Friday, June 27, 2008


Tonight I am invited to a birthday party. The bar Raumfahrer is in this newly trendy area which is in the end of Kreuzberg and beginning of Neuköln. We call it in the city Kreuzköln (how surprising !) and It still has this Berlin touch. The bar is in a street paralelle to the big boulevard and I've been there for the first time a few weeks ago. The place tonight will be crowdy because 80 people are expected and are coming from all over the world (I heard people are flying now from Hong Kong, some other from London, and the other ones from wherever, there is a bus waiting at the airport). It will be a great mix and I am sure, knowing the host, It will be very interesting to be there. The bar is nothing special but has an atmosphere despite the lack of charme. It has nothing to do with those design places and friends say they serve some other beer (from Hamburg) as the one usually served in the area (from Bayern). It's not super chic, half renovated, with some art on the walls and furniture from the 70's. I agree with some who say It's not the place I would go everyday but It's definitly the place for me tonight.

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