Sunday, June 8, 2008

The most beautiful country in the world

France. Of course. I'm French. But even if I like my country (as a country with its panel of landscapes, seas, mountains, countryside, valleys, cities, people, ...), I'm not the only one. If we are, as a people, bottom of the list regarding behaviours and welcoming, my country stays the first country (in 2007) the first touristic destination in the world with 82 millions of people (even more than the country itself). Europeans come first (I guess in winter for ski and summer for sea and of course Paris) and then Americans who stay longer (easy to understand because of the journey). Strangely we don't talk in this survey of Asians. I heard lately that, because of this little story regarding the olympic flame in Paris (such a fuss for nothing) France is no longer on the touristic catalogue in China. And where are the Japanese ? Africans are part of the list and they are the ones who spend the longest time visiting the country. I just would be happy to have a look on the dispatching on a french map.

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