Saturday, June 28, 2008


Danse avec moi . Of course tonight the city will be a big party place. All the big names are out : GMF, Klub International, Schwuz, and all the other ones I don't even have enough space to name it. The program of the city takes 2 pages and only to make a choice can take you the day and you will pass the best of the event. Furthermore you will always regret what you've done, thinking the party was better opposite. Never mind, meet friends and enjoy simply the time. But why joining 1 party when you have the possibility to join 3 ? I made up my mind very quickly. Knowing the party freaks of the area, I am certain this will be a great time. Again far away of the strass of the official CSD (again) this party of the Transgenialer CSD is much more interesting : because people there just want to have fun after a big day of demonstration, they don't care how they look and they don't need to show their perfect (boring hairless, no sight of sex appeal) body, because you are in Kreuzberg which is called here multi-kulti which is easy to understand. The motto of the night is : Lesbians, gays and transgenders, come and celebrate with your neighbours ! that shows certainly the mood of it all. Can't wait ...

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