Monday, February 20, 2012


It is true I like to go out a lot and I also like to drink and smoke. Most of the selection of the places I go are smoking ones. Yes, here in Berlin Germany you are allowed to smoke almost everywhere and a place where it is forbidden looks awkward. I can understand for my fellow friends who are non smokers, it is a nightmare but from time to time we also go in smoke free places … but not for long. Anyway, I heard talking about Soul Cat at a dinner and the talking was so enthusiastic that I had to give it a try. First time alone, as I like it, to take the mood of it and the second time by appointment with friends to see if they have a good time there. From Tuesday to Saturday, every evening, there is a concert. Monday and Sunday are for vinyl playing, from the 50’s to 60’s. When I went there, they played vinyls from India, but rock wise, which was surprising and interesting. The bar keeper is sometimes the one who plays the records so feel free to have a chat with him. Actually, once you’re in there, you’re not sure to make it home. The second time was a Friday. So concert night. We met at 8:00 p.m. just to be sure to have a decent chair and we finally decided to stay at the bar in the corner so we had, so to say, our own booth. Which was definitely a good choice because after a while, the bar was so crowdie that you couldn’t make a move without meeting someone, which is, sometimes, for the best (except if you try to bring your glass of wine at the table). My advice if you drink from a glass ? stay at the bar. Anyway, on that very evening played a group from Barcelona, some rockabilly music, the mood was great and the wine good. More and more people came in. After the concert, one of the guy just pass by with a hat and you’re requested to leave something for the group or at least, buy them a drink. Remember, you didn’t pay anything for the live music. After a few hours of this treat, came the DJ for the rest of the night. Same program, rockabilly music and party people couldn’t stop being in a good mood. Another place to be.