Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fête nationale

So, I confirm, this is official, next Monday is 14th of July, the national day in France. It happens once a year at the same date (I'm positive) and every year we need to show our country we love it and our president make its demonstration of power (together with a speech about our nation) showing on the Champs Elysées in Paris our army. So there is during hours long a procession of tanks, canons, planes, lucky us there is no boats demonstration on the river Seine, horses (hmmmm ...), guards (wouah !), army men (a lot), army women (a few) and a lot of other things that make people happy and proud to be there and/or to be french. I will not speak about the present situation in my country as I not really agree with everything but everyone has his own opinion. If you want to talk about it, invite me for dinner. Actually this is the best moment in the city to do shopping or to visit any monument because the city is empty. Of course traffic is congestioned as usual but if you're a walker or a bicycle rider, go for it. I think every french embassy in the world has to show somehow that the celebration can take place anywhere, showing that France takes care of its fellows abroad. And this is happening. Usually the embassy is giving what they call a (in french in the text) garden party but this year we are all invited to a free party on Pariser Platz (this is the real name of the place, actually this is where the Brandenburg Tor is, in the past no man's land). The program of the Fête nationale is rich of animations, food stands ... all day long. In the evening there will be concerts of french groups (but nothing modern, only what is called "chanson française"). I did not see on the program any fireworks planned, what a shame because It is tradition. One very popular thing I will miss as well is the "firemen bal". The "bal des pompiers" is very famous in every city (especially in Paris in the first arrondissement) because It is the gayest place at this very date. And being invited by firemen is such a cliché that we always had a lot of fun watching our queer friends trying desperatly to have some fun with those "men on duty". And when one agreed for a dance or a kiss ...

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