Wednesday, May 25, 2011


As I brought from France the concept of apéritif, I admit German brought me the concept of Stammtisch, that I like very much. What is that ? imagine a place, namely a bar, where you go many times a week, near your place, where friends know they can find you there to share a drink with you, having small talk. The barkeeper knows you and your favorite drink (for me Sauvignon blanc, there is always waiting a bottle in the fridge), is happy to see you anyday, and is ready to chit chat welcoming you. This place, I have : It’s the bar Bariton, near the trendy Boxhagener Platz. This is where I live, this is where most of the friends and colleagues live, so It is very easy to meet up there, we don’t even ask where we meet most of the time. It has everything you need : restaurant (Mexican), cocktails (with offers early evening), a nice warm fire for winter, smoking and non-smoking areas and you can rent the place for your private events. They learned how to make a nice Pernod drink but unfortunately, they ran out of Rosé wine because we already drank every bottle and is not on the menu anymore. Nevertheless, to our great relief, the sun just appeared and the terrace is yet open. The bar enjoys a nice view on the place and has the best late sun for the evening. Because the owners want you to feel good, they put outside some deck chairs in front of nice coffee table. In summer, everyone is outside until late, and because we know the neighbors can be very fussy sometimes, no one is shouting drunk but prefers to sip quietly his drink. Because one of the guy is musician and plays in a band, they had the good idea last year to create music events, one evening per week, and let the chance to make live performance to musicians, a group, even friends, even us one time ! It had a great response but unfortunately, due to the anger of the neighbor from the second floor, It had to end. We found that very sad because we never thought It was too loud to not stand it. Strangely, we never heard any complaint from the neighbors of the first floor, so I guess It was someone very sensitive from the ears. We still can enjoy music every day in the bar, but not too loud of course, also outside, but not too late of course, don’t forget you’re in Germany, and for events like European song contest, they put a big screen in the room and we are all enjoying the show together. Price wise, It is very OK, but we don’t order a glass anymore, except when I am alone, but directly the bottle or one half if we know we will move afterward. If we stay late enough, sometimes we even get free drink or a shot of anything they prepare behind the bar. Last time It was a mix of vodka and strawberry, not bad. Soon It is bedtime, so next time, feel free to come by and say hello if you see a group of friends or hear German language spoken with French accent, this must be us.

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