Monday, June 9, 2008


If I was an actor this is the kind of role I'd like to play. I don't say It is easy to act but I guess that because most of the stories ask so much from your personal life that in the end you must play something "déjà vu". This is the case with Postmortem which is a short as you know I like very much. Two men meet after a long break and because of the confusion between them you learn that they had a relationship together. They hardly find a good answer to the questions they ask each other and they can't communicate the first minutes. You understand the attitude of the character in the train, feeling unsecure about the actions he will make. They both have a new life and even if circumstances are obscure, It's not relevant for the story except that they were at a point not together anymore. The metaphore with the sugar is obvious I think, meaning that their relationship was not "sweet enough", one of the guy pouring half a kilo in his capuccino. Would you accept to meet an old flame if It ended badly ? would you accept his new life ? Will he accept yours ? Why torturing ourselves believing that It can restart where you left things and acting nice and smooth to find out the whole thing is a mistake ? Would you share your intimicy a new (last ?) time redoing by heart and with pleasure every move you shared for years ? You're sad when It does not happen, you feel guilty when It happens. What's best ? In 16 minutes Postmortem is showing you this story. Actors are good from my point of view because you really believe It happened. Both go so well together (outside the smoking part but It's a detail). In the end the strongest is not the one you believe he is. There is no problem if It based in New York, It could be anywhere in the world. The main idea would be sometimes you just must make choices. The short is awarded by the gay and lesbian film festival in Barcelona and is also a start for the movie "August" with which you will get the full story.

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