Saturday, March 5, 2011

Wine testing

With all the wine I drink every week, the best present that my friend could make is a wine testing. They have done it last summer and because It is a Mydays voucher : It has a one year availability so I had the time to determine what kind of wine I wanted to taste. Of course one I don't know. It happened last friday. I had booked a Riesling testing because I like drinking white wine when I don't eat, meaning for the apéritif or when I go out. The red wine here in the bars is most of the time undrinkable so I said myself why not widening my taste as I always take the same or at the most what the bar has to offer. Appointment is made at 20:00 in the shop Eisenwein in Mitte. We are not the first ones (I invited my man), a couple of mid 50's people arrived earlier. Then we waited for the other guests to come, in total 9 people not included our host. The man knows what he's talking about. He said first of all that he does not want to fall asleep while he tells the story and the priority will be given to the opening of bottles. But we feel very quickly that It is his passion and It is not boring at all. It was planned an event of 2 hours for 7 wine bottles. We stayed one hour more and we had 9 bottles. We started with Champagne, he said It will open our taste. Then starts with a very low sugar wine until the extreem Spatlese. The term spätlese (pronounced SHPATE-lay-zuh) refers to the degree of ripeness at which the grapes are harvested. In the German system of ripeness classification, the grapes with the least amount of sugar are destined for kabinett wines. Then comes spätlese, and then the riper auslese, beerenauslese, trockenbeerenauslese and eiswein. I didn't like very much the first two. Maybe they were too fresh, meaning we have to wait to let the smell evaporate until you can taste the wine. The host does a very job entertaining us with questions and exercices about our taste. So out with dry Kabinett, Vulkangestein and Schiefer, from 2008 and 2009. The next two are my favorite : Riesling Traminer cuvée trocken 2009 and Groebe. The smell and the taste are very good and they go well together, meaning It does not hurt my nose like with the first one. Not too much sugar, tasty, and nice colour. We don't drink the glass, well at least not all of them, and there was aside water and bread to help you let the taste of the previous go away. We just throw the rest of the wine away. I just wonder what to do with it. I guess you can't drink it but I find nevertheless a shame to lose wine ! I didn't ask, my mistake. This is something I would recommend. This present was a very good idea and we had a great time thanks to the participants who enjoyed being there and the quality of the knowledge of the host together with the choice of the wine. I'm just thinking I could become an addict of those things. Let's think about it.

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