Sunday, December 18, 2011


I know it is in many countries the same : Christmas decoration all over the city, on every house, on every balcony, on every tree, every year the same and even more and more each year. I remember having been in L.A. some years ago and lost with the car in Beverley Hills and then saw all those big houses completely decorated with lights, the same in Miami, the same in Karlsruhe, the same in Berlin. If you were leaving near my place, you wouild notice this balcony. Why ? because Isince I live in my flat, I take this picture every year, the same. But there is always a difference every year. There are more and more decorations, more Santas, also with lights, and they move, balancing their head from right to left. This year, the novelty are those lines of lights coming from one floor up. Don't ask me how they manage to do this but It seems very popular this year. Looking at this and many others every day, almost on every window in the city, sometimes nice, sometimes not, I can't help thinking how much it must cost, can't imagine the increase of the electricity invoice raising up for one month. Furthermore, if you think further, how much energy It costs to produce, for nothing actually, because I still wonder why families do that. I am not even sure the kids are thrilled about those illuminations all night long. I understand the city of Berlin does no effort to decorate the city, the citizens do it themselves all over the place. I think only on Ku'dam, you can find something but I didn't go this year, and with the wind, not sure it survives. Go to Paris to see the difference where the department stores are or on the Champs Elysées. This is very nice. So I am happy that here in the city some put all their efforts in some lighting for this time of the year, waiting now that we had the view, for the noise, that will come next week with New Year's Eve and all their petard everywhere. I wish you all a Merry Christmas.

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