Sunday, July 20, 2008


This is exactly what you think of a darkroom. You’re in a disco (gay or not), there is a place where you can have sex, you go in there, already a bit drunk, your throat already dry by cigarettes, not really motivated, not seeing really something (my advice : take off the sunglasses, OK, but why do they not switch on the lights ?), but nevertheless with this little think deep inside and mostly in your dick waiting to grow. So lust is there and you want to have sex. This is Homoerotic. But sex is not only a physical thing and sometimes you can’t have any because you’re thinking about something else. And what if … (he’s nice with me, I want to bring him home, I got sick, it’s too biiiiiiiiiiiiig, not my type, not what I expected, better the other one …). This short shows all this. Even if you don’t speak Spanish, It’s OK. You get the picture with the images (the boys at the end of the act speak in their mind "do you want to talk ?", "I live round the corner, do you want to come ?", "why don't we have a coffee somewhere ?" ...). It will always exist such a gap between your acts and what’s really in your mind, what you would expect yourself to do or want to happen. The only way to know is to break the barrier and try. Next time just tell what you really want.

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