Saturday, June 7, 2008

Drunk on a bicycle

The law hesitates. Of course being on bicycle, drunk, is dangerous. Who already lived those scenes of ordinary life knows perfectly that suddenly the pedals are not at the right place, balance is at the best a souvenir, you can't read the signs (which ones ?), everywhere there are obstacles (can't believe ...) and the road is never, never a straight line. We could believe that a drunk cyclist put at the first place himself in danger and if he falls, It will help him (or her) to sober. German think another way. It's an official judgement now that drunk on the handlebars will now cost points of your driving licence. But not to every drunk : you must have at least (!) 1,6 gramm of alcohol by liter of blood (pfff, so eeaaaaassssyyyyyyyyyy, finger in the nose). In France since there are cyclists everywhere, they noticed there are more accidents (those French, always having fun). This story of having less points on the driving license is only a rumour (strike ? anyone ?). Wrong. French consider that this sanction will create discrimination between people who have a driving license and those who don't (not bad ...). A fee is nevertheless on schedule but in France It is to know that the bicycle is not considered as a vehicle and the cyclist is a "fast pedestrian". But don't get wrong : cycling and drinking is not that easy. Being recognised drunk on a public street can cost you a little journey in a cell, maybe with a fee (150 €). But a case can cost you your driving license and a fee of 750 € : you're driving drunk on your bicycle and you cross the big white line under the nose of the police agents, then the cars coming in front of you, breaking and trying to avoid you, create accidents all together, then you take the first street which is a one way one (that you easily take on the wrong way, of course) and you finish your race on the sidewalk, hurting frightened pedestrians on your finish. Next time a friend of yours says at the bar "can come back ome chycling", take the bike and put him in a taxi. Damm ! lucky me I wasn't aware of this last night ...

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