Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bite the beat

Everything went maaaaarvelously well. All perfect. It was all there : the people, the glamour, the drama (queens), the happiness, the love, the friends, the places, the colours, the sun, the rain (sometimes, just when you get your hair done), the caperinha (a lot), the night (too short, Bite the beat) and at the exit this morning, boys kissing each other deep mouth against the wall (no picture !). It looks like everyone just enjoyed where he was at this very moment. I didn't see any agressivity nor threat. I must say that police forces were there during the demonstration. And I say forces, trust me, you could notice that was special forces. I never saw so gigantic men (outside gay parties of course). Talking about it with a friend during the evening at the Kotti Terassen, his argument is that It shows that the city protects the community. I answer back that we can see it as well as being parked and we are not allowed to go out of the circle. Anyway, just be happy to be there. The party was fabulous and the location even incredible. Nothing special, even the light was bad, but the mood was there and It made everything. We were lucky enough not to have rain after the evening so we could breathe outside on the terasse of this building in the middle of Kreuzberg. People of the neighbourhood are used to see strange things so no big deal at all. We tried one other party as we could travel from place to place with our ticket but came back quickly because the Kotti was the place to be. So now It's sunday and back to basics : shirts to iron and mixed salad for lunch (not sure my stomach could stand anything else anyway).

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