Sunday, January 29, 2012

Electric Guest - "American Daydream" Video from stereogum on Vimeo.

Berlin sunday

Berlin today

The power of the coffee machine

Did you notice how important is a coffe machine in the company. How strategic It is placed in the building ? did you notice the moves from and to this machine are ? very interesting. Please have a look. Everyone is meeting at the coffee machine. It’s the place to be to have informal meetings, saying what you think to a colleague, flirting with potential next boyfriend (can’t believe how many couples meet at work) and ultimately, having coffee. But that’s for tomorrow. Today is lazy day with snow and sun.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


It seems like I will always be unhappy. It's like that. Get over it.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Friday, January 6, 2012

Paris morning streets

In 1976, French film director Claude Lelouch strapped a 35mm film camera to the front of a car, and 'someone', drove the car at speeds of up to 200kph through the early morning streets of Paris, without any permission from authorities. During the 8 min film, at least two pedestrians come within feet of being hit, cars are narrowly missed, and 18 red lights are run. The whole thing was completely illegal.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Last week was busy. On holiday but busy. Like everyone, I just returned from Christmas dinner that I have to think about the Sylvester’s one. In the meantime, I had to meet friends who come to their family for the celebration. It started Tuesday night. I went to this new bar in Mitte, Bar3. Though I used to live years ago around the corner, I am not a big fan anymore to go back there, too many tourists, too crowdie, too much money, no flair anymore. But a friend has been there so I wanted to give a (second) try, and not alone. I confirm it’s a nice bar and the concept is simple but efficient. No tables, no chairs. Just a huge black round bar where you “fight” to get a stool. Small glasses, not expensive (wine is 2,-€) but it means that you drink faster and probably more. You have no choice but to make contact. Yes, because if you arrive when the bar is fully occupied, the only way to get something to drink is to disturb someone sitting. Not bad. Because if you go alone, you are pretty sure to start a conversation at any time. You only need to find a receptive one. Most of the people there comes from the neighborhood and is quite friendly. Service is perfect and the music is entertaining, played with vinyl, and not boring like this lounge music you here almost everywhere now. Because I was on holiday, I could go out at night, to party. And if there is one I won’t miss if I’m not working on Friday, is “Chantal’s house of shame” made at the cowboy disco Bassy Club. It just a very good party with a great mix of people, age, whatever. A friend came with and we decided to meet each other at Betty F., small talk with some guys we know and then, under the rain, go to party. It was a chance we went there early. Soon after one hour being opened, the wardrobe was full that they had to open in emergency a second one, which they did behind the counter in plastic bags. Meaning that with the rain, when you will take back your coat, it will be still soaked, wet, and cold. Pleasure. Chantal was there, as usual, the show started late, as usual, I could recognize faces I saw years ago, as usual, and many young and even more tourists. After getting out around 4:30 a.m., Chantal was  also outside, trying to convince the waiting crowd that they had to go to party somewhere else because the location was so full, they could not let anyone coming in. Friday evening very easy at Kirk, to celebrate with close friends our last evening together before 2012. The bar was also crowded with tourists, but this time brought by acquaintance living not far away from the place. At some point, following the turn-over of friends, we noticed that the Germans were under-numbered. That felt strange somehow, but I was quite happy about it and we had a great laugh. At Kirk, we always have a good time. I guess because the sofa is comfortable, the fireplace is warm and the Pinot together with the service is good. Starting to feel tired on Saturday, we decided to play it cool and easy. No big fiesta but light dinner with friends in Schöneberg, where I hardly go. That evening was the choice of using the public transportation obvious, even I don’t like it very much. 15 minutes before Midnight, the big great firework starts and everyone is outside, from kids to Grandparents, from restaurant clientele to simple friends and we all play with petards and fireworks. It can last 2 hours until you can’t see a thing through the fog anymore and then just simply go to the bar next door until the morning. It’s then time to go back home. Happy new Year everyone !