Monday, May 19, 2008

They shoot horses, don’t they?

We learn that Berlin wants to restrict plastic surgery made to teenagers. Yes you read correctly, teenagers ask for more and more surgery in our world of image. I can understand the bad psychological effects that can have a disgracious (whatever) when you're 17 but I hardly agree with the fact that my parents would have offer me a boob job for my graduation ! So here It's not only a problem with the children, It comes from the parents who accept and allow (and pay) the surgery. Berlin officially announces those figures : 40% of the young girls between 9 (!!) and 14 would like to have liposuction and 10% dream to have a boob job. In one word, 10% of the non-medical surgeries are made to minors in Germany. "We must react" says health secretary ; indeed, darling. But how ? They nicely suggest to have a mandatory time for thinking of 6 weeks between the appointment at the doctor and the operation or to be advised by 2 doctors : I'm sure the second one will make a better deal to gain the market ... At least advertising regarding this subject is prohibited and some paediatrician want to go further with prohibition of tatoos and piercings for young under legal age. In 2 years in Germany the number of plastic surgery has raised from 400 000 to 1 million. 20% of the people complain about second effects going to unsatisfaction regarding the result (what a surprise ! maybe too much expectation and not enough information ?) to infection and insensitivity feeling. True false Fake real

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