Thursday, March 14, 2013

Fall of the Wall

What you hear about the wall in Berlin these days is wrong. The only true information that you get is that David Hasselhof will sing next Sunday in front of the East Side gallery but I’m not sure this is great news. But this one is true. On the contrary, you hear that, following a future project of new luxury apartments, the wall will fall (again). No. Let me put all this in order. It is true that again next Sunday, thousands of people will demonstrate. Unfortunately most of them do not know what they’re talking about. The wall will not be demolished but only a part of it will be opened and moved aside for a little time to allow the work to begin (at this point stopped by the demonstration). The plans for this construction exist since a long time and are known since December 2012. A referendum dated 2008 approved the decision to build a bridge to join the streets. But the plans are older as the vox populi and there is nothing you can do now. Don’t forget that the wall East Side Gallery, which is classified in historical monuments since 1992, is "not the real one". From the real one are only a few ridiculous pieces in the city. But this, the East Side Gallery, is based on the East side, as its name says. So it never parted the city between East and West because on the other side of this very wall, you only could find the riverside of the Spree! Berlin betrayed its unique History in completely different places, where the city was really parted in two, where the life line was, by dividing people. If some people really want to have a wall between East and West, I suggest Check Point Charlie, there it is absolutely possible. But strangely for that, you don’t find 6000 angry people. The problem of the city now is that everything has been sold before its inhabitants wake up. Now It is too late because whatever will be made, It will be built. Those demonstrations of young and tourist people do not serve many things. What makes people angry as well is the fact we only hear about building offices and luxury appartments, nothing about appartments where you and me could live and/or have difficulties to find a place to live (but It happens a lot in other cities, Paris is a good example). The threat comes from outside and its famous fabulous word "Gentrifizierung". I think that if the people show that they are not ahppy, the city should listen, at least. But even if it was happening, not much could be done. Capitalism will move the wall anyway. That Davis Hasselhof comes in Berlin to sing next Sunday is a true information but I think he doesn’t really care about the wall because in L.A., there is none. What really disturbs me is that in this story, we hear no artist from here.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Just because


I told you about the new French café Louise Chérie in my neighborhood but I noticed on the market last Saturday that It’s not the only new French around the corner. Last Saturday was the birthday dinner of a friend and I was looking for something to bring outside flowers/wine/stupid present you’ll never use. Though It is still cold and snowing, I was wandering quietly among the stands, hesitating what bread or sausage I’d bring home or which coffee maker I will use for my morning espresso. And I saw the new one. Les macarons de Stéphane. I saw him once and thought It won’t last. A friend of mine brought macarons from him on our last aperitif and it was delicious. I said this time I’ll give it a go and I don’t regret it. The language of course helps a lot, especially for me to understand every variety of ingredient Stéphane is using to make those delicious colorful little cakes. I couldn’t choose between caraml, lavanda, balck forest, white chocolate and many others so I took 12, one of each sort. I brought this little box later at the dinner as present because It is also very nice to see and only the idea of tasting those makes you drool. I must say that I bought myself a box of 4 that did last long once I return home. The extra good news is that Stéphane just opened his job in Gärtnerstrasse, next to Macondo café. The aim now is not to pass by every day to buy the macarons. Moving on on the market and buying some other tasty things like fruits chutney or cheese, I was looking for a present to send to France because It is the birthday next week of my best friend and his wife. I know they love ceramic and just when I had the thought of it, in front of me stands the beautiful objects of la recreation. When we started to talk, It was clear that the girl has the same language as I have and it makes the contact easier. Only with what was on display last Saturday, I was already satisfied but she asked me to come in her shop, just minutes away, next Thursday so I can discover more. She agreed as well to prepare some extra strong box so the things can travel safely. On top of that I just need to buy a new box of macarons and the birthday present is ready to be shipped to Paris. Maybe a birthday card ? Anyway, It becomes difficult now to avoid the French in my neighborhood. Between Louise Chérie, les macarons de Stéphane, Place Clichy, Oh la la and to be served La recreation, I’m surprised I only took 2 kilos.