anymore. It's a light beige but I'm more in dark colours, I feel It goes better with the flat. The other colours you will find in my place are bright red, some darg grey, a marine blue, a bordeaux and a mix of all those I used to paint my bedroom. So let's say I don't like white walls. Of course to put life on the walls, you will also find a lot of pictures, paintings, drawings, maps, mirrors, so you could say I live in a modern museum. But It looks like me. But, how can I design a room that belongs to my flat where I live but is for people I don't know and they will have to pay (a little) to rent it (if ever) ? The marine blue I used for the corridor is nice but too strong. I decided to have a dark green, so I can try to make it. I went to the store and bought some bright and gold yellow. I did it this afternoon. Actually, I think I like it but I can't be sure for now. The colour is not dry yet and It's dark outside now so, with only the lights on, I can't judge. Let's say I'll talk about it another time. It's time for dinner and relax.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Monday, December 5, 2011


It's a little game that likes to play this little boy from time to time : "where is my brain ?" until now, he lost.

Sunday, December 4, 2011


I'm drugged up on meds and does not feel funtional at all

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Art.Gerecht, the day after

So it was really unexpected. When you see Art.Gerecht from outside, it looks like a small coffee bar. The door is even in paper. You don't expect such a cosy place nor a concert location. Ok, all acoustic but what a pleasure to discover new artists live, round the corner with good atmosphere. We had the time to taste the very good coffee and later on, the tea. I was not in the mood for wine that evening but I heard it tastes good. Then you access the room where the artist will perform. Comfortably sat in chairs or sofas, your glass on the coffee table, facing the stage, you wait for the performance to begin. Before that, the artists display their merchandising, fair enough. There was no tickets to buy. In the middle of the concert, the owner of the bar gave us a basket to donate money. That is good because you don't feel struggle with the price of a concert, nowadays rarely affordable for me. The surprise came from the first part. Because there was one. Phia. Also from Merlbourne, Australia, living in Berlin since 7 months and having a good time, so she says, and performing often in the city. Yesterday she came with electronic devices that she pushes with her feet, connected with an african instrument called Kalimba that she plays with her hands. Amazing and entertaining. I bought her CD because I thought it was a good thing to do and also because I was thrilled by her creative talent. Coby Grant was enjoying the music. With each song, we had a little story about the process or the story about it and we felt like connected. After the performance, Coby Grant started hers. She is also staying in Berlin for the time being. She explained that she is recording next week her next album in the city. A few songs you can already listen on her website. The mood was really good and I appreciate very much when the artist puts a connection with the audience. I think that, where big concerts with thousands of people give you energy, the acoustic ones in bars or small locations simply give you happiness, the feeling that you're having a privilieged moment. And that's what happened. I also bought the CD but not for me. A friend of mine wanted to be with us but could not make it, being away from the city. That will be his Christmas present with a special word and signature from Coby Grant. I hope he will be thrilled with the music and word as we all were.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Art Gerecht

This evening we try something new. Art Gerecht. Live will play Coby Grant. I noticed the place a few months ago and I thought first it is only a (good) coffee bar, only open during day time. But it happens to be much more than that, very much more. On the rear there is a concert room where coms artists who play acoustic music. Last month I found no time to go but I book my evening and wants to go. This is what is said about the artist (from the main page of Art Gerecht) : "Australia’s sweetheart of acoustic pop, Coby Grant is a woman of many talents. Fiercely independent, she is a free spirit, savvy business woman and most fittingly, a genuine artist. The popular single, “A Song About Me” has been used on television commercials around the world, revealing new supporters in the most surprising places, such as Scandinavia! Having performed over 170 shows in the past year throughout Australia, Denmark, Sweden, Czech Republic, Germany, the UK and the USA and securing a number of stellar support slots alongside international artists such as Don McLean (USA), Newton Faulkner (UK #1 Artist) and Toni Childs (USA), Coby’s soaring vocals and candid lyrical style continues to win the hearts of Australian audiences and now, she’s going global. This year, Coby Grant will embark on her most epic journey yet, with tours planned through Europe, Canada and the USA." I quite interested I must say. I never had the idea such a place was so nearby and I am already a fan on Facebook. I might go more often at concerts. They also give singing and other art lessons.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

World AIDS Day

Please don't forget that today December 1st, is World Aids day. It is sad to remember but there is still so much work to do. Of course medication exists but not anyone does have the access to it. I heard that before 2015, we want to eradicate the disease transmitted from mother to child. I'd like also that my fellow LGBT friends, this community always very prompt and active for a cause, and most of the time has access to doctors and medication, probably feeling safe in the city, and mostly the young ones who don't have nearby someone dead from AIDS, stops to think that they can cure with meds and they can carry on sucking dicks all night long and be fucked or fucked without protection. It's for life, you will never get rid of it. I also think that it is the duty of the oldest ones, me for example, to explain this matter. But believe it or not, I'm not listened. Worse : people of my age start to take advantage of the so-called innocence of the youngs. Not sure it really gets better.