Thursday, July 10, 2008

Men juice

Today on Ebay took place an auction in the category : bizarre-art, fetish-gay for "bathing costume juice". But what is it ? Number of the subject : 120269039378 (so you can prove this is true). Description from the auctioner : "15 ml of men bathing costumes taken from the changing rooms of the swimming pool Georges Vallerey in Paris, 20° arrondissement. In a brown little chemistry bottle. Attention!!! serious add. It is really 100% of pressed juice (not added with anything) from men bathing costumes, exclusively. I took it with great careful ceremony from the buckets in the changing rooms to avoid dirtying the floor. This precious nectar, with its delicate smell, will remind you the warm and manly atmosphere of collective changing rooms and will bring you complete satisfaction". Auction is closed .
Did you know that when there was still urinals in the streets of Paris (you still can see some of them, truly) some people put some bread on the floor in order to collect the male urine ? Bon appétit, mon chéri !

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