Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Design in May

Tomorrow will be the official opening in Berlin of the Design May. This event is one of the big occasion to celebrate design from the city and It is very rich in creation. Every designer, from whichever country he/she 's from but is working in the city has the possibility during this week to exhibit. There is a way to follow and from the approximate organization of the first years, now It is very well organized. Even a bus tour, along two individually planned routes, visit hot spots of 35 special DMY Allstars exhibitions, group shows and open studios. While ‘DMY Allstars n°1’ tours the eastern part of the city, ‘DMY Allstars n° 2’ takes its passengers through the western half, all the way to the city limits at the Haus am Waldsee. Final stop for both routes is the Arena, where the non-stop programme marathon smoothly crosses over to the neighbouring Glashaus, which hosts the Pecha Kucha Night. It is he occasion to visit places you would never go to, because you just don't know they exist or you can't (public offices, private company buildings ...). Back from Milan where she exhibited a few weeks ago, Pluma Cubic (my favorite among talented artists, there is feelings in those lights and I know the hard work she's having) takes part as "Made in Berlin - Coming Home to Berlin". Nice title indeed to show that not only Italians can be creative, far from it. In Berlin there is less pressure. Of course you need to eat every day and try to sell to the best spots but sometimes you just need a little something to go another step forward (help from a friend, a press article, a photo in a fashion magazine ...). I can't miss it and after my apéritif at Botzow Privat I'll meet some friends to start the vernissage & Slide Jam's tour.

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