Saturday, December 3, 2011

Art.Gerecht, the day after

So it was really unexpected. When you see Art.Gerecht from outside, it looks like a small coffee bar. The door is even in paper. You don't expect such a cosy place nor a concert location. Ok, all acoustic but what a pleasure to discover new artists live, round the corner with good atmosphere. We had the time to taste the very good coffee and later on, the tea. I was not in the mood for wine that evening but I heard it tastes good. Then you access the room where the artist will perform. Comfortably sat in chairs or sofas, your glass on the coffee table, facing the stage, you wait for the performance to begin. Before that, the artists display their merchandising, fair enough. There was no tickets to buy. In the middle of the concert, the owner of the bar gave us a basket to donate money. That is good because you don't feel struggle with the price of a concert, nowadays rarely affordable for me. The surprise came from the first part. Because there was one. Phia. Also from Merlbourne, Australia, living in Berlin since 7 months and having a good time, so she says, and performing often in the city. Yesterday she came with electronic devices that she pushes with her feet, connected with an african instrument called Kalimba that she plays with her hands. Amazing and entertaining. I bought her CD because I thought it was a good thing to do and also because I was thrilled by her creative talent. Coby Grant was enjoying the music. With each song, we had a little story about the process or the story about it and we felt like connected. After the performance, Coby Grant started hers. She is also staying in Berlin for the time being. She explained that she is recording next week her next album in the city. A few songs you can already listen on her website. The mood was really good and I appreciate very much when the artist puts a connection with the audience. I think that, where big concerts with thousands of people give you energy, the acoustic ones in bars or small locations simply give you happiness, the feeling that you're having a privilieged moment. And that's what happened. I also bought the CD but not for me. A friend of mine wanted to be with us but could not make it, being away from the city. That will be his Christmas present with a special word and signature from Coby Grant. I hope he will be thrilled with the music and word as we all were.

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