Thursday, June 12, 2008

Nine lives

Unlike the cat you only have one life. Don't try to play Catwoman from your balcony, I'm not sure anyone would appreciate the result. And if you don't believe in reincarnation, I'm not sure neither you would appreciate the next thing you would come back into. The movie 9 lives is the provocative film debut from writer/director Dean Howell and writer, Michael Kearns. We sometimes could think of Altman's Short Cuts (I love those stories) because we zoom in on nine individuals whose lives intersect - emotionally, sexually and dangerously - over the course of one day. It begins with Ronnie, over-the-top and just about over the hill. He waxes on about his love affairs, past and present, including his new life as hotpozdad@ Introspective drug dealer, Mikey (the one I like most because completely opposite of his actions, he has feet on earth, meaning he's not only thinking for himself), has a casual infatuation with a sexy hustler, Bo, while trying to provide for his mentally challenged younger brother. A menage-a-trois between Daniel, a television producer, Corey, his hunky boyfriend and their pool boy, Carlos, threatens to go completely out of control, while Lisa and her perpetually late husband, Ralph, prepare for their first child. The story comes full circle when Lisa gets an unexpected phone call and must face her own inevitable fate. A voyeuristic peek at lives that may be more like yours than you think, 9 lives will grab you with its graphic sexuality and heartfelt performances. It's a film about love and loss and the private fears and hopes we all share. We are connected in more ways than we may think and life goes on... no matter how harsh and no matter what the consequences may bring. But I also say that It is typically an L.A. thing. Of course these stories can happen anywhere but everytime I went to L.A. I felt the same kind of feelings which are not very happy : this autodestructive feeling of being a failure but having no other choice than to keep on being beautiful and looking strong. It's an inhuman city. I was always happy to leave from there, actually. Mikey is the only one who could be in Europe because he shows true feelings for his brother and is really concerned about him. Maybe that's why I liked the character so much. Worth seeing.

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