Monday, August 29, 2011


No, I didn’t make any mistake. It is really written Kjosk. After going to Katerholzig and the wind blowing, we decided to take the bicycles and drive in another place, outside if possible but protected from the cold. Our friend Silke knew something that we heard of but never went and so here we go heading in our favorite place in Kreuzberg, Oranienstrasse. At the corner of Görlitzer Bahnhof, there is a former garbage dump that has been reinvented as an urban oasis, as said my friend Axel, with umbrellas, benches, cages for lamps hanging on the trees, also a ping pong table. The idea is to find there anything you need from the coffee to bretzel and apple as well as wine, champagne or beer. The homemade cakes look delicious and the service is really friendly. What makes the place funny is that this shop is located backyards in a 1970s (I guess) BVG Doppeldecker bus. Don’t forget in all this assortment the cigs, magazines, and many other surprises. You also can sit upstairs if the view suits you but it’s a bit narrow of course. It’s my kinda place, the one you go alone or to meet friends, for a coffee after work or a last glass of wine in the night. Don’t miss it.

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