Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mayor of the bar

This week, I checked 3 times in a row in the same bar. Do I drink too much and/or do I go out too many ? Tuesday because I was stressed from work, Wednesday because I wanted to celebrate the fact that I am alone for a week (my boyfriend is on holidays to his family for Christmas) and Thursday because I met my neighbor on the street and we decided to catch up. Actually, it was funny because we didn’t end up the two of us but 6 as we met some other people we know. The advantage to (very often) go at the same bar round the corner is that ye start to know people. The waiter knows you and your drink, the place where you like to sit, the people you meet there. Thanks to my mobile phone and the app Foursquare, I just discovered that I am the mayor of Bariton because I’m the one who checked the most. Not saying I have the most checked points because probably no one else does., or not that many. This is why this evening, I am not going at the same bar ! I’m going to join a friend (who’s in town for Christmas with his family) at Golden Finish. Tonight the motto is regenerate drinking against the Christmas’ stress. I like the idea as I have no stress at all for this period of the year that I spend most of the time alone, having all my time for me. The city is nearly empty because they all left for their family until next week. I miss the snow though. Because of this climate changes, where we used to have snow from October to April, this year, not a snowflake. But rain and grey light without end. So I’m not surprised when one is saying that no one was ready for Christmas this year because we don’t have the feeling at all. No rush for presents, no snow, even the Christmas markets were not in the mood, so this year will not be a highlight. It makes no difference for me anyway. Maybe I will cook and bake more, that’s all. For me.

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