Friday, August 17, 2007

It's holiday time now ... take care !

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when all i said and done (Click the title to hear the song)

Heres to us one more toast and then well pay the bill
Deep inside both of us can feel the autumn chill
Birds of passage, you and me
We fly instinctively
When the summers over and the dark clouds hide the sun
Neither you nor Im to blame when all is said and done
In our lives we have walked some strange and lonely treks
Slightly worn but dignified and not too old for sex
Were still striving for the sky
No taste for humble pie
Thanks for all your generous love and thanks for all the fun
Neither you nor Im to blame when all is said and done
Its so strange when youre down and lying on the floor
How you rise, shake your head, get up and ask for more
Clear-headed and open-eyed
With nothing left untried
Standing calmly at the crossroads,no desire to run
Theres no hurry any more when all is said and done
Standing calmly at the crossroads,no desire to run
Theres no hurry any more when all is said and done

Love Boat

a room with a view

Strangely here it is not the view that I would miss the most.
Although I am very lucky with the place I live, every time I go to the roof terrace (it belongs to the building, to hang your washed clothes for example, it's the best place to meet your neighbours, hear the last gossips or adventures, or to spy the other buildings at night, he he he...) I have a splendid overview of the city. Dibidabo, the sea, Sagrada Familia, Torre Agbar ... .
Although my surrounding is also very noisy (and not by the traffic...) there are noises I will miss. I am thrilled every time I hear the seagulls in the patio, I am even more when I hear the cruise boats leaving the harbour in the evening to sail anywhere.
At this very moment, I just have to close my eyes : It's like traveling without moving.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

summer time

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I still do not understand why I could not take my car as hand luggage...

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How to gauge if you're being a psycho

Just been dumped? While waiting for his calls it is acceptable to pace the floor, chain-smoke, take four baths to help you relax, cry, let your stomach churn, spend hours staring at the phone, pour your heart out to your friends and repeatedly reread his old texts for any clues of just when and why he changed his mind about you. It is unacceptable to tearfully ring him in the middle of the night and demand to know why he doesn’t love you. If you’ve done any of the following, we’re extremely cross with you:
- You’ve been crying over his photographs Okay, he won’t know, but it’s time to pull yourself together.
- You’ve been listening obsessively to that last voicemail message of his Oh, just give us the phone so we can delete it. You’ll drive yourself mad.
- You sold the story of your “heartache” to a tabloid newspaper Okay,but we would have preferred a glossy. We just hope you got a fair price for it.
- You phoned him after that last “you’ve been dumped” conversation, begging him to change his mind That’s the limit. You’re starting to look desperate. It’s not as if he’s Brad Pitt.
- You phoned a friend of his. To beg for his help to get him back Oh, for goodness’ sake, girl!
- You phoned his mother You’re boring us now.
- You’ve been loitering outside his home, looking at his bedroom window No, no, no. Do not go there again. You should be loitering in your own bedroom. With someone else.
- You’re wearing woollen tights Get a grip.
- You’re wearing flat shoes We give in.
Pour yourself a vodka, then tot up how many times you said “yes”.
0-2 Well done. Have you read us before or something? Now let’s get you a new man.
3-10 Girlfriend, you’re not taking this well. Let us be frank. You’re turning into one of those monstrous stalking-weeping-psycho-bitches-from-hell. You’re in danger of going from Great to Glenn Close. You’ve got work to do. We want you with a perfect score. And gusset-free.
in "the naughty girl's guide to life" by Tara Palmer-Tomkinson and Sharon Marshall. Source : The Sunday Times (Style issue, August 12th, 2007)

Back to basics.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Download with rapidshare Lou Reed Berlin


