Sunday, February 10, 2013


Sometimes I surf on Facebook. It's fun to clic on friends of friends you will probably never meet or hear about and nevertheless being fascinated how easy you can make up a life : who that is, married or not, traveler or not, creative or not, ... . That makes me think when I let my mind go and see the beautiful face and the perfect life that other people have that mine is not that brilliant. Leaving in a wonderful city, I have a roof on my head, I eat everyday and as far as I know, health is ok, friends around me, family still here but : shitty job with no future, money sometimes missing, no project outside drinking wine, no lovelife because I can't step in a relationship and I have a very bad temper and personality, that makes me sad, always tired, not that young anymore, can't do anything with my ten fingers, never learned, and many more. I don't like that actually.

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