Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sowing the Seeds of Love

A colleague of mine asked me to watch a french-canadian documentary last evening regarding the food problem in the world. She is very engaged in many ways and I respect that a lot because I am not : my life must be happy and simple. I know It sounds very selfish and It is but it took me years to be where I am at now. Furthermore the more I was involved until now in things the more I had troubles that even a psychiatrist drogued me to untie the knots. But It's not to say that I don't pay attention and I am not concerned, on the contrary. There are things I just can't let pass by. Nevertheless It can be brought to my attention things I would never have had registered. Like "Supersize me" showed us how addicted we are (didn't you know it ?) or "An inconvenient truth" alarmed us about the global warming (did you know, my dear, the sun will soon hit our planet ? ... more dessert, Honey ?) this "World according to Monsanto" demonstrates how bad this chemical (Roundup?) american company is and how it wants to rule the world by the cereal. There are interesting parts : US advertising for new GMO, France saying No to everything, Mexico preserving the cereal safety of the world (where farmers take the best corn of the year, keep it for the year after and put it on earth as a standard), India suddenly waking up and learning the meaning of the world (according to ...). In the end we don't learn many things new. It's always the same : the bad worldwide company and the poor people who tries desperately to fight the monster. It is good that people do those researches and show us that It (unfortunately) exists. Most of the time It is a good reminder that we should be more careful for our health and I understand German who seem more aware or down to earth choosing all those bio-products (but I am still not convinced most of the time ... especially with the prices !). There was time farmers were dependant of Mother Nature and prayed that the harvesting will be important following good will (not too many but enough water, sun or insects), now the company obliges you to change your rates and makes you buy everything from them (seeds, pesticides ...) and ruins you. Regardless all the bad things we can think and/or fight I would nevertheless keep in mind that those international groups give to millions of people a job. Fighting them is maybe a good thing to make them realize that they can go the wrong way but what will happen if those employees are all on the pavement ? It is not said in the documentary and that's what I always mention : we only see one side of the pill. It would have been nice to show that because of those groups how many people are eating today ? Don't forget that on the planet more and more live and we all need to eat, and quickly ; have a better life (for whichever reason)? I don't agree with, I just say weight pro and contra. I won't be here to see how this will improve (or not ?) or which influences will have the transgenic experiences on planet Earth when seeds will be freed. You can't help yourself thinking that It is already "work in progress" because the next generation has already everything bigger (Everything I said : height, hands, feet, whatever you have in mind and I have it too but I don't do youngs) and how men and women look more and more alike. Aliens, isn't it ? Careful what you eat or read the packaging. Sowing the seeds of love.

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