Friday, June 27, 2008

Transgenialer CSD

Tomorrow Saturday 28th, will take place in Berlin 2 big events, long awaited each year by the gay community : the official CSD, of course, which will celebrate its 30th birthday ("The teenage years are over and the “Berlin Event” has grown up") with a new route and festivities but as well the alternative Transgenialer CSD, not together with its big famous sister but in another part of the city between Neuköln and Kreuzberg when the first one will go from the townhouse and the Potsdamer Platz (It's the first time It goes through the "East). I've decided to follow the second one. When the CSD is more a demonstration of colours, music and parade, sponsored by famous brands, under a motto that no one really cares of, the Transgenialer CSD follows a political view and tries to survice with only helping hands. Why ? because in the city lately, attacks against LGBT increased dangerously. So we must show that we are a strong community and we are not scared of extremists. "For us, fascists, the gentrification of our diverse, urban neighbourhoods and the attacks on queers a few weekends past - to name just a few - are important issues, that give the Transgenial Christopher Street Day it's legitimation and make it all the more important". This year nevertheless, names of the night of the city will participate. That shows people starts to care about this demonstration. I guess as well It's more Berlin than the official one and much less touristic. Not sure we will see in there many "beautiful" people but they all look the same so It's not big interest. I fancy much more people with a heart and a mind. I thought I would look as a paria because I took my decision not to join the friends this year in order to participate to the Transgenialer but strangely It looks like to some other ones a good opportunity to try something new and that exists for years, so I won't be alone. I wish they all will enjoy their time with us. Let's hope so !

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