Sunday, May 18, 2008


Yesterday was the international day against homophobia. This day was selected when the World Health Organisation (WHO?) banned homosexuality from the list of mental disorders on the 17th May 1990 (1990 !!!!). Since 4 years this official date give results of their fight for the recognition of equal rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. Many states around the globe have already recognized this day as official by different ways : official declaration, vote, ... but not France. This was one of the point that was requested to the government yesterday. The aim of the organization is the more we'll talk about us, the biggest chance we'll be recognized thanks to public demonstrations or pedagogical actions. The gay world (included gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual people) is very attentive to the attention that the government has now on them. Of course the government also has a very critical look on the actions the organization make. To make this day again homophobia legal is a good thing, to establish a politic that produce real effects against discrimination is even better and that is where the governement is expected because if some results are already there, on many files, nothing is done.
We can talk of them as refugees : those (very) young guys who are vanished from their family (again mostly godly) because they just tell the truth and declare their sexual orientation. Thanks to a (unique !) association in France, Le Refuge, young gays can find a place to live in safety because in their own family they were not : one of the witness explains that he's been told people like him (gays!) go to hell and whenever his mother saw homosexuals on TV she would say "the end of the world is near" (sic !, anyway, daaaaaaarling with people like you, definitely yes). So poor lonely guy has to hide what he probably wants to share with the entire world and must watch out his behaviour. Unfortunatly for him (or maybe not ?) he didn't watch out enough and as soon as his family learned it, he was banned and doing that the last word of the mother was "you're dead for me" (where is the father ?). When you're young you never think anything is wrong. You're born free of any judgement or idea about anything. I don't claim bringing up children free of morality is a good thing but whenever they are capable of, make them think by themselves. If there are so many deviances in our world It's maybe because frustrations rule the world. It's like the boy has been convicted of crime by his own family. When he found his luggage at the front door and after a night crying he left "home" and multiplied sex relationships only to find a bed to sleep. And It's not a matter of being grown up in a wealthy family or not, It can happen to everyone. When you hear from your own parents that they prefer to know you dead instead of alive and gay, you want to leave and the way to comit suicide or to prostitute yourself comes "easy". Thanks to this assossiation youngs can find for a little help and to admit that this is no disease. I would definitely engage the boy to sue his family for not doing a good job and to not accept their responsability.
The result of the efforts is that the french governement has now officially recognised the day against homophobia and is engaged to fight violations of human rights against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and France will take profit of Its presidency at the European Union to ask for a universal depenalization of homosexuality at the second semester 2008. There is a lot of work to accomplish when you look at Poland, for example, or Ouganda where discrimination is openly encouraged. So It is a big step but if we look not very far back away, and only a few weeks, France still does not legalize gay unions. California just did. How will my country manage this non-sense ? Future will tell. Let's go out for a coffee now, It's sun-day.

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