Sunday, June 8, 2008

Coquillages et crustacés

... Like was singing in her own way Brigitte Bardot in La Madrague. In Berlin It sounds weird but we have the best beach bars ever ... without the sea nearby or not the concept you have of it. Very popular are those Strandgarten : mostly open spaces like a parking lot or any unused place big enough where sand is brought together with a wood bar, chairs, sundeck and everything you need to enjoy the day, evening, night. Because those places are located not so near from any inhabitants, owners are allowed to play music loud. Lunas Strandgarten for example in Fridrichshain has a dance floor and popular DJ's come for a set. We went yesterday because our evening for a saturday was not so good and we needed to relax and chat. This week-end in Treptower park was a firework event but last evening for the finale It was definitely too crowdy and we saw nothing. Lucky us they made it short. Because the weather is still unbelievable, the option of Lunas' place came spontaneously. I agree that puting your bare feet in the sand in the city provides a strange feeling. Drinks are OK but of course because It will only be open for few months they need money. Don't forget to claim your coin ("Pfand") after receiving your drinks because if you bring your glass back you'll get money back. I needed a refull very quickly because of a guy who didn't see my glass in the sand so queueing at the bar I noticed there are a lot of foreigners in the city. Straight clientele, pretty young. I guess for apéritif you can meet some other type of people. I learned you even can eat there but I didn't try. Maybe some other day. A good alternative to close places that I will keep when the weather will change.

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