Sunday, August 28, 2011


Always on the search (and sometimes on the urge) of finding new places in the city, as soon as the rumor comes to our ears, we take the bike and go straight away. Friday evening in the Berlin, chilly wind in the air, will soon gets colder, so not sure staying outside in the right choice. Nevertheless, still early, let’s try the new place to be: KaterHolzig. This is no mystery: this is the follower of the anthology bar25 which kept Berlin busy every summer night. I remember having eaten there a few times, cost a fortune for 2 asparagus and a scallop but everyone was happy to be there, the sun was shining, and we could enjoy the view on the river Spree without having to face 1) the entrance fee and 2) the arrogance of the door keeper and 3) you could still enjoy the approximate toilets before the night rush. At Katerholzig, once you are in Michaelkirche strasse, It’s just near the bridge. And once you entered the filed, you might be disappointed finding a bar on the river, pretty small, with a deck and furniture and a bar … and nobody if you’re too early. Of couuuurse, daaaaaaaarling, you are at the wrong place. Some lucky guys could meet the first place at the entrance on the left, directly on the river and like many other before me, some other people went to the wrong place. Surprised but believing it was there, I was ready to wait for my friends but lucky me, turning my head, I noticed they were arriving and we carried on walking until the end of the field where the real entrance of Katerholzig is. No fee to pay at 8:00 p.m. and rather empty but I guess later on, it will be packed and almost impossible to get in. I think also with so much expectations, people can’t come so easily inside, It’s part of the game. At least we can play the tourists and investigate. One thing which came up very quickly. They built the new Katerholzig with the ancient Bar25. Obvious. You find the same fabric and colors, the design with its attractive wooden decking that you could sit on and look out over the river, and I agree, they made a real good job there and It’s full of nice ideas, like the lighting bulbs on wood when you walk, or the little parcels under the tree to stay comfy with your friends (or not). Kater Holzig is bigger and has more different places to be in both wet and dry weather. So overall, I think that it is actually better than Bar 25. There is a restaurant as well. You can have access to it thanks to the special entrance and the (cute) doorman checking your name on the list or also via the other building’s entrance, third floor, and the roof terrace’s where the restaurant is outside. We had two drinks, but unfortunately the wind was too strong and chilly so we didn’t stay too long.

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