Sunday, June 1, 2008


Approaching 30°C in the city, when friends ask to have dinner in a closed location, It's a no no. We're looking places where we can spend the evening (and sometimes the night) so we don't need to move and do the full circus again. I discovered the Bar25 last year. What was a a cool place is now a real industry with an open-air cinema, fireplace, restaurant, bar, lounge, disco, ... . But the location is very good, not too far from home, and watching sunset on the river in Berlin, It's worth it. Of course we don't have the sea here but they still call Beach Bars anyplace they can rent on the river Spree. When they open, they bring some sand and BBQ so you can have grilled sausages and beer looking at the tourists cruising boats. At the Bar25 the level is a bit higher and I prefer to book a table because if you arrive later in the night you have to queue a long time outside, It breaks the mood and the move to go out and you're not even sure to get inside because the doorman can make a very good job and you have to pay a fee. At least when you have dinner there, It's really OK. I admit the portions are small and the prices high but It is good quality (They even have a somelier, french speaker in a Livingstone look). Of course you pay the location and the temporary time It's open but last year It's been said It will be definitely closed because of the sale of the place but then they re-opened again this year (marketing I guess ?). And since Tarantino came here with his friends to celebrate "Death Proof" It became even more popular and for all kind of evening. If you're too drunk, stoned, tired or horny there are some wood cabans you can rent (shower to share). It seems the place to be because I met people there I didn't see for a long time and speaking of people I am certain you can find your type there, along the river or on the dance floor where even if It is open-air It is very warm. When I left at 3.00 a.m. people were still queueing at the netrance door and I guess when I enjoy watching sunset the young crowd prefers to enjoy sunrise. The place is opened from Thursday to Sunday round the clock so meet you there anytime ...

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