how a city is changing

When I first went to Berlin, there was still east and west Berlin. Friedrichshain was still very DDR and Mitte was a no man’s land. Later the “Wall” concert took place in Potsdamer Platz that today just grew from earth.
After a while Mitte became the place to be. Last time I went, not so long ago, I could already notice that a change was already on its way. The place to be is moving to the east. Before, Friedrichshain was the area where students could afford a rent because it was cheap and outside of the german people who never moved from there, you hardly met what we call in French a bobo, those “young, creative, wealthy” people who do not belong to the standards anymore and prefer to buy a big space in a low-key area to transform it by a famous interior architect than to invest in a bourgeois flat without personality. That’s what is happening now. You can see the corner of Simon-Dach Str, has completely changed and is on its way to be completely renovated. Design shops are already in the place and you can’t find a cheap rent anymore. Nevertheless the city keeps (at the moment) its personality and there are still temporary places to go. Temporary because it is made as a bar, restaurant, whatever, before it will be destroyed to build any new glass building with very high square meter price.
So here the latest one : because it is summer and we need sun and beach, go to Lunas Strandgarten. No phone number, no web site, only cash allowed. It’s on the corner of Revaler Str (Nr 34) and Modersohn Str., closed to S and U (train and metro station) Warschauer str. It’s a lounge cocktail bar, a place to eat barbecued sausages, to play beach volley, and to listen good music because of the selected DJ’s. Open 7 days a week from 11.00 to open end.
I remember that people used to say to me, “never go to Kreuzberg, it’s too dangerous there”, well I’ve been a lot of times, mostly to party, and I had a very good time. Last evening, because I wanted to have my entrecote charolaise, I use to go to La Crapule, previously in Mitte but the rent became too high so they moved to this trendy area. The reputation of Kreuzberg is that it is the second biggest town of Turkey. It is another world but here is the alternative place. Well anyway it was warm enough to have dinner at the terrasse so have a try for the easy french food, Skalitzer Str. 68 (030-69565010).
Passing by on Dircksenstr. to take my coffee at caras , as usual, I noticed a new hotel, I should say Motel, Motel One . I didn’t try it but it looks with every comfort inside, polite people, and you can have your breakfast in the main room. For this area, the price is good. I like those big blue chairs, Cappellini style.
But if you’re in the city before 1st of October you must go to Bar25 . This I never saw before. It’s a big place : open air cinema, lounge cocktail bar, on the river restaurant, Hotel : you’ll rent a wood (small) house, and I think I didn’t see everything. I had a very good dinner, the evening was warm and sunny, the wine tasty and the service, nice. But again the closing date is final because it will be soon destroyed for a new thing to come. Enjoy.

Monday, August 13, 2007


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management lesson

A man is getting into the shower as his wife is finishing hers. The doorbell rings and the wife quickly wraps herself in a towel and runs downstairs. When she opens the door, there stands Bob, the neighbour. Bob says : "I'll give you $500 to drop that towel". After thinking for a moment, the woman drops her towel and stands naked in front of Bob. Bob hands her $500 and leaves. The woman wraps back up her towel and goes upstairs. Her husband asks, "who was that ?" "It was Bob the neighbour", she replies. "Great!", the husband says, "Did he say anything about the $500 he owes me ?"
moral : if you share critical information pertaining to credit and risk your shareholders in time, you may be in a position to prevent avoidable exposure.
source : GQ, UK, September issue.

Travelocity Attendant Ad

can't resist ! and thank you to dirtybitchsociety .

Sunday, August 12, 2007

La Reine Margot

I just saw a new time with absolutly great pleasure one of my favorite film : La Reine Margot. The talented French director Patrice Chéreau tells us the story of a very sad part of French history : the night of St Barthelemew. (la nuit de la Saint Bathélémy).
A bit of history about the Saint Barthelemy, so if you ever see the film, which I highly recommend, you will understand without asking you questions.
All is good in this film. The dialogues, the actors, the light, the music which has nothing to do with the time but most of it is based with east European gypsy chants, composed by Goran Bregovic (some say Chéreau did it on purpose to link with the war in Kosovo but the point is that the music fits perfectly).
If you speak a bit of French try to see the original version. Unfortunatly I confirm that translation is not as good as the original language. It is a very violent film but the most violent scenes are not while it is violent in front of your eyes. It’s all in the looks, a little phrase, all the pain you can read in the eyes of the actors, it’s all in the dance between the king brothers while they verbally fight with their sister Margot, it’s all in the obsession of La Mole for Margot, a friendship to death between a catholic and a protestant, the everlasting plots of a mother (the Queen, unforgettable Virna Lisi, for the sake of her sons, the hatred between the king brothers because they want to reign, it’s a story about passion and Patrice Chéreau made it a baroc fascinating scenery.


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heard the conversation ...

