Monday, May 12, 2008

A room with a view

It seems that the new tendency in Berlin to stay is the multiplex, meaning it's everything in once : a youth hostel with rooms for 10 or less and bathroom to share at the floor and double rooms with private bathroom. In the middle some other options, all this in a design location newly renovated, preferably in a trendy area with garden and all opportunities round the corner. It happened last february with Wombat's (friends who stay there say It is very valuable and for the price and location you can even enjoy your private terrace or have a drink in the lounge on the roof) and a second one just opened a few meters away : Pfefferbett. The name is a mix of Pfefferwerk and Bett (bed in case It's not clear). So you know where you are, in the middle of the green, downtown east. I found it by surprise. After the week-end work in the flat I needed a nice walk and went wandering in my area as usual. In the Pfefferwerk, outside the Biergarten (beer garden, can you imagine?) and the hostel you will soon have culture center and restaurants and probably other planed things that are not visible yet. Because I have friends coming over this summer I booked a room, breakfast and bike included (yes, you read correctly).

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