Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I don't often go to the movie but I loooove series. Whenever I have time I can go for a season in one time. It happened with Dexter and it happened again with Damages. The plot : "Launching a pitched battle against corporate titan Arthur Frobisher (Danson), Patty Hewes (Close) is determined to destroy him with a class action civil suit after he was let off free in a government case, despite the scandal that surrounded his flameout. But the serie begins on an even more ominous note : a bloodied, terrified young woman has run from her apartment". And that's what is good in this story because you never end to get clues and to have piece by piece the whole story. So in the end of the 13th episode, you still get news and of course what was expected the little thing that makes you think there will be a second season (I think even 2 followings are planed). But I am grateful that for the first one we have it complete. From episode 1 to 13 you have the full story and you are always surprised. You are allowed to be naïve and to wonder what will come next and that's the trick because even if it is bed-time you can't help yourself putting on the next episode. All the characters are good and of course Glenn Close is fabulous. It's not too much as it was in "Fatal Attraction" but more likely "Dangerous liaisons". Her best part for me was "Things you can tell just by looking at her". I heard the actress Rose Byrne is the next star of the big screen ...

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