Him#1 : you know, I so miss him that I didn't wash the bath since he left... there are still some pubic hairs
Him#2 : you definitely need hard session sex with someone else, darling. You're turning fetishism

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Pretty love songs

download with Rapidshare pretty love songs
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It's always when you are in a strong trustfull faithfull relationship that you have the feeling you're missing things (new friends, new opportunities, new sex, ...). The grass could be greener on the other side.
It's always when you are not in a strong trustfull faithfull relationship that the only thing you're thinking about is to find a partner.
Listen to the conversations : On one side the ones who complain about the fact that their realtionship is just boring, unsatisfying, tiring, ... . On the other side the other ones complain about the fact that after their party last night they either came back home alone and cry about it or they had the wildest sex ever and want to stay with the same person the rest of their life (meaning most of the time at the least next week end) because they suddenly fell in love.
Yes it is true, we need love.
Have a kiss.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Fly Robin Fly

Listen to fly robin fly
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airplane !

speaking of airport and all those things "attached" I read as usual the very good Yarravillepaul and connected to dirtybitchsociety . Please have a click and read the article "Don't Argue With The Gay Flight Attendant" . You can't miss that. He made me laughed so It is an important thing to link.

Country Dance Contortion Girls


We easily forget how fragile our body is. We believe without even thinking of it that we can do everything we want with it. We complain because it changes itself without permission or we are never satisfied the way it is and that is why a big percentage of the planet goes to the gym and work so hard, or wear a S when a L is highly recommended, just because it has the effect of a corset !
Anyway, waiting my flight at the airport (for once I was early enough) I had a look at the people hanging around, buying newpapers, coffee, eating, taking care of kids, ... . The airport has this advantage that you can watch people that you would never meet on your planet. The mother too kind with her daughter who beats her, I am sure you would say to yourself, com' on here little bitchy, I'll teach you respect. The two young guys in their 20s taking the 4 seats when the old lady is standing up, you would say to yourself, move on boys, you only need one seat at a time (but you don't go to the lady to offer your seat, why should you ?). The business man who on the first look is all dressed up for his daily meeting and who's passing in front of you a second time has no jacket anymore and the shirt is out of the trousers (hmmmm.... what has he done during the last 15 mn ? you'll never know, he he he, or will you ?) and on and on and on.
But in all this crowd, this little world, I was surprised how countless people are injured. For whichever reason, they have bandages, put into plaster, walking with a cane or roll in a chair, all those reminded me that it can happen at anytime to anyone and most of the time, stupidly. My last big experience was with the motorbike when a car forgot that it was a one way street and took it (the wrong way, of course) so faced me too quickly and bang ! I couldn't walk within 5 months. The good thing in all those crisis, once your fear is gone and you adapt yourself to the nurse and the medication, your body reacts. Because I walked on one leg all this time, when I started to reeducate it, the body refused. It made its own way and said no to put the feet on the floor. It wasn't that funny at the time. I recall as well when skying, a bit too fast while turning made me fall as well. This time it was the knee. Strangely, while the past years all it was recommended was "don't move and rest" now it's the opposite. Make your body work the more you can (read in the paper following a study from the UK). It's still a wonderful machine anyway. But taking care of it has its rewards. It can take you far away. Have another piece of cake...

Thursday, August 9, 2007


I had a dinner last evening with a friend I had not met since 2 years. At the end of the dinner he said "ohhh but things are going pretty well lately for you ! but ... are you happy ?"
stupidely I could not answer. I just did not know.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Paris in summer


No better songs of the city than sung by Juliette Greco. Listen to Sous le ciel de Paris


It's a very strange weather these days here in Barcelona. It's very warm sunny but at the same time also big grey clouds and when we are outside we are not surprised to receive drops on the head (and this is not the neighbour who waters his plantation ...) . We expect storms but nothing comes yet. We say in french the weather is "heavy". So because it's too windy to go to the beach and we need some fresh air, the best option is the air conditioned cinema in which you can enjoy the film with an ice cream (Magnum double chocolate caramel, anyone ?).
But because it's also summer time we did not expect much choice. Big mistake and surprise. Because sometimes I miss my city we decided to go and see Ratatouille (the last from Pixar-Disney) and let me say it straight : very good. Everything is in it : good feelings, nice story of love, friendship, perseverence, family, action, slow moments, big expectations (will it succeed ?), can the story be real (of course, a blue rat in a kitchen's restaurant !), to make it short, all you expected. I expected a bit more and was not disapointed. First the team who made the film was the one from The incredibles and I was already positively surprised. But this time they chose Paris as background and I am very critical about my city. But again, they must have thought about it because even the cars have the right tags, the river Seine flows in the right direction and la Place de la Concorde is the same driver's nightmare. There is even more : the coffee is moving in the cups. I will forget some details about the city and the characters's accent (do I speak like this?) because I had a very good time... even moved. When the rat sees the city from the roof for the very first time, it is exactly that. The Pixar's team got the point, you can feel it... and I was very happy about it. If you go to Paris once, you can recreate the same : either you can afford it and book a room at the Crillon or for less money but much more ambiance, book a table at Le George (the restaurant at Beaubourg, but please don't pay attention to the service, the food nor the bill, it's either a sucess or a disapointment). One thing never changes there is the view : that's why you have to book a table with the view and double check the next day if your reservation has been taken into consideration : click le George

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Harry Potter

Of course I went to the theatre to see Harry Potter
Of course I liked it
Of course I will read the last episode
Of course I will wait impatiently the next release
... but I very much prefer shortbus

Friday, August 3, 2007

El Forum

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I forgot, enjoy partying open air during summer :

august in Spain

It's done. they're all gone with family, kids, friends, pets, golden fishes and all those things. Who ? people. Where ? on holidays. Now the city empties itself from locals. The place you can find them is at the airport or train station. They all travel together. One month. It's now difficult to get a haircut, to find a shop to sew the beautiful trousers you just bought on sales (until end of the month) that you started to do because it's the best prices and the shops are empty, even sometimes having lunch or dinner is difficult (by the way list updated on the right side).
But the good part is : I have my own line at the pool at anytime of the day, I don't queue at the supermarket, and there are bikes to drive. Of course it means also that there are more tourists than the rest of the year and this city has already a lot (locals sometimes complain about it, but the welcome is so unfriendly that people do not come back). Anyway it's a city you only come once and after a while you want to go somewhere else to have a life. Even tourists are disapointed because for example of unsecurity in the city. I think all of my colleagues ' relatives or family were robbed at least once coming here on visit. It does not give a good image. So outside the city, you still have possibility :
Andorra : well known principat, no taxes, even cheaper than Spain. Nothing much to do except shopping (but at a good price) perfumes and clothes. The road in August is even worse than a motorway in Paris a Friday afternoon. I would not advise to buy electronics (or at your own risk) because no guarantee outside the territory. Nevertheless you can stay at Hesperia Andorra La Vella ( and try to be there on week ends because it's the only time of the week that something is happening : go to Buda ( Either you go from Barcelona by car (for example cheap cars with or by bus from Estaçio del Nord.
Otherwise la costa Brava is also very famous and one of the most beautiful coast, well preserved and wild. I would recommend anything between Palamos, Palafrugell, Begur, Tamariu.
Otherwise you still can enjoy Barcelona. To have a french dinner "le petit bergerac" (Aribau 141 entre Rosellón y Corcega, Example) is good food as well as my favourite Menjador (Valencia 193, entre Aribau y Enric Granados) : no need to book a table if you planned to have dinner before 23.00, highly recommended after. If you are in Raval, try my pizza Ravalo (plaça d'Emili Vendrell 1 (corner Joaquim Costa y Peu de la Creu). For example after your visit at the Macba and CCCB. If you are in El Borne, you can go to La Candela (plaça San Pere 12, it's my cantine) next to Arc de Triomf (entre San Pere més alt and San Pere més baix). Of course everybody wants to try tapas so the best ones would be Set de Born (c/ dels Ases 16, this one has air conditioned).

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Radio Nova

to listen while reading the blog radio nova

Chiringuito deluxe

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Sal Café

As usual good dinner at Sal Café. It's the place we go because it's easy to reach (remember bicing ?) and we always have wonderful dinner facing the sea. Remember to book the table "first line" (primera linea) so you can enjoy the view at the beach. The menu has changed and the fish is highly recommended. The wine de la casa is also a good choice. They now have a web site
sal café