Saturday, June 14, 2008

Madame Claude

Madame Claude was between the 60's and 70's in France what you would call a brothel keeper : she "had" girls and was linked with the french power because whenever It was needed she was asked to organize the event and beautiful girls were requested to join beautiful parties with beautiful people. For obscure reasons (probably of power) she was given away although everybody knew and even worse used her "services". Now Madame Claude is also the last opened french bar in Berlin, in Kreuzberg. A very nice and trendy area closed to the Spree and where the good locations to go out are. It's not by accident if the guys named their place Madame Claude because the location they found was a brothel (long ago), of course. There is a feeling of Cabaret inside. I learned talking with people there It was also before a karaoke among many other activities. At the main entrance you see nothing because you have to go down. And then It's a following of many places including a bar, a concert room, sofa corners for private talks, stairs. Also is funny the decorative concept because if you look at the ceiling, you'll notice there is a life up there ! tables, chairs, occupied poker tables, the place is all upside down. So the place is one for people to meet and socialize. Not bad. You can eat a little something when there is still is but we arrived too late and It seems like any french I know in the city was there last night. A place worth going back to celebrate the Berlin night with a french touch.